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Dua for baby boy?

A newborn baby boy

A newborn baby boy

Please let me know that any dua so that i can get a baby boy, i have two daughters already.

Please help me out.

- Yakub Khan

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  1. You should be thankful for what you have, many couples cant even have kids, and you want a boy? dont be selfish and be thankful for what allah gave you

    • no 1 asked u to preach plz keep your comments to your self if u cant help some1 dont act smart

      • There's nothing wrong with Farheen's comment. If anything, it is you that's being rude in your 'smart' retort. Also, when someone posts their business on a public domain, comments/criticism is inevitable. One should be mature enough to handle them.

    • watever u have just satisfied with u...if son will born ....he will not born with gold :)))))

    • farheen get a life and dont be so bitter your supposed to help the lady not make her feel worse

    • I agree with Farheen.

  2. asalamu alaikum,

    sister instead of wanting a boy i suggest you pray to have a healty child that will be better for you since we cant choose what we want, we accept what we get amd be thankful.

    ma salama

  3. Assalam alikum,

    Peronally, I think it is fine if someone wants to want a son/daughter. That does not mean he/she will not be happy if Allah (swt) bestowed another daughter since both are a blessing in their own special ways.

    From what I once read, reciting the Ayah 38 of Surah al Imran, one can then pray to have a son. InshAllah, if it is in your destiny it will be a son. If it is again a daughter, that is for the best since she will still be from Allah's (swt) blessing. One thing to note though is that if a father raises only daughters and the father reaches them Islam well and they grow up to become good Muslims, then your daughters might just save you from the Hellfire.


  4. surah "nuh" aayat # 12

  5. recite surah 'YUSUF" for healthy and beautiful kid

  6. Al-awalu X 40 times after namaz
    Insha Allah you will have what you want ( a boy or a girl) !

    Its always beautiful to ask Allah for what your wishes are....that doesnt makes u selfish but makes Allah very happy that you are asking Him for anything and everything.

    Jazak Allah

  7. Dear Yakub
    Pryer five time Allah Help You Can you send me your email address

  8. u know i am having 5 daughters but i am still waiting from 7years for son! plz pray for me! 🙂

    • Allah aap logo ko sahi rasta dikhaaye..bus yehi dua ker sakte hai..its look like daughters are burden on u...very sad ...just remember our probhet mohammad ...having daughters feel ur self lucky that u got too

  9. give thanks to Allah... i am married for two years but we dont have baby, may allah grant us all a baby...

  10. as-salamualaikum,
    i once read somewhere that it is haram to pray specifically for a boy. do you know that those two daughters are the precious things that could take you to paradise if you take good care of them and give them their proper rights and not treat them like the dirt that some of our cultures treat women. this is from hadith. this is what our deen teaches. you can get paradise if you raise them well and give them their rights and do NO injustice. do you know that the prophet saw had daughters and loved them dearly?
    there is a verse ki the quran somwhere, i forgot where exactly or what exactly it said, i read it a long time ago. but it says something like, " allah gives sons to whom he pleases, daughters to whom he pleases, both to whom he pleases, and ........( i forgot the rest and the exact words)
    do you know that the mother of mary or maryam( peace be on her) prayed for a son who would worship his creator, but allah gave her a daughter who is the best of all the women. there is a chapter in the quran named after her? allah gave this same maryam a son who was the prophet isa (peace be on him)
    our deen gives such honor to women, you should be grateful for what you have.

    • Girls, Please dont take the need of this girl in a wrong way. She already has two daughters and doesnt anywhere says that she hates them or dont want them. She has two daughters now wants a Son. A @cowsgomoo - Think logically. Why wud it be haraam to ask for a son. Hum dua chahe jo maange nawaazne wala wahi baqshega jo behtar hai. Agar us ladki ke liya beti sahi hai toh fir se beti ata farmayega. Hamare deen main narmi hai, sakhti nahi. You already know so much about Quran and regarding Women in Islam. Try and understand that girls need. She nowhere told that she regrets or doesnt want a girl child. Hope I was not rude and please forgive me if yes. May Allah give us peace and understanding for the better Hereafter.

      • Everyone is so busy arguing whose right or wrong that they keep referring the person who posted as a "she" his name is yakub ways I hope Allah accepts ur duas and don't forget to ask for ur wife and childs health before worrying too much about the gender.

  11. I dont know why we muslim portray ou religion so harsh. Allah is Rehman and Raheem u can ask anything from him....This can not be true in any way that Allah has forbidden to ask for son.Son is also a Naimat of Allah..Go ahead Yaqoob sb and say your prayer with Waseela of Rasool Pak.

    • Of course it's not a sin. But Allah swt loves humility and hates greed. In the Qur'an, Allah swt says that wealth and children are a test from the creator. Hopefully, you'll want to pass the test so it makes sense to ask for something that's in your best interest. I think investing all trust and faith in Allah swt and praying for what's in your best interest is enough.

  12. i absolutely agree with maryam..allah is the most gracious..u deserve both his rehmat and naimat..ask him for a baby boy in every prayer..i had one daughter nd just wanted to have 2 babies..wen i concieved second time i wanted a baby boy..i prayed for a boy till the last day of pregnancy.then i had a baby girl..this did not make me unhappy..or i dint stop praying..i have full faith in god..and if he again bestows me with a baby, i would again pray for a boy...but wont be disheartened if he bestows his naimat again..

    but just remember always pray for a healthy baby boy..i have serious belief in the divinity of surah al inaam..wen u plan a baby and wen u concieve..recite suran inaam once a day or as it is suitable.its a long the 14th to 15th ruku theres a point where ALLAH ALLAH comes together soon as u get on that point..make dua for watever u want..and im sure ALLAH will help u if its for ur betterment..inshallah

  13. Salam to all iv read all the posts above im actually in shock that some ppl are calling the person selfish because they want a son i have 3 gorjus girls mashallah but my girls want a brother now so is that selfish i think not we all have desires we ask ALLAH SWT to fufill our dreams and give us things we do not have that does not make us selfish it makes us human so next time if u cant help plz dont not sit on your high horse and judge us because tomw Allah SWT will also judge u do not forget

  14. plz read al awaal 41 times for 40 days inshallah Allah swt will grant u with a healthy baby boy also surat mariyam in chapter 14

  15. assalamalykum wr wb,i will say just one thing i know tht pur PROPHET S.A.W.W. also wanted a baby boy and he was sad after death of his only son IBRAHIM...then Allah sent sura kosar....its not bad to have a wish, ALLAH said in quran ask everythng to me ONLY i will fullfill your wioshes, I am near to your MAY ALLAH BLESS EVERYONE (who wished a boy) WITH HEALTHY BABY BOY, AND ALSO BLESS EVERY ONE HEALTHY N NOBLE BABY.... AMEEN... sorry if i hurt someone...

  16. assalamu alaykum,if you get a baby girl and you wanted a boy that does not mean ALLAH did not hear you i asked for a boy got a girl then immediately knew its what ALLAH wants and ALLAH only wants good for us,this is how i see it why do you want i mean why want? instead you should say it would be nice if i got a boy i think not i want i want is like controlling destiny before it even happened your unborn kids life is his or her life leave its life in the hands of ALLAH,that is the best.grrrr i cant take this honestly some parents make me grrrrrr why do they wana live their kids life aswell? cant they just live their life and let thekid live its life you know what i mean?

