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Dream meaning about girl praying like men.

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We are looking for girls for my brother to get married to for a while now, a few days ago we saw a girl whom we invited her family as we think she is eligible for my brother . And last night my father saw that same girl in dream as if she performed wudu to offer salah and as she was going to the place where we offer salah my dad noticed and asked her that why is her ankles not covered basically she was showing the same amount of legs and ankles like Muslim men do after wudu.  So my dad ask her where she's going she said for salah, he asked but like this ? Men uncover ankles not women she say I didn't knew then dad show her to our aunt(dads sis) in same dream and she said that her height matches our son. It'll be a good match now what does this dream means please tell me.

Azan Khan

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