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Dream of being hugged by someone I know


To begin with, I am usually never one to write like this. I thought of my dreams as something that had only minor co-relations with my situation in the real world, but the moment I woke up today, I just had a sudden urge to know what the dream means, because I thoroughly feel that this dream would mean a lot to me in the future.

It started randomly, and incorrigibly just like any other dream would and I never paid attention to any of that until my surroundings slowly shifted to a precious stones store.

I came there, with my parents, and I spot a boy in my school (who happened to have the same religion class with me) and at first, I never paid attention to him, until I went around the store and started placing things in my cart. I remembered him offering me for a blue gem (I don't know which), but I didn't place the said stone in my cart, and placed Opal instead.

At this point, I remember me and my mother going to the cashier to pay for the stones, and when we returned, he was already friends with my dad.

My father then proceed to 'introduce' him to me, then suddenly he had this 'look' on his eyes, and it was rather perplexing but we shook hands and my father said something along the lines of "She gets sick very easily, please take care of her."

He then proceed to shake hands with my mother, before they talked for awhile, then he switched his attention back to me. We talked for a bit, before out of the blue, my mother approached me and said something along the lines of, "Please let me do one thing, as a mother." then she proceeded to push us closer to each other, and suddenly he hugged me.

I awkwardly hugged him back, but I remember the hug being so tight I could barely reach half my hands around him, and that's when the other people started flooding in.

I told him that maybe we should stop, but he refused to let go and asked me to allow him to stay like this so I let him continued, without hugging him back.

Then he proceed to do that for an incredibly long time before he let me go, smiled, and do another hug.

We went our separate ways after this, but it wasn't long before I woke up the moment he let me go.

I didn't know if the dream means much, if at all, but something inside me keeps nagging that it's going to be much importance in the future, and I would regret it a lot if I don't find out. Moreover, since both me and the guy were of Islamic Religion, I thought that it was only appropriate for me to ask this in an Islamic Forum, thus here I am.

Please help me.


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  1. Hi anaya_

    It sounds like...well...a dream 🙂

    Do you want it to be of significance? Only Allah knows what will happen in your future, so I guess you will just have to wait and find out! If you ever get a dream you definitely don't like, you can say "Audhu billahi minnashaytan", or "I seek refuge in Allah from the shaytan."



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