    • One of my mother's cousin told me that after having 4 daughters she was willing to have a son and some one told her to read three names of Allah (I don't remember the exact names) 1500 times each day and the next baby would be a boy.She recited those names and her next son was a boy.She told me this when his son was about 18 and was not a good boy at all In fact he was addicted to drugs and didn't complete even his high school.All her elder daughters were well educated and good girls but this boy was the opposite of them.I feel that while doing dua for the baby we should also ask Allah for his hadayat and good luck and we should remember that we can't force Allah to do something by the recitation of a certain wazeefa instead we are required to do the dua in a humble way .

      • If it's not in the Quran or the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAWS), then it is innovation which is haram.

      • Hello,
        Yes,they told us the gender but at the same time i have also heard so many facts about how the scan can be wrong-after all they are not 100 percent sure.So desperstly praying that the scan is wrong and God accepts my dua and prayers as this being my last chance at motherhood(due to health reasons) i would request all of you who are reading this to PLEASE pray for me and i wish and pray that May God fulfill all our wishes and accepts our duas.Many thanks.

  17. Salaam to All, I would just like to say all thoes who wished for a boy may Allah swa grant there wish. And to all thoes who threw biast comments will your comments be the same if one had several sons and not a daughter. would you comments be the same if one was wished specifically for a girl and not a boy. Are you people throwing these comments thinking just because one is praying for a boy they are doing injustice to girls somehow??

    • sallam sister, i agree with you 100% and sympthise with you. Its very different for somebody else to criticise other ppl. I pray may allah accepts you dua's, ameen.

  18. Dear Brother, Asalaamualaykum,

    1) Du'a of Zakariyya (Zakariah) (as), which he made in his old age while his wife was barren. Allah(swt) answered his call and gave him Yahyah (John)(as), in Al Qur'an, Surah Al-'Imran 3:38:

    "O my Lord! Grant me from You, a good offspring. You are indeed the All-Hearer of invocation."

    2)Du’a of Ibrahim (as). Allah accepted his dua and granted Prophet Ibraheem two sons: Ismael and Ishaq (as), in Al Quran Surah Saaffaat:

    "My Lord, grant me from the righteous ones."

    3) Du’a of Zakariyya(as). in Al Quran Suratul Anbiyaa: 89:

    "Oh Allah, please don't leave me alone (childless), for you are the best of those who give inheritors."

    4) Du’a in Al Qur'an 25:74:

    "Our Lord! give us spouse and children who will be the joy( and the comfort ) of our eyes, and guide us to be models of righteous (Leader of God-concious people). "

    5) Du’a in Al Quran - 46:15 Surah Al-Ahqaf:

    "...Oh Rabb, inspire me to give You thanks for the bounties you have granted to me and my parents, and to act righteously to please You. Lord, make my offspring virtuous. Lord I turn to you in repentance; I am a Muslim".

    SisterZ Editor

  19. salaam - Brother , we are three sister . My parents always thanks to Allah (swt) .But till thye miss one boy who
    support my father in his buissness.Its not wrong to dua for a baby boy. Allh (swt) is so Rahim he give those who pray . Allah give u what u want. AMIN.

  20. Assallam, If we ask Allah for a boy I think its very important that we ask & or make intentions that allah grants us a RIGHTEOUS, healthy son. Everybody has their own reasons why they want sons but doesnt mean to say its favouritism. However girls bring alot of blessing into a home. My sister in law is wanting a boy, immjust kindly asking if people can give evidances/reference of duas etc.

    Jazak allah

  21. Salaam bro an sisters. Ther is a dua for boys. When a women finds out shes pregnant she should read surah teen 11 x blow on water an drink everyday througout her pregnancy she will defonatly hav a boy inshallah an i have done this so kno its true. May allah make our sons good muslims ameen x

  22. on the marriage day dulha has to recite 950 times AL MATAKABBEERO Inshaallal god wil give son

    • Dear Tabbasum,

      I doubt very much that you can provide an authentic source for this information.

      SisterZ Senior Editor

  23. i prayed for u from my heart wish u best of luck,may Allah give u all the happiness of this world n protect ur kids

  24. Salaam muslim mom does dat mean ur having a boy inshallah?

  25. Some of you are really shameless, make tauba.

    "I already have 2 daughters, I already have 5"

    You make them sound like burden and asking for relief(son).

    • Sallam,

      Hey I just wanted to note to everyone we should stop judging people for thier view's and stick to the subject-with all due respect. As far as I know there isnt anything wrong with asking Allah s.w.t for a boy, Allah is wanting us to make the dua to him, to ask, He is the hearer of all prayers.


  26. Astagfurullah vanilla muslim u cnt say dat these ppl c theur daughters as a burden they jyst want something they havnt got thats nothing bad! May allah not test u on this u dont know how hard it is for sisters who dont have brothers and mothers who dont have sons, its a horrible world out there an one needs a son or brother in times like this! No offence but if allah has provided us wid a waseela to hav a son then theres nothing wrong with it.

  27. i told you guys GIVE THANKS to ALLAH because you have kids.. Im married for 3 years but still we don't have kid.. MAY ALLAH give us CHILD.. a girl or boy will be MUCH APPRECIATED =(

  28. Im sure no1 hea is ungrateful fahd an i hope allah tala give u naik aulaad very soon 2 inshallah. Buh dat doesnt mean u cant ask 4 a baby boy. Allah has given dem an opertunity to ask for wat dry want an ders noting wrong wid dat well all remembet u in our duas inshallah.


  30. Salaam I dont believe asking 4 son is wrong. I mashalla have 2 beautiful girls and thank allah everyday, however I am once again am pregnant and have prayed 4 a son, not out of greed but a heartfelt desire, judgment wouldnt be passed if I was asking 4 anything. I say pray 2 to ur heart is content, in the end allah does best best.

  31. Salam
    i have just had my ultrasound and both me and husband agreed to asj after decidind we wadnt they said it is z girl i despretly wanted a boy i know that sounds so selfish but i am a little upset i dont know y cos i should b grateful wot shoulf i do to get this out of my head and why did i ask???

    • Love and cherish your baby girl, Insha'Allah. She is a gift from Allah. He is the one who determines your Qadar in such matters. Part of our Imaan is to accept our Qadar peacefully.

      Wael Editor

  32. Doesnt matter nex time u can read surah teen straight away inshallah will bless u wid a healthy baby boy

  33. Salam i still cant get over it i prayed so hard for a boy my daughter keeps saying we r gona habd a boy how shd gonz feel wot shall i do i am so depress

    • No one is saying you cant ask you RABB of anything your heart desire, but as human's we have a tendancy to get so upset especially us women when pregnant and hormonal if things dont go the way we hoped and that can make us blind to the gifts Allah(swt) has blessed us with.

  34. As-salamualaikum,

    Did Allah (SWT) has said that asking particular dua is haram, no never He (ALLAH) him self has told ask me only me.
    people have many desire & dreams in which children's desire is the most prominent one. some one who has girl they pray for boy & some who has boy they pray for Girl.
    two days before i was blessed with Girl baby, where i had prayed for boy, i was knowing wat ever Allah gives that will be best for me. this doesn't mean that i am greedy. i love my daughter a lot.
    In my family 10 daughters & 2 son.
    for my Elder Brother 2 son & 1 Daughter
    for my 2 Elder Brother 6 Daughters.
    for my 3 Elder Brother 2 Daughters.
    for me 1 Daughter.
    We all are thankful to Allah that he as grant us with all healthy daughters & son's.

    keep on asking ur desire & needs in ur DUA's it will never be dishonored. Allah will surely Accept them & will be fulfilled.


    • i think there are some dua's which are haram.. for instance praying for someone to die so on and so forth...

