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Dreaming about glass bangles again and again

Bracelets, glass bangles

i see glass bangles repeatedly in my dreams. first i saw this dream in 2015.

this month i saw a dream about golden glass bangles in a market, then i saw broken golden glass bangles.

after 2 or 3 days i saw again golden bangles which i really liked and wanted to buy but didnt .

then in the same week, i saw i went to the market where there alot of bangles the whole market was selling only bangles, there were bangles in the carts, in shops everywhere, i saw green ones and others i dont remember the color. then i saw i bought white bangles with glitters on it it was evening time not so much light not so much darkness.

its not like i think about bangles but i am repeatedly seeing bangles in my dream especially after the istekhara may be its not because of istekhara but i am really curious now.

sugar monroe

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  1. I found the following interpretation of your dreams in this website and have pasted them below:

    Seeing Two Bangles In A Dream — Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Abbas: Allah's Apostle (Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam) said, "While I was sleeping, two golden bangles were put in my two hands, so I got scared (frightened) and disliked it, but I was given permission to blow them off, and they flew away. I interpret it as a symbol of two liars who will appear." 'Ubaidullah said, "One of them was Al-'Ansi who was killed by Fairuz at Yemen and the other was Musailama (at Najd) . (Bukhari) Dream Interpreter: Imam Bukhari

    Seeing Two Bangles In A Dream — Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam) as saying: While I was sleeping, the treasures of the earth were presented to me and I was made to wear in my hands two gold bangles. I felt a sort of burden upon me and I was disturbed and it was suggested to me that I should blow over them, so I blew and both of them disappeared. I interpreted them as two great liars who would appear at any time, one is the inhabitant of Sana' and the other is that of Yamama. (Muslim) Dream Interpreter: Imam Muslim

    Seeing Two Bangles In A Dream — Ibn 'abbas narrated fro Abu Hurairah that the Messengr of Allah (s.a.w) said: "I had a dream while sleeping as if there were two gold bracelets in my hands which bothered me very much. So it was reveled to me to blow them off. I blew them off and they flew away. I interpreted thwm to be two liars who would appear after me. One of them caled Masalamah of Yamamah, and (the other) Al-'ansi of San'a'." (sahih) Dream Interpreter: Imam Tirmidhi

    Symbolizing The Liars: San'a' and the one of Yamama — Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah's Apostle (Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam) said, "We (Muslims) are the last (to come) but (will be) the foremost (on the Day of Resurrection)." Allah's Apostle (Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam) further said, ''While sleeping, I was given the treasures of the world and two golden bangles were put in my hands, but I felt much annoyed, and those two bangles distressed me very much, but I was inspired that I should blow them off, so I blew them and they flew away. Then I interpreted that those two bangles were the liars between whom I was (i.e., the one of San'a' and the one of Yamama)." (Bukhari) Dream Interpreter: Imam Bukhari

    Bracelet — (Band; Bangle) In a dream, bracelets represent pride or women's ornaments, and for men they represent the support of one's brother. If the bracelet is made of gold in the dream, then it represents chastisement. If it fits tight in the dream, it means difficulties. If each wrist carries a silver bracelet or a bangle in a dream, it means disappointment or losses caused by one's friends. If a man sees himself wearing a bracelet in a dream, it means tight financial circumstances. Wearing a gold bracelet in a dream could represent a righteous person who strives with all his heart to do good. Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin

    Gold — • Seeing gold: Sorrow and forced expenditure.
    • Seeing gold covered with mud or hidden somewhere or somehow, though you know where it is: Failure.
    • Perceiving gold as stored somewhere or placed in bags without seeing its color: Good dream; should expect gains, provided you are a pious person.
    • Wearing gold, in general: Will enter into a marital relationship with people of a lower standard.
    • Wearing a gold bracelet or bangle: Will inherit.
    • Wearing two gold bracelets or bangles: Troubles are ahead by your own making, as for men gold, especially in the form of bracelets, is usually a bad omen or a reference to liars, as reportedly stated by the Holy Prophet. But for a virtuous person the same dream could mean more obedience to God and greater prosperity, in view of a verse in the Holy Quran that reads: “… therein they will be given armlets of gold and will wear green robes of finest silk and gold embroidery.” (“Surat Al-Kahf” [The Cave], verse 31.) The same dream could also mean gains achieved with hardships.
    • Wearing a golden or silver anklet: Will experience fear or go to jail. In any case, anklets, for men, symbolize chains, and all sorts of jewels and ornaments for them are bad, save the pendent, the necklace, the ring, and the earring. Dream Interpreter: Various Islamic Scholars

