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Dreaming of someone asking forgiveness. Is this a sign?


Salaam dear IA community,

Just a bit about myself. I have always very odd dreams, many of them which become reality and make sense after the event predicted in my dream has occurred. My mother is also the same way.

For the past few months, a potential prospect and I began to get to know each other in a public setting. However, one of my close friends took a liking to him and chased him, in which the infatuation was not returned. It was one-sided interest.

He took a liking to me immediately. Yet, he still flirted with other "friends". It was a matter of a chase, and he would be very hot and then very cold, and then stopped talking to me for a while during the same time he began talking to ANOTHER one of my friends (Let's call her Sister B). I cut off all connection with him after finding out about this.

In the dream I had, which occurred during a nap at the time of Asr; he was asking forgiveness from me, and I saw him at several places, including my work place. He began to try to warm up to me through the period of this dream, and asked forgiveness. The settings were at a nature park near my home in which Sister B was present and the other time was in my workplace where there were professionals and academics in which he gave me a lot of attention and was communicating with me often. Throughout this period in my dream, I was ignoring him and he later asked forgiveness in my dream. I do not recall if I accepted or not, but I felt like just uplifting the grudge when I woke up.

Does this have any meaning at all?

Jazakumu Allahu kheiran,

Sister Anonymous.

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  1. Sister Anonymous, As-salamu alaykum,

    We cannot interpret your dreams. That's really up to you. You know what the symbols in the dream mean to you, and how the dream made you feel.

    More importantly, the entire affair you have described to me is a little bit shocking. I wonder sometimes at the behavior of Muslims. She is chasing him, he flirts with you and others, etc... This sounds like typical non-Muslim teenage dating behavior. Not the behavior of Muslim adults.

    If a man is interested in you, let him come to meet your family and make a proper proposal. Or he can talk with you in public in the presence of another adult, get to know you just a little bit, then come to your family with a proposal.

    If he's not willing to do that, then he's not serious and he is just playing games. In the case of this man, obviously he is just a playboy and a fool, flirting with different women at the same time. He's not a respectable Muslim man. Just ignore him and stop having any contact with him.
    Wael Editor

  2. I agree with Br. Wael.

    However, we are told that there are 3 types of dreams: 1. Good ones from Allah 2. "bad" ones from shaitaan 3. From the workings of our mind. Yours seem to be of the 3rd category - it is your wishful thinking that you are seeing in the dream - you like him and want him to return to you, so your mind is showing you what you are subconciously hoping for. Sorry, Sister...There is nothing else to your dream.

  3. yes u should stop contacts wd him,he z just passing time wd u sister,

  4. There's a type of dream called Hadeeth-un-Nafs.

    When u think about something alot,you begin to dream about it. I echo Serendipity. Just push him out of your thoughts and get something better to occupy your time.

  5. Salaamwalaikum dear sisters. I hope you're all doing well IA

    I get a lot of odd dreams lately dream where i wake up with tears in my eyes. For example , i dreamed that a cousin of mine apologized to me, in real life along with my other cousins he used to bully me , because i was the youngest , when i woke up i felt like weight was lifted of my shoulder, does this have any meaning?

    Jazakallahu khairon

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