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Dua for baby boy?

A newborn baby boy

A newborn baby boy

Please let me know that any dua so that i can get a baby boy, i have two daughters already.

Please help me out.

- Yakub Khan

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  1. Zenna Slam,
    i hope you are fine eagerly waiting fro good news,may Allh fullfill all your desires which is for your good,and grant you a healthy nek baby ameen tk care.

  2. Allahamdulilaah Allah (swt) has blessed me with a beautiful baby girl and we are well and healthy, and i made dua for you guys too.

    • Congratulations Zenaa,

      Daughter's are beautiful beautiful precious gems and I pray Allah blesses us all with daughters, aameen.

      May Allah(swt) make your daughter a source of blessing for you in this life and the next, aameen.

      SisterZ Editor

    • Congratulations sister Zenna:),

      May Allah (swt) help you and your husband to bring up all your childrens to be good Muslims and human beings who can propagate the message of Islam by implementing it in their own life first and serve the humanity to the best of their abilities. (Amin)



  3. Ameen ya RAB, JazakAllah khayra sister z.

  4. Zenna i am so happy for you,what you wished you got may Allah fullfill all your jaiz desires,and make your baby happy healthy and nek,and may your daughter becomes your coolness of eyes and releif of heart....Aameen.

  5. Ameen, may Allah (swt) bless us all, jazak'Allah khayra muhammed and laibah may Allah grant all your wishes insha;Allah.

  6. asalamalaiku brothers and sisters,

    i went through all the replies in this forum and felt happy by seeing how all are trying to keep themselves on the path of islam..... (allah always keep us on this path)......

    i have my part to write---
    i have a lovely daughter of 4 and she is the one of the best blessings i recieved.....i always wanted to have a daughter ( i donno why i always like the way they love their parents and their family and always try and pray for them to be happy) .. and may be due to this influence i find her the most caring and loving ( all the time she keeps asking mama are u happy? daddy are you happy???? i am amazed at this young age????? may ALLAH( swt) bless her and keep her safe, healthy and happy)
    And more wonder to this she always pray for little cute sister..... and inshallah i will find me the fortunate if ALLAH ( swt) bless me with a nek daughter again..... i will be glad to have 2 daughters bcoz i have experienced the unintentional love between sisters.... i am blessed with two younger sisters myself ( may ALLAH (swt) bless them and keep them safe) { i am shocked wen people laugh @ me wen i say i always wanted daughter)......
    my younger sister is blessed with a daughter too and allhumdulillah she is pregnant ( 10 weeks) for the second time...but i dont know y for her i pray for a healthy baby boy this time..... wenever i go around for shopping i am happy to purchase pink girlish dresses for both girls and never bother to look at the boy's section but today wen i went out for shopping i thot if ALLAH KAREEM bless my sister with a boy i will buy lots of blue boy stuff (inshallah) but @ the end i think let it be a boy or a girl ALLAH (swt) should bless her with a healthy, nek child who will make parents proud....
    Above all, wenever therz a discussion between me and my sister ON THIS TOPIC , she says if its a girl i will be happy as the two sisters will lively happily as we do and if its a boy i will be happy because all my family members will be happy ( ALLAH BLESS HER AND KEEP HER HAPPY).... I was surprised ( and glad at the same time) wen i heard this.....
    sisters kindly pray for my little sister (little for me) MAY ALLAH ( swt) keep her and her kids healthy ,nek ,happy and safe all the time- AMEEN


  7. Please let me know that any dua so that i can get a baby boy, i have two daughters already.My wife is pregnant now.

    Please help me out.

    - Ruhul Amin

    • Brother,

      Please read this entire thread, as you have asked the same question as the original author of this post has. I am sure you will find a satisfactory answer in the above comments.

      If you have any different questions, please log in an submit them as a separate post.

      Thank you,

      SisterZ Editor

  8. Dear Sister,
    My question was about baby boy not only baby because I already have two daughter.

    Ruhul Amin

    • Brother,

      This whole post is about 'dua to have a baby boy'. I have attached duas from the Quran in the above comments.

      Ultimately, Allah will give you what He(swt) wants to. I will warn you though that some of the practices mentioned on this thread are not from the Quran and Sunnah, so those things are best to avoid. Be clear and simple, raise your hands and talk to Allah, ask Him(swt) for what you want. Select the best times to make dua, like in sujood, at tuhajjad, after the adhaan, when it rains, while you are travelling etc.

      And then be happy whether you are blessed with a son or a daughter. There are blessings in both.

      Best Wishes,

      SisterZ Editor

      • This post has now received 220 comments, ma-sha-Allah. I have closed the post to further comments. Jazakum Allah khayr everyone for your thoughts and advice.

        Wael Editor