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I dreamt that I was made the King of my town

Some time I dreamed that I was made a king in my town and some times I see myself as a prince in my dream given other to people.

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I did istihara to know the meaning of these dreams but I didn't know it.

Pls can you help me out by telling me the meaning of my dream.


- ahakulab

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  1. Dear 'Ahakulab',

    We do not interpret dreams here at I will not recommend you to go to any dream translation websites or the likes because they are extemely limited in their information. Not only that, but the same dream dreamt by two different people can mean completely different things taking into account their personal circumstances.

    Your dream sounds very interesting, but try not to dwell too much on what it means. What will be, will be and a dream cannot change that. So focus on what is happening in your real life and ask Allah to give you the best in this life and the next.

    SisterZ Editor

  2. Well, at least you have no problems with your self-esteem. 🙂

    Honestly, only Allah knows the meaning. Probably the most important clue in trying to decipher the meaning is to ask yourself what it means to you.

    Maybe it means you will become very influential in your town one day.

    Maybe it means that people already admire you and look to you with respect.

    In a religious context, a king may also be a spiritual leader. For example, Isa (as) was "Al-Maseeh", the anointed one; in Jewish tradition, being anointed meant one was a king. However, he was not a king in the secular sense. Rather, he was sent as their spiritual guide, to call them to Allah.

    Some say that a king in your dream represents your father; so becoming king symbolizes inheriting your father's work, or assuming his place as elder in the community one day.

    As I said, the real question is, what do the dreams mean to you? A good dream must bring us closer to Allah in some way.

    Wael Editor

  3. Ibn Al Qayyim says, " Those who says that these dreams are only thoughts and beliefs, are wrong and make an impossible claim. Because a body does not have the inbuilt capability to know things which are told in dreams. In some dreams they are not thoughts as the body has no hint or sign of them. However, sometimes they might be a result of thoughts, one cannot disagree with it . Dreams are of three types : From Allah, From Satan and From Nafs" ( Kitab ur Ruh, Ibn Al Qayyim)

    Extracted from :

    The above link is an article that outlines the three different type of dreams, along with how to deal with them.

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