  35. @wael, asalam ulaikum my evidence is dAt iv been told by my teacher an red this myself, mashalah i hav 2 boys an another on way inshallah. I know ppl iv told and they have already 3 daughters 4 daughters an afrer reading this surah 11 times on wAter an drinking it b4 3 mths of pregnancy r complete they hav had boys mashalah. Dats y im confident alhamdullilah

    • I am happy for your friends who had children. Alhamdulillah for all His blessings. However, it had nothing to do with reading Quran on water. It was a blessing that Allah gave them as part of their Qadar. Just because someone told you about something doesn't make it true. Our deen is based on the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), not one what so-and-so said. Any matter of deen outside of the Quran and Sunnah is invented and misguidance.

      Wael Editor

    • can u tell me which surah r u talking about for the babay boy?

      • She is speaking of Surah 95, At Teen.

        Du'aa to Allah matters the most.

        If everyone prays for a boy and Allah gives boys to all and no girls, how will the system run? Whom will these "asked boys" from Allah marry to?

        Male and female is a natural system of Allah for running His creation to its destined purpose.

        We should accept Allah's will and be content with what He blesses us with.

        If we prove thankless and show displeasure, it is our loss and Allah is not pleased with Thanklessness.

        Your brother.

    • asalam o alikum

      samera at wht time we read surah teen means i had heard tht after asar pray only

  36. Salam sister samera which surah r u saying cud u plz tell me i have a sister dat had three girlsanx would love a baby boy

  37. I know this sounds silly but u said by reading this surah a miracle will occur is dat true

  38. Hello salam all,even i m praying for a baby boy as i already have a daughter and i dont think there is anything wrong in wishing for a boy.please help me nd tell me how can i find " al awaalu" which is to be read for 41 days. I ve found all other materials on internet nd following them.many thanks in advance.

    • Nina, I do not know what 'Al Awaalu' is, are you referring to 'Rabi' al-awwal'? If so, this is the third month in the Islamic calendar, but I can't think of why you would be asking about this in relation to having a baby. So I have probably misunderstood what you are asking about.

      Of course there is nothing wrong with wishing for a son or a daughter, as long as you believe that Allah is the Giver and you will be happy with whatever He blesses you with. Just make sincere dua, stick to your obligatory acts of worship, do voluntary good deeds and leave the rest to Allah(swt).

      Here are some Quranic Duas you can recite to ask Allah for healthy pious children, at the same time - just speak to Allah one to one.

      1) Du'a of Zakariyya (Zakariah) (as), which he made in his old age while his wife was barren. Allah(swt) answered his call and gave him Yahyah (John)(as), in Al Qur'an, Surah Al-'Imran 3:38: "O my Lord! Grant me from You, a good offspring. You are indeed the All-Hearer of invocation."

      2)Du’a of Ibrahim (as). Allah accepted his dua and granted Prophet Ibraheem two sons: Ismael and Ishaq (as), in Al Quran Surah Saaffaat: "My Lord, grant me from the righteous ones."

      3) Du’a of Zakariyya(as). in Al Quran Suratul Anbiyaa: 89: "Oh Allah, please don't leave me alone (childless), for you are the best of those who give inheritors."

      4) Du’a in Al Qur'an 25:74: "Our Lord! give us spouse and children who will be the joy( and the comfort ) of our eyes, and guide us to be models of righteous (Leader of God-concious people). "

      5) Du’a in Al Quran - 46:15 Surah Al-Ahqaf: "...Oh Rabb, inspire me to give You thanks for the bounties you have granted to me and my parents, and to act righteously to please You. Lord, make my offspring virtuous. Lord I turn to you in repentance; I am a Muslim".

      Ultimately, be content whether you have a boy or a girl, some people do not have any children. But I pray that Allah fulfils your hearts desire and makes it a source of blessing for you, aameen.

      SisterZ Editor

  39. bushra
    October 21, 2010 • 5:54 pm
    plz read al awaal 41 times for 40 days inshallah Allah swt will grant u with a healthy baby boy also surat mariyam in chapter 14

    Thank u so much for your reply. I will surely follow what you have suggested, ofcourse i will love the child regardless of the gender but coming from all girls family and also this being my last chance at motherhood,my heart aches to hold a baby boy in my arms. Also there is a lot of pressure from my in-laws to have a baby boy only-specially from my father in law,i know birth and death are in the hands of god and we cannot do anything else but pray.I read all the above answers and one of them suggested to read " al awaal " 41 times; i also did not understand what it meant so thought of asking here.sorry if i have hurt anyone's feelings but please pray for me.many thanks,nina.

  40. Salam sister nash an nina, yes if u read surah teen from siparah 30. On water everyday day 11 times after zuhr an blow into a glass of water an drink it as soon as u realize ur pregnant but it must b b4 da 3 mth after conception. U will defonatly have a boy inshallah. Wen i was pregnant 1st time in my family v hav lots of girls an my husband has 5 sisters an no brothers 2. So i really wntd a boy 4 his sake an my mother in law wnted a grandson. So my teacher hu i used 2 read 2 told me dis surah i read it an mashalah had a healthy beutiful boy. Sec time i didnt bother coz i already had a boy so decided to leav it 2 allah mashalah i had a healthy beautiful girl! An den 3rd time i read dis again an had another healthy boy alhamdulilah, so having read it myself i guarantee u wil defonatly hav a boy inshallah. So read my dear sisters an brothers an let me know! Xx

    • SamerA,

      If you can provide no source linked to the Quran and Sunnah for your mathematical formula above, I doubt very much that it is at all authentic. Please sister, do not make up things or rely on information given to you by anyone and everyone. By doing this we risk innovating. You cannot guarantee anyone will have a baby boy or girl, this is solely up to Allah.

      SisterZ Editor

  41. As i hav had it guaranteed by allah i know they will hav a boy. So whoever wants to try it they should give it a go an let sisters kno how miraculous allah talaz book is. After all no harm in trying is there they will b commiting no shirk jus reading allahs authentic verses on some water an den consuming it. So plz dont deter ppl from thier halal desires, its thier right an a form of ibadah to ask the creater wat they want. May allah guide an forgive us all x

    • SamerA

      There is no harm in reciting Allah's words, but when we make up things 'read so and so 11 times and this will happen', that is wrong. Where did your teacher get this information from? Did he make it up?

      Provide some evidence backing up your claim with the Quran and Sunnah. If you can do this, I will believe it, if not, then there is no truth behind it.

      SisterZ Editor

  42. Hello,salam to all,
    Unfortunately i came across this site very late,i m already 6 months pregnant,can i still read what u suggested? If not then please suggest what do i do now? I request everyone to please kindly pray for me,again i apologise if i have hurt anyone's feelings,just so much confused,dont know what else to do but only pray..many thanks to all.nina

    • Nina Dear,

      There is no need to apologise. Why do you feel you have hurt anyone with your questions?

      Sister, I have attached some Quranic Ayahs that relate to asking Allah for children. Apart from this, just stick to your obligatory and do immense dua - just simply talk to Allah. And please avoid falling for innovated practices of reading such and such so many number of times. Most of the times, these things are made up. If you can find no link back to Quran and Sunnah for any of these things, ignore them.

      I am sure there is no reason for you to be so confused. You are pregnant. You desire a boy. You ask Allah to give you boy. The control is in His Hands. You can do nothing more than ask Allah - so why stress? You may want to remind you husband that it is his sperm that determines the gender of the child and this is in Allah's control.

      SisterZ Editor

    • hi i'm 6months preganant too and just read this today can we still read this srura teen?

