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Dreams about a girl marrying me

Dream of a woman

I have seen a girl in two different dreams.

Dreams are short and according to sunnah. Got really sick when I went to see her, is that some Sihr? Can I wait a few years? These dreams won't stop.

I want to follow Sunnah of Prophet (PBUH)  marrying after seeing Aisha (RA) in dreams.


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  1. What? This is so confusing?

    Brother no one here in the online universe is allowed to interpret dream? I don't really understand your question even?

    If you want help you have to be more clear.

    It's not sihr, it's just a dream from shaitan. Read dua before sleeping and inshallah that will help.

  2. Who is this girl? Have you met her thru Internet?

  3. Brother i don't think we have enough information to advise you in an appropriate way,

    what has led you to believe this is sihr? how did the meeting with this girl come about, do you want to marry at present?

    hopefully inshallah if you can elaborate we can try and advise you.

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