    Dream Of Musailima al-Kadhdhab (the greater liar) — Ibn Abbas reported that Musailima al-Kadhdhab (the greater liar) (who claimed prophethood after the death of the Prophet Muhammad) came during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam) to Medina and said: If Muhammad assigns his caliphate to me after him I would follow, and there came along with him a large body of persons of his tribe and there came to him Allah's Apostle (Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam) along with Thabit b. Qais b. Shammas and the Prophet of Allah (?) had a piece of wood in his hand until he came in front of Musailima in the company of his companions and said: If you were to ask even this (wood), I would never give it to you. I am not going to do anything against the will of God in your case, and if you turn away (from what I say) Allah will destroy you. And I find you in the same state which I was shown (in the dream) and here is Thabit and he would answer you on my behalf. He (the Holy Prophet) then went back. Ibn 'Abbas said: I asked the (meanings of the) words of Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam):" You are the same what I was made to see about you in my dream." and Abu Huraira reported that Prophet Muhammad. (Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam) said: While I was sleeping I saw in my hands two gold bangles. This had a disturbing effect upon me and I was given a suggestion in the sleep that I should blow over them, so I blew over them and they were no more. And I interpreted these (two bangles) as the two great liars who would appear after me and the one amongst them was 'Anasi the inhabitant of San'a' and the other one Musailima the inhabitant of Yamama. (Muslim) Dream Interpreter: Imam Muslim

    Silver — • A man wearing two silver bracelets: (1) Benefits obtained the hard way. (2) Hardships of one’s own making and deep regret, especially if the metal is twisted.
    • Seeing a silver bracelet: The dreamer will get a male servant or have a child.
    • A silver armlet or bangle: Worries and hatred, but less than if it were gold.
    • An armlet on a man’s upper arm: His daughter or his brother’s daughter will get married. (The upper arm and the forearm represent the brother.)
    • A silver pendent: A pretty girl, servant, or slave. Dream Interpreter: Various Islamic Scholars

    Silver — Though silver is better than gold in the interpretation of dreams, bangles and bracelets are a bad omen for men, who are not supposed to wear them, and a good augury for women. A man wearing a silver anklet will experience fear, be chained, or go to jail. For men anklets are chains. Anyhow, no ornaments are good for the masculine gender in dreams, except rings, pendants, necklaces, and earrings. For women, all jewels and ornaments are, generally, good dreams in view of a verse in the Holy Quran that reads as follows: “Beautiful for mankind is love of the joys [that come] from women and offspring, and stored-up heaps of gold and silver, and horses branded [with their mark] and cattle and land. That is comfort of the life of the world. Allah! With Him is a more excellent abode.” (“Al-Imran” [The Imran Family], verse 14.) Dream Interpreter: Various Islamic Scholars

    Gold — • For women, bracelets and anklets refer to the husband. Jewels symbolize their children. Gold is the male child and silver the girls. Unmanufactured gold is worse than gold made into jewels, because in the latter case its ugly name, thahab (gone), is changed into bangle or something else.
    • Wearing a pendant or necklace: Will be entrusted with some high function or given a country or city to rule.
    • A man wearing a pendent partly made of gold: Will perform the pilgrimage to Mecca (Mecca (Makkah)). If the pendent is completely made of gold, he will become a ruler or a chief. In general, the pendent symbolizes man’s power and value. The longer and the heavier the better.
    • A man wearing a golden earring: He is a good singer.
    • Receiving a golden ring, a typical ring: Weakening religious faith, unless something is carved on it.
    • Receiving a golden ring that does not look like a ring and with nothing carved on it: Will lose some belonging or will arouse the chief’s wrath and anger. Dream Interpreter: Various Islamic Scholars

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