      • Your baby's gender is decided at conception, depending on what sperm fertilises the egg. That means the gender cannot be "changed" by duas, as what was written in your kismet, whetehr son or daughter, has already started forming in your womb. Pray to Allah that whatever He blesses you with is HEALTHY and a comfort for you and your husband's eyes and heart and grows up to be a good muslim and good person/citizen of excellent character. What if you just keep wishing and praying for a son who turns out to be distrespectful and hurtful and brings shame to you and himself and does not follow the deen?

  43. Many thanks Sisterz, that is exactly what i have been doing till now and will continue to do so till the birth of the child- to request and pray whole heartedly, nothing else can be done now.just keep me in your prayers and hopefully all the good wishes will help me too.once again many thanks to all.god bless us all,Nina.

  44. well sisters how r u meant to call him mohammed for 3 years wen u already have a boy. think about it. and also bout da neyat dats what i heard too. you must have heard dat naat by millad raza qadri in which he says "jis ke aane se mao ko betei mile" well dats definitly tru u do have a baby boy if u intend to keep the babys name mohammed.

  45. I duno y ppl react when one asks for desires for a boy, itz similar dat u desire for a girl if already got a boy.. N Allah told us dat v can pray n ask Him for anything.. If Allah permits who ate v to comment..

    Well I ve heard that if u make neeyat to name your child Mohammad, or atleast call him Mohammad for 3 yrz den u ll be granted with a baby boy..

    But more den everything just keep on making dua to Allah n trust Him
    InshaAllah He ll answer..

    Pray for me n i m waiting for my dua to be fulfilled by Allah..I M in my last days of pregnancy,, n hoping for a healthy baby boy, thou scans show girl.. Trust Allah n just pray to Him for whatever you need..

    Tc n plz if ne one cud pray for my dua aswell..

    • There is no truth in this: "Well I ve heard that if u make neeyat to name your child Mohammad, or atleast call him Mohammad for 3 yrz den u ll be granted with a baby boy.. "

      Please avoid innovating and believing in such things.
      May Allah grant you what you desire and make a source of blessing for you.

      SisterZ Editor

  46. And btw I already have a lovly daughter, for whom I thanx Allah each n everyday with tears..
    N she is my biggest blessing.. Love her to death..

    N my sister have two sons n she desperately prays for a daughter, so itz just like v want to have what v dun ve, to ask for both of Allah's blessings itz not wrong at at all..

    • "v want to have what v dun ve" - honestly, I cannot read this kind of writing, and I don't have the time to solve puzzles. I request all readers to please use complete words and sentences if you want to be understood.

      Wael Editor

  47. slaam mother when you have your baby please update us if you has a boy or a girl thanks

  48. slaam sisters i'm mother of three 1 boy and two girls would like to make friends with other expecting mothers please if you are interested can you email me on *************** 25weeks preganant thanks

    • Hi

      I've just read through all the comments and i tend to agree with the majority of people's comments. I know people who have wished and prayed for a baby girl... Ihave known people who have been obsessed for years with having a baby boy, then they became pregnant with the baby boy of their dreams but sadly miscarried ... I have seen people struggle to conceive after years of trying for a baby. I hope and pray that everybodies heartfelt duas are accepted. At the end of the day we are humans and we wish to have what we havnt got unfortunately this is human nature. I believe there is no harm in praying for a boy or a girl as long you are strong enough mentally to deal with the fact that you might not have the baby u desired . Please be happy with a healthy baby regardless of gender. InshaALLAH your wishes come true.

      Read Al-awwal 40 times daily for 40 days straight away after u discover your pregnant

      Best of luck to all you beautiful ladies may Allah swt bless you with beautiful healthy children Ameen

    • Aoa tam how are you.
      Please update us on your pregnancy
      Hope everything is good

  49. No u cnt read it after 6 mths u hav 2 read it b4 3 mths of conception. 2 wael in plain english dis surah has to be read begore 3 months of conception i was going to write in short english but just rememberd your message regarding the slang words any way hope this is helpful to you inshsllah because i read this twice an mashalla i have 2 very beautiful boys and when i wasnt botherd what allah was going to bless me with i had a very beautiful little girl. So alhamdullilah it is allahs book this surah came from. And SISTERS when v hear that someones got a jinn in them there is no hadith or any mention in quraan of anything to remove the jinn we read or go to some maulanas who from what they learn from other sources remove it. It doednt hav to be that if something is not mentioned in hadith or quraan holds no islamic value. Same as youve HEARD neyat of the name mohammed grants you a boy is not mentioned in the quraan or hadith is it so please let people make there own decisions if i had said something stupid like jump upban down 20 times nkw that would of been ridiculous but i am telling them to read from the holy book so atleast they get rewarded from it.

    • SamerA,

      You are quite wrong.

      When the Prophet(saw) was afflicted by black magic, Allah(swt) revealed Surah Falaq and Surah Nas to him(as) and he was instructed to read them as protection and cure. Surah Al-Baqarah also has much shifa in it, especially the last two Ayahs as a form or Ruqaya. These are backed up by Sunnah, although I am too sleepy to find them right now, so will do it when I am awake - fully awake inshaAllah.

      I guess you also believe in such things as doing khatams 4 days and 40 days after someone's death, not marrying in Muharram, wearing black at funerals, holding the Quran over the bride's head while she leaves her father's home for blessings, doing khatams on Thursdays and blowing over a glass of milk and food and other such nonsense. It all stems from the Indian subcontinent - honestly, when will people wake up!?!

      G'Night from London,


  50. Sory sisters uv jus said when the prophet (pbuh) was afflicted from magic, but what do u do when someone has a jinn in them?? An jinn and black magic r two very different things! And as for reading hatam i dont do that even though my family do and when they do i join in because they are only reading allahs kalaam on some food an ask allah to guide em because it may be a made up practice but its nothing wrong, and the forty day hatam insted of that i read for the dead on their behalf. At weddings i disagree with holding quraan on brides head too like i said people need to make their own decisions not jus follow wjat they see! YOU need to wake up an let people make thier own decisions!!

  51. Assalamoalaikum....
    plz pray for me ..... i desperetly want a baby but my husband deny my wish.... plz pray for me..... actually i have a baby girl then i have one tubal pragnancy with right ruptured tube so my husband afraid for this but i want baby and my dr says that i m perfectly allright for second baby plzzz do pray for me thanx

    • Assalam Alaikum,

      First of all congrates to those who has kids & blessings to those who is wishing to have kids....My name is Shaista Hasan. I got married 4 year back.Since then i am waiting for child.By Allah Grace i got pregnant first time but the baby was ectopic so dr. removed my tube.Doctor told me you can get pregnant easily as u have other tube..By Allah Grace i got pregnant second time agian miscariaged. Again i am waitng for child please make dua for me so that Allah bless me with beautiful & healthy child.Me & my Haby are in big tension.

      I am requesting to all please pay for me so that i could have child...............

      Allah Hafiz

      Shaista Hasan

  52. salam. i need a baby boy what shoulld i do plz help me i have 5 daughters

    • Sister, please read the above thread.

      Make dua to Allah. Allah is the one who will decide whether He(swt) blesses you with a boy or a girl, so no point in stressing out about something that is beyond your control.

      Its fine to wish for a baby boy or girl, but to let it become an obsession is quite strange.

      SisterZ Editor

  53. Hello,
    This comment is specially for Mother who was in last days of her pregnancy in May.if she is reading this then please update us about your child's birth. Is the child and mother both healthy? Was it a boy or a girl? From your comment we learnt that you are also hoping for the birth of a baby boy,so did your wish come true? Please keep us updated, we are eagerly waiting to hear from you. Thanks.

