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Drug addicted bestfriend?

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Assalam o Alaikum Muslim brothers and sisters,

Today I'm here to ask for something that is really hard but not impossible so please help me. I had a bestfriend and he was an amazing person. He was close to his father but soon enough he died. This made him go through a lot of grief and trauma and ended up being a drug addict. He doesn't care about his family anymore and he left me as a friend because I tried stopping him from the life he was choosing for himself. I want him to come back to me and also be the same person he was before his father died. We're not in contact and he won't even reply me anymore. He's completely blinded by the new world full of drugs and girls so is there any dua or something that might help him get back to normal?



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  1. Give advice and be patient what else can you do. Remind them of Allah and remind of good hadith and quran verses. Insha'Allah Allah will guide you are not a guide just a messenger.

  2. Walykum asalam,, how much do you care about this friend,? Reason why I said that is because how far or how much are you willing to help him out, you sound like u have a lot if compassion for him,is your friend on uppers, or downers, you can look up the meaning to those to different kinds, or maybe both, do as much research on the exact drugs hes taking , opiate's are the worse, the street kind Heroin is the worse of all, look up effects it has , most people that use it can't get off with out real help from Rehab's, even then they might give him medication that has opiates in the meds, witch is better then the street stuff!, if he's on uppers like cocaine and other uppers, its not as hard to quit, I no life gets hard and I had a parent that Over dosed on drugs and died one I was 23, , I'd talk to people that been around it, or on them yo get advice, recovery is really the only option its hard , its like a little Child that won't stop kicking and screaming tell they get what it wants ,,, I'll write back again with more info,, may Allah guide and strengthen him to get back on the right road one step at a time, oh yeah and let your friend open up he might be a shamed, he needs to no he can talk to u with out u getting scared or look down on him , hope in,sha,Allah that helped

  3. Alaikum Assalam wa rahmetullah
    Speak to him to leave of drugs because it is haram and that he should fear Allahs punishment.To live witj Allahs punishment is not easy at all. Speak to him privatly and tell him not to do it again and to repent. I will make dua for him in sha Allah and you should also make dua. Pray to Allah to guide him to Islam and away from this sin. It can lead to all possible things. Also the prophet sws. said "A man is upon the religion of his best friend, so let one of you look at whom he befriends.”
    tell him to leave this bad friends who lead him to sin and the punishment of Allah azzawajal
    May Allah make our hearts firm on his religion.

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