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Dreams about marrying an already married man and father’s death

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Assalamu alaikum.   iam 22 yrs  old and unmarried.

  1. last night i dreamt of marrying an already married man though i daily make dua to marry someone else. even in dream iam aware of the fact that thats not the man i love.yet i didnt make any resist. the man i dream of marrying was my relative and i never thought of him in that way . iam really confused and disturbed with this dream. plz do help.

2. my second question is that 2 days ago i dreamt about death of my father. he was lying dead infront of me with a white cloth covering him. surrounded by my grandmother ,mother and i think my little bother(not sure he was there). and i was crying though i couldnot cry much. during recent days iam having a wrong intuition that my parents are in grave danger and even had thoughts of losing them in an accident.

both these dreams have disturbed me a lot. plz do help.

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  1. Just give sadaqah and don't mention nightmares again as Holy Prophet (s.a.w) told one of the companions (r.a), for this will not harm the person. The right way to deal with nightmares as mentioned in hadith:
    1. Recite "Aozubillah min..." 3 times after waking up and dry spit on the left side (as someone does in contempt)
    2. Pray
    3. Don't mention nightmare to anyone

    Additionally give something in charity as Holy Prophet (s.a.w) said that charity wrestles with calamities. At another place he said that charity protects from 70 evils.


  2. When it comes to your father in your dream don't worry

    when a person dies in your dream it means that they are going to live a long long time

    where as your dream regarding your cousin
    you should not worry about that either

    it could be possibly an unconscious fear inside of your head

    but if you really do not want to marry him be cautious

    it is also possible that is a premonition what can happen in the future

    Should your relatives come to you and try to get you to marry your cousin

    but you don't want to
    make it clear that you don't want it

    that's all

    Good luck

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