    • Thanks for being concerned, I am going to have a c-section on 20th of this month.. N yeah I am praying very hard for a baby boy. Hope Allah listens to my prayer. Please all pray for me and my baby I be really thankful. Will update for sure!
      Take care all n pray that Allah grant everyone their wish

      • Nina I want to ask if you would like to tell then do tell me that have you been through a scan because after 5 months gender can be easily predicted. Do u know the gender?

  54. is this true to read surah teen for baby boy. plz anyone read this? any evidenses

  55. hello Mother,
    yes, they have told us the gender but having read so many articles online that sometimes the 20 week scan can be wrong,i m desperately praying that my scan is also wrong.this is my last chance at being a mother(due to health reason) i am sincerely and truthfully praying to God to grant me this one wish.Let us see what happens.Those who are reading this please pray for me and i will also pray for all of you. Many thanks.

    • Hey ,
      Hope u r gud Nina, I gave birth to a healthy lovly baby girl
      She is my part I obviously love her like anything. She is just born but cannot bear being without her. As far the gender thing is concerned then now I say please belive in scan result ESP. If you have gone through it more then once and your practioner is confident and good enough. Do not make fool out of you as I did. I also went through the articles again and again that used to tell that scans could be wrong even detected more then once.
      Actually I trusted prayers blindly and was dead sure that it couldn't go wrong as I was praying do so badly for a boy, read Many things , did many things , and more then anything I prayed almost every second for it and not dis pregnancy since my first.. Even I wasn't pregnant and prayed for a baby boy after my 1st daughter. I really really am xtrrmly disappointed with prayers,

      • By saying all I do not want you to get disappointed aswel
        I am just saying all this that you donot keep your hopes too much high like me and get extremely hurt at the end. Because I cannt tell you how hard I prayed and trusted Allah for it.
        I even asked for some signs and every other day saw a boy being born to me and other signs aswel. Even till the very last day everyone used to say it's a boy( the way I was carrying)
        My daughters are my every thing. I am due to them . But have lost trust in prayers badly.

        But I wish u luck n health
        Tc n please do update me with yours aswell

        • Dear Sister,

          Congratulations on the birth of your baby daughter! MaashaAllah, you have a beautiful gem. May Allah bless us all with a healthy pious child - boy or girl.

          The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said: "Whoever takes care of two girls until they reach adulthood - he and I will come (together) on the Day of Resurrection - and he interlaced his fingers (meaning in Paradise)." (Reported by Muslim)

          Another hadith: "Whoever has three daughters or sisters, or two daughters of two sisters, and lives along with them in a good manner, and has patience with them, and fears Allah with regard to them will enter Paradise." (Reported by Abu Dawud, Al-Tirmidhee and others)

          And in another Hadith, he(saw) said:

          "They will be a shield for him from the Fire." (Reported by Ahmad and Ibn Maajah)


          Sister, be happy with no reservation. Some women have no children and crave for them and only those women who are without know the feeling of absence. You have the blessing of motherhood, the blessing of holding your little one, feeding her, receiving her unconditional love, seeing her grow, teaching her about Islam, raising her to be like Aisha(ra), or Khadija(ra), or Maryam(ra), inshaAllah, SubhaanAllah! 🙂

          Be not disappointed in the power of 'dua', instead be grateful to Allah and know that He(swt) knows better than you. Perhaps he was saving you from something. Perhaps He(swt) is giving you the opportunity to be shielded from the Fire through raising your beautiful daughters well. Perhaps He(swt) is testing you. Allah knows best. So do not be disappointed.

          Smile, all babies are rays of Sunshine,


        • Don't lose trust in prayers. But you may need to change your perspective on what prayers accomplish.

          You were destined to have 4 healthy daughters. No amount of dua, prayer, supplication,etc, was going to change that. There's a saying "what is destined for you will reach you, even if it is between two mountains, wht is not destined will not reach you even if it is between your two lips."

          Prayers give you closeness to Allah, and a promise for a better hereafter. Also, prayers do not change the laws of nature. The likelihood of having a boy or a girl is random...that's how God intended it...imagine if we could influence the gender of our children just by saying dua, and if God answered each dua for a specific gender -- what would the world's gender demographic be like?

          I am so envious of you that yo uhave 4 healthy babies. Many muslim women would do anything to have ONE healthy baby, boy or girl. Forgive me if what i say next is harsh, but you really have no right to say that you have lost trust in prayers badly. God has given you the most choicest of blessings imaginable.

          I'm sure you will get past this!

        • SubhanAllah, you

          have lost trust in prayers badly

          Comments like that coming from people who are blessed immensely ,
          "indeed insaan is ungrateful to His Rabb"

          • I agree with sisters Precious Star and UmmSarah - be thankful for what Allah HAS given you. You are blessed with healthy children - I went thru a divorce 14 years ago after only 4 years of a very stressful marriage because I did not conceive even though doctors found nothing wrong with me. My inlaws wanted me to have kids right away (my father in law told me on my valima that he expected a grand child in 9 months!!) and the mother in law insisted that the 1st child be a son, as if that decision was in my hands. Allah chose for me to get divorced and out of that hell of a marriage and since then I have not been able to find someone who would love me and respect E as a wife and companion. So thank Allah a LOT for what you have.

          • May Allah bless you Seema, you seem like such a nice and kindhearted person. The ignorance is so sad, perhaps the problem was with your husband (as your medical tests were ok) yet they blamed you, so sad, but perhaps Allah didnt want you to stay with someone who would be cruel and oppress you, Allah knows best, we dont know why these things happen. I hope you find a wonderful husband and have happy healthy muslim children inshallah, its so hard for us with no husband, no child to understand why someone happily married with a healthy baby is not more grateful.

  56. Assalamu alaikum all sistrz and brother.I m pregnent for 1 month.i already hv a very cute and beautiful daughter.plz pray heartly for me that Allah swt grant me a healthy baby boy Ammeen

    • May Allah fulfil your hearts desire and make it a source of blessing for you in this life and the next, aameen!

      SisterZ Editor

  57. Hello,
    Salaam dear all...Kindly please pray for me also..It is my sincere and heartfelt wish that God grants me one healthy baby boy.....I believe that true prayers of the heart never i kindnly request you all to please pray for me. May God fulfill all your wishes too.Thanks.

  58. any up date on mother?

  59. Hello Mother,
    Sorry to see that you are so disappointed..I am currently doing the exact same thing..praying each and every second that somehow the scan was wrong and like many other mothers i will get some pleasant surprise at the end.i still have one and hlf month to go...what do i do?? stop praying? even in my family, everybody is saying that i m carrying differently than how i was during my daughter.Everyone in my family and especially my husband is so much looking for a boy;its just heart breaking...And above all,due to health reason,this is my last chance at being pregnant.No,i m not gender biased person,but its just that coming from all girls family,i just long to hold a baby boy in my arms and knowing that it might never happen in my life,makes it all the more difficult.even today i know 2-3 couples who went to places like singapore just to choose the gender which they would like to conceive but somehow i have always believed in God and thought that i will get God's blessings and i need not go to that extent of choosing X chromosome or Y chromosome.Anyways,it s so depressing that dont i dont feel like taking another breath..when i see my friends and neighbours going out or coming to our place with their baby boys,i still question myself,where did i go wrong? why God did not trust me with a son? am i not a good mother to my daughter? I feel as if i have failed my whole family and sepcially my husband,he is guy's guy;he always wanted a boy with whom he can play ball or soccer,or do guys things. Anyways, no matter how many people say,its ok to have a girl and girls and boys are same or some stuff like that but in my heart of heart i know that the pain stays,the wound of never having a baby boy in your arms stays forever.Dont know what to say anymore...totally at loss of words...i hope you stay healthy and happy..i will keep updating you on my situation.still have one and hlf mnth to go..dont know how will i go on with life till that..knowing your truth.

