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I dreamed that I asked my neighbor to marry me

Men riding camels in India's desert province of Rajasthan

Men riding camels in India's desert province of Rajasthan.

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Assailant O Alaikum!

I saw one dream  in the night, I was with my neighbour  and I was continously saying to him will you marry me? It was day time he wore a white dreee (shairwani) while I worn red dress (lehnga).

It was a Rajasthan type city so much sand there, and I was continuously asking same question and I think he said yes.

So please tell me what i should do? Allah wants to say something to me, should I ask to my neighbour?

I am so confused please anyone help me who knows khwabon ki tabeeer. I already face so many problem from my past so I am so confused, please help me.

- nisha

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  1. Salaams,

    I don't feel comfortable telling you what you should do based on a dream, and none of us on this site are qualified to interpret dreams or comment on them. What the dream means to you is most important, and if you have uncertainties as to what course to take (regardless of your dreams) you should make istikhara. It might help to read our articles about istikhara as well before doing so, so you won't get caught up on any further dreams you have after making it.

    Generally, if you want to marry someone then you would enlist your parent's help and approach his family. More importantly, if you are still struggling with issues related to the past it's better to sort them out and come to peace with any unresolved problems so you can enter any marriage with the best leverage. If you follow the good advices given on your previous post you should fare well.

    -Amy Editor

  2. Walaikumsalaam, nisha, pray salat istikhara.. and that will answer your question
    all the best

  3. Salamu'alaikum,

    Sister Nisha, dreams could be of three tyes:
    1. Good dreams, from Allah
    2. Bad dreams from Shaitaan
    3. Dreams related to our thought or daily routine

    If you think so much about something, you'll find that you dream about it. I think this is the case here.
    Dreams, when you want them to be interpreted, you should approach a Scholar, but in today's times, it is only the elites among the scholars who have the knowledge of dream interpretation, except what is obvious.

    Sister, speak to your parents as soon as you can, any delay will lead to further greater trials. They should agree. You can NOT directly speak to him as this is not the ideal nature of a woman.
    Muhammad Waseem


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