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I'm a 33-year-old teacher from Holland and I would like to share a dream I had 2 days ago. I was not really feeling well that day. A student had died this week after a car crash and he was only 16 years old. That night I went to bed, but couldn't really sleep.  In the early morning at about 5 o' clock I finally did.

I dreamed about walking down the street and from a distance I could see a man walking towards me. He was dressed in traditional Saudi clothes (white robe, turban). I thought this guy must be an Arab, as he wouldn't greet me because I'm a woman.

At the other side of the road, there was also a man in traditional Arab clothing. In front of the first man, there was this little girl. As I walked towards him I was contemplating whether or not to make eye contact. I looked at the little girl and smiled. As I looked up, I saw this man looking straight at me, a man in his 40s, black beard, pale face, beautiful, warm, radiant smile.  I was thinking: what a beautiful soul....He said, 'Asalaam....' I replied with walaikum asalaam.

Then I woke up.

Could the man be the messenger of God, Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam?

Greetings from Holland,
Wassalmu alaikum


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  1. Probably

  2. Asalamualaykum Ikrame,

    I think he certainly could be, as he embodied those virtues and qualities that our Messenger (pbuh) was specifically known for!
    Maybe someone who is apt in dream interpretation could give you some more information Inshallah.



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