    • I am shocked at the ingratitude and ungratefulness.

      May Allah give us all hidaayah, aameen.

      SisterZ Editor

    • "Don't feel like taking a breath?"
      "Where did I go wrong?"

      Honestly Nina, you need to get a grip. I don't mean to be rude or harsh, but to say that you have pain because you yearn for baby boy and you wonder why God didn't answer your prayers...Your pain is misplaced, my dear. There are sooo many ways in which you can be tested in life, but to say that never having a baby boy is a source of pain? I am the last girl after 2 boys. Then, my parents had 5 granddaughters. No grandson. No one in my family has ever said "oh, i wish there was another baby boy in our family". Every child is a gift from God.

      Nina, you need to speak to someone about the value of gratitude, "shukr", in Islam. We can all use some pointers from time to time, but clearly this issue is eclipsing the real matter at hand, which is that God has blessed you with a healthy daughter, a healthy 2nd pregnancy, and Insha' Allah a healthy 2nd baby girl (according to the ultrasound scan, which, as far as I know, is almost always right). God could have tested you by not giving you a child at all, or by giving you an unhealthy child. Instead, you get the best of everything and we have to read about how it isn't good enough for you.

      I'm sorry I sound harsh, but I wish I had had a husband and 2 healthy babies -- regardless of gender -- so when I hear spoiled little girls like you complain about having that, it makes me wonder truly how God works in mysterious ways and sometimes gives His choicest blessings to those who don't appreciate them.

    • Please all sisters and brothers,
      I know we are human beings. We are not perfect people and therefore, we do get disappointed at times. When we see people around us all happy and getting what they wished for.
      However, only Allah (swt) knows what is good for us and what is wrong.
      From personal experience, I have prayed so many times for things I felt were good for me. When they were not coming true, I was losing hope and said Allah why are you not listening to me. But believe me sisters Allah (swt) listens to all our prayers...because once my all prayers have been fulfilled..they turned out to be completely opposite of what I expected. At that time I realized and asked for forgiveness from Allah (swt) to forgive me for all my sins. Forgive me for being impatience. Forgive me for not trusting in you cometely..because whatever Allah (swt) provides us with we should be thankful for that. Only Allah (swt) knows What is good for us and what is bad for us. Therefore, it is better to put all our trust in Allah (swt) and always ask for whatever Allah (swt) knows good for us in this life and akhrat we should get that. 🙂

      I pray for all the expecting mother. May Allah(swt) provides them with a healthy baby. Ameen

    • Dear Nina please do not stop praying. I didnot mean that, may be yours be answered InshaAllah. I was saying all so that you donot keep your hopes too much high as I did and reading all this I am feeling that you are doing exactly the same as I did. I was dead sure that my scan's result is wrong due to the prayers I made n belive me every second I did pray, and as my pregnancy was totally different from my previous n every other person and midwives said it's a boy for sure.. Top of all I was confident due to prayers that's why got more disappointed. I used to went through articles n stuff like that many times to satisfy me that scans could be wrong but........
      I just want you to relax and stop thinking about it now I know it's too hard as I have been through it but it's just not in our hands.
      And it's totally ok to wish for a boy or a girl I Do not know why people react like this. If People here are opening those hearts an sharing their feeling who are you people to comment or decide what is right and what is wrong, please keep such comments to yourselves.
      Coming back to you Nina I also used to feel and think the same,
      That i only need prayers and wouldn't go for a gender selection myself ( though it's not haram or wrong in any way) but still thought I will be blessed with what I want ( through prayes only) but now I think next time I would go for it, science does make sense to me now more than just prayers..

      • And Nina or Any one else who wants is welcome to share their feelings with me and no one is allowed to comment on it.

        • Dear Sister,

          Anyone can make a comment here as long as it is conducive.


          • Yea conducive not decisive that who is wrong who is right
            Everyone has their own perspective and feelings..
            No one has right to comment harshly over some ones feelings..

      • According to the scholars at islam qa
        "It is not permissible to use any kind of medical intervention to choose the gender of the foetus, except in cases of medical necessity with regard to hereditary diseases which affect males but not females or vice versa. "

        They also wrote:
        In the Holy Qur’aan there is criticism of the people of the Jaahiliyyah for not accepting and being content with the child if it was female. Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):

        “And when the news of (the birth of) a female (child) is brought to any of them, his face becomes dark, and he is filled with inward grief!

        59. He hides himself from the people because of the evil of that whereof he has been informed. Shall he keep her with dishonour or bury her in the earth? Certainly, evil is their decision”

        [al-Nahl 16:58].

        while it is natural to wish and hope for a son if you already have daughters or a daugther if you already have sons, Islamically it isn't right to get into a depression or grieve or stop praying because you have a girl, that was characteristic of the jahiliyya as stated in the above. Actually having a healthy baby girl is such a miracle and joy, so many people would love to have a beautiful healthy daughter, Islam teaches us to be grateful and the hadith others have posted in this thread show the high value and rewards given to people who raise daughters

  60. Since when did this post became a platform for bashing up expecting mothers? We came here seeking some advice and opened up our hearts,that's all,we never condemed anyone or judged anyone.who are we to decide who is right nd who is wrong? It might be very easy to judge other people from a distance when we ourselves are not in the exact same situation.what advice will u give to my friend who had her amnio test done at 3 months nd then terminated the baby just becoz it was a girl? What advice will u give to couples who specificaly go for gender selection? Sorry,i m not coming from any rich,high society where people dont care about these things, i come from middle class,all girls family,i still remember how my mother was not invited to certain family/religious functions just becoz she had no son-i do remember that! How can u judge someone you dont even know? Is asking for something from Allah wrong?is it a sin? I would request everyone not to attack someone personally here,when we are not knowing anything about them.many thanks.

    • Nina,

      If you were referring to myself, then I would like to clarify that I was not judging or bashing you.

      I understand the desire to have a boy or girl completely. I can also understand that if a husband is emotionally abusing his wife over not having a child of certain gender, she may feel frightened, anxious, depressed. But if the husband is giving you no emotional abuse and is not pressuring you in any way, I do not understand how a woman who already has been blessed with beautiful healthy children can become 'so deeply depressed' if she does not have the child (boy or girl) she wishes for.

      I just pray that Allah makes us grateful for the beautiful children we have and makes them a source of blessing for us.

      SisterZ Editor

    • Asking is not wrong, being resentful and ungrateful is wrong. Your story is not uncommon in india or pakistan. Cry me a river.

      • First of all, its not a " Story" ...some people are actually living it each and every moment....just because its common, does it make it any less painful??

        • Nina,

          If you don't mind, I'd like to you a few questions. Are you receiving pressure from your husband or in laws to have a son? Or is this completely your own desire?

          If you do not wish to answer, thats ok.


        • Aoa Nina
          Can you please update me on your pregnancy,
          I am waiting to hear a good news. And praying that atleast your prayers be granted esp as you said it's your last chance.
          Hope to hear from you soon

  61. This is natural that people will want what they do not have. My mom badly wanted a girl, but we are three brothers. I myself also badly wanted a sister. However, the divine plan was that I will have no sister, and I do not have any.

    The son of my father's boss has been blessed with a daughter, and they already had two daughters. Of course they are disappointed, but the news of the birth of their third daughter made me very happy 🙂

    I am not saying that accepting the qadr is easy, and being human it is OK if we feel disappointed for quite a while if the result is not what we have wished for. However, we should make sure that our disappointment never ever turns into resentment or anger towards the divine decree. Because such resentment may negate our belief that Allah knows what is best for us.

  62. ok people may b you lot need to read the title of this tread! if you know a dua tell us please if not then leave us be. thanks

    • Here is the dua:

      "O Allah! Grant us a son if you think that would be a coolness for our eyes, and if You think that would be better for us according Your knowledge and judgment. If not, then grant us patience, so that we can remain a patient and pleased over Your divine decree and become grateful slaves of Yours. O Allah! Indeed You know what we do not know, and Your decree is indeed just."

  63. plz help me i have 5 daughters and i wish to have son my mother in law is very strict towards this.

    • Dear Maryam,

      I am sorry that you have a strict mother in law, but perhaps its time to stand up for yourself, without being rude of course. Some couples opt to have medical treatment done to increase chances of a having a boy, but its costly, I dont know if it works and my instincts tell me greatly that its not right for a Muslim to undergo such treatment - well not just because of desire to have a particluar gender.

      It is the male sperm that defines the sex of the unborn baby and more so, it is Allah who decides what you will have. Please read the above thread as many people have asked the same as yourself and we can offer no new advice than what has already been said. Try speaking to your husband atleast and reassure him that it is Allah who decides and he needs to be happy with His(swt) choice. Allah has wisdom in all matters.

      Allah(swt) tells us this inspiring story in Surah Al Imran; that Imran's wife asked Allah for a child whom she vowed to dedicate to His(swt) service alone. In her mind, she wanted to have a son as when anyone thought of raising up a child as a religious one or one who would further their progeny, it had to be a son. But instead she gave birth to a daughter. Imran(as)'s wife then said as revealed in Surah 3, Ayah 36: 'O my Lord! I have given birth to a female child,' - and Allah knew better what she brought forth, - 'And(Maryam said) the male is not like the female, and I have named her Maryam and I seek refuge with You(Allah) for her and for her offspring from Shaitan, the outcast.'

      This very Maryam grew up to be none other than the pious, chaste, virgin mother of Isa(as), given the title of Mother of the Believers and she has a whole surah named after her in the Quran.

      So think sister...what do you think Allah wants us to learn from this? Perhaps this, that both male and female are equally as valuable; both can be dedicated to Allah's worship and be a source of blessings for their parents in this life and the next. And most importantly, that Allah alone knows what He(swt) will place in the womb of the mother. So be satisifed with whatever you recieve, it will be a blessing be it a boy or a girl inshaAllah.

      If your mother in law complains, narrate this story to her. If she still continues to complain, know that Allah is watching and ask Him(swt) for patience and for your mother in law to become wiser.

      SisterZ Editor

  64. hello sameerA h r u? can u plz tell me tht we should read this suraah 3 when we realize abt ou pragnancy n we should read of ths just 4 3 month or the whole pragnancy hope you understand my mean

    • Mrs Shah,

      Clearly no one pays any attention to anything I have said on this thread.

      Perhaps I should stop bothering.

      SisterZ Editor

      • Easy now sister 🙂 I guarantee that people do pay attention. Just not everyone. But more than 5,000 people visit this website every day and I have no doubt that many, many of them find guidance, clarity and direction from your words and reminders. In fact many people have said that you have helped them invaluably, ma-sha-Allah. So let's focus on that, and not on the few who don't pay attention.

        Also, let's remember the examples of the Prophets, of course we are far from their ideal, but they set the example for us to follow. The Messenger of Allah (sws) used to stand beside the ka'bah preaching over and over, "Oh my people, say Laa ilaha il-Allah and be successful." Every day they mocked him and rejected him, but he persisted until Allah's message took root and grew.

        Alhamdulillah we have it much easier. Allah tells us to remind people of the truth and perhaps they may heed the reminder; if they do not, then everyone is responsible for his own soul.

        Part of doing work fee-sabeel-illah is that we do the work for Allah's pleasure, and for the barakah, and we consign the results to Allah.

        Wael Editor

        • Asalamu Alaikum Sister Z i am a fan 😉 and like the way you approach subjects i find all you editor's level headed and clear in your advice to people. ive been coming on this site more than a year and told friends about it to, now that iam at home and pregnant i have found time to add my 2 cents worth and cant stop looool.

          • Dear Zenaa,

            Giving advice is the easy part :O). Its taking it that can prove difficult. So for all those who find the courage to act upon the advice, maashaAllah! May Allah give me and us all the wisdom and strength to take good advice too, aameen!

            And easy with the website addiction, you may pass it on to your baby and it'll end up becoming a Islamic Counsellor, lol. Pssst, I know the feeling though ;O).


        • Wael, Zenaa, Muhammad,

          JazakhAllah for your kind words. Its just a little frustrating when people read only what they want and miss out the advice that has been repeated a million times over. This topic, praying through the dead and black magic are so widely misunderstood and I tend to get a little wound up. Yes, I have a fiery side.

          But it was just a winge moan winge, I just meant I should quit repeating myself on this thread, thats all. I have no intention of leaving inshaAllah, I feel kind of maternal towards it - its like my son, oops I mean my daughter :).

          I shall re-purify my intentions inshaAllah. Afterall, it should be about whats between me and Allah, and never about whats between me and others anyway. JazakhAllah for the reminders Wael!


      • Ah my dear sisterZ,
        Everyone pays attention to what you say lols. Seriously sister, I hardly miss; full of knowledge, wisdom, logic and common sense. No please don't stop bothering, otherwise not only these people but others who read and act on your advice will miss a great deal. I hope to see a smily because I can see that red angry invisible face lol:) And if you don't have a smile I will give you mine (as they say it's in-expensive and doesn't cost nothing).

        Your brother,

  65. ASWRWB

    I agree with you 100% sisterZ...keep your wonderful comments coming.... May Allah save the subcontinent from shirk and bida', ameen.

    • JazakhAllah Sameera,

      I do feel awfully silly now, lol. That was just out of frustration, nothing more. I am just a layperson and too have a lot to learn, so I need to be more patient with others and be grateful that Allah has blessed me understanding.

      SisterZ Editor

      • Com on sisterz v all like and admire your concern but like you others got their views, you can present your's but cannot force. And see over a small thing how much you got frustrated, likewise people does. Esp a mother who is going through a pressure all through her pregnancy. It's not she doesnot love her girl it's just she also wants a complete family and Esp when their is pressure even expectation from husband and in laws.
        Well that's the separate story.. Just keep your lovely comments going without hurting any one. And hope this fourum could do betterment in all of ours life
        Keep smiling everyone
        Take care!!

        • Dear 'Mother',

          Ramadam Mubarak. Hope its started off as a good one inshaAllah! Thank you for your reply above

          'And hope this fourum could do betterment in all of ours life' - thats exactly my point. When I see things that are clearly innovation (and the above things are), I have to speak up, its not about enforcing my opinion.

          I understand these women maybe undergoing pressure, but its at these times that we need to remind them of the difference between innovation and Quran/Sunnah. I can't go along with the 'innovated suggestions' just to keep the sisters happy. But then obviously what 'innovation' is and is not is also a disputed matter aswell. The alternative is that I remain silent and allow such comments to be posted without explaining what I know. But I cannot do that either. What I can do though is to just keep repeating the little I do know without becoming frustrated. After that, I've done my bit.

          My aim is not to argue. I understand that on this matter, we are all on different waves, so I shall leave it at that. I shall also try to replace my comments with mango pulp instead of green chillis. (Excuse the references to food, I'm clearly thinking of Iftar, haha).

          Take Care

  66. Salaam, to all Brothers and Sisters,

    This is my first time on this site so please bear with me this is just my feelings and experince im sharing with you as ive been inspired by you brothers and sisters,and if this can help anyone as you Brothers and Sisters have helped me that can not be a bad thing??
    My wife told me a couple of weeks ago at the end of a heated agruement (yes they happen)
    that she would like to try for a second child as she was emotional at the time i thought to myself ............WHAT??.............. a 4th child??Im in my late thirties now,instantly i runs into my 50's................she must be hate me??
    Anyway hoping she said this out of emotion,i asked her again and she confirmed she had been wanting this for a while now,but i didnt realize,its probably because my crystal balls out of batteries and the fact that no matter what you sisters think we men can not read your minds!!??
    Now over the years i had suggested this on many occasions and she had declined.
    (yes us men get broody too).
    so as soon as i accepted this here we are!!................Oh and I must tell you We have a beautiful daughter age 5 whom i lovely very dearly and she mash'allah is such a placid intelegent child and caring daughter She is my heart and soul.
    I have been married previously from my first wife i have two beautiful sons,and yesterday,I along with my other son,brother and father stood behind my eldest son who is learning Quran e hifz.
    As he did the magrib jamat(very emotional moment).
    Back to my Daughter,.......I remember the scan day for my daughter and we my wife and i said initailly we wouldnt ask the gender,but when the midwife asked we both looked at each other and thought why not,and we where told it was a girl,i must admit even though i had two sons already i still wanted another son with my second wife.
    And my wife seemed diappointed too,but the fact that infront of us i could see this baby with its beating heart
    melted mine.(I know im a big softy)
    I told her its ok......and the midwife said not to worry maybe next time,Anyway as the months past i did the what if's the why's and even the scan being wrong,me and my wife discussed this at length,and i must admit i started ready my prayers 5 times a day and praise be to Allah have continued to for which i believe my unborn daughter was the trigger as i did not prayer apart from fridays at the time of my sons.So My Daughter brought me that bit closer to my Deen,But I totally understand my sisters that have and are going through that dilema,especially if its the last chance of conceiving.
    My Heart and prayers do go out to you brothers and sisters and pray may Allah guilde you through this dark time and grant what is best for you.
    I also believe as you are in such a vunerable frame of mind the shaytan is an opportunist and loves to sow the seed of doubt so those bad feelings of not getting what you may believe at this moment to be so intense is the shaytan doing what he does best,no matter what please never stop praying.
    Anyway i was present at my daughters birth and as i held her all me doubts fears dissappointments left me and i knew that i would love this child so dearly,infact my sons accuse me of doting my affections on my daughter more then i care for them(not true)as i love my children all equally and inshalah what ever the gender we have next im sure i will love just as much,i pray primarly for good health for the child.
    I must confess i only ever wanted two kids one of each............or lets be honest two boys.
    But what ever is in your Naseeb you can accept kicking and screaming or with open arms.............and in time you will see its not as bad as you may have imagined,and what we must remember is that our children are not our possessions the are a gift from God and a test of what we will do with these gifts??
    We would like to have a son my second wife and I as im away on nights and it would be nice to have another man about the house,but once again that is all in Allahs Hands.
    I think if we focas too much on the gender thing then we cant enjoy the whole fact of a new life being created which is the miracle we should be greatfull for,as im now man enough to admit my guilt in thinking the way i did,may Allah forgive us all for our shortcomings.

    So my Allah be with all of us in our moments of doubt and pain,because that is a very dark and lonely place to be and im sure that our Allah will never foresake his keep believing Brothers and Sisters.
    Thankyou for reading my words
    . Jazak Allah Kir.


    • As salamu alaykum, brother B,

      Jazak Allahu Khairan for opening your heart to us, Ameen to your prayers.

      Thank you very much for sharing.

      María Editor

    • JazakhAllahkhair for your words brother.

      Children are a beautiful gift from Allah: Hibah-tullah. And I pray from the deepest corner of my heart during this month of Mercy that every woman is blessed with the experience of carrying a child in her womb for nine months, of giving birth, or holding and feeding her child and of raising her as a strong Muslimah...a Maryam, Khadija, Aisha or Fatima, or a strong Muslim...a Muhammed, Omar, Ibrahim, or Yusuf, aameen.

      Make your dua and then give sadaqah in secret, asking Allah to accept it. Allah hears all our duas and pleas, even if we can't bring the words to our lips, he knows what our hearts are heavy with...may He(swt) purify our thoughts and grant us our hearts desires, aameen.

      SisterZ Editor

  67. Salaam mrs shah sorry I checked my mail late. Jus got your msg and it is late. Yes the lady that told me to read surah teen she said you must read it throughout the pregnancy and start before the 3 months of pregnancy. Now I myself find out quiet early infact I find out when I am about 2 weeks pregnant and I start reading surah teen 11 times blown on a glass of water everyday. After 3 months Allah tala has already destined the gender of the baby so read it in early days inshallah Allah will grant you a healthy baby boy.

    Salaam sisters really appreciate your concerns on innovation honest I feel quiet strongly about that too but sometimes you can't understand the fear of some sisters who are living with mother in laws or husbands or other family who in this modern times carry the jahiliyat in their mind and make that sisters life hell because she cannot give them a son or heir they demand. These people have such influences in their lives life an sometimes can destroy there marital lives if they stand up for themselves or answer back. That's why Sabr is the best thing to do with such circumstances. Even you must know the Quran and sunnah tells us over and over to bear tough times with sabr.
    Narrated Abu Said: Some people from the Ansar asked Allah's Apostle (to give them something) and he gave to everyone of them, who asked him, until all that he had was finished. When everything was finished and he had spent all that was in his hand, he said to them, '"(Know) that if I have any wealth, I will not withhold it from you (to keep for somebody else); And (know) that he who refrains from begging others (or doing prohibited deeds), Allah will make him contented and not in need of others; and he who remains patient, Allah will bestow patience upon him, and he who is satisfied with what he has, Allah will make him self-sufficient. And there is no gift better and vast (you may be given) than patience." (Sahih al-Bukhari Volume 8, Book 76, Number 477)
    From the above authentic hadith sometimes we just hAve to be patient and if I amtelling some sisters this dua from the Quran an helping them I don't see anything wrong because somebody must hav told another and tbat person to another it may not hav been recorded but never the less it's words from allahs most authentic book I see nothing wrong in reciting that and telling others to do the same as Allah us the most merciful and has given us many opportunities allhamdullilah!
    Ramadhaan Mubarak to all my brothers and sisters xx

  68. Assalamu alaikum all,

    Please remember that this is the month of Ramadhan..please refrain from backbiting on your brothers and sisters in Islam...its a sin regardless of which month we are in.... some quotes to remind you....

    It is reported that ‘Umar – may Allah be pleased with him – said: Fasting does not mean keeping away from only food and drink, it also means keeping away from lying, falsehood, inanity and swearing...........

    Whoever does not leave off false speech and acting by it; then Allah is not in need of him abandoning his food and drink.

    A person who disobeys Allah while fasting hasn’t truly grasped the intent behind fasting.

    The real goal is to achieve piety and obedience of Allah through the abandonment of food, drink and sin.

    Although a person who backbites, lies or does other sins is not considered to have physically broken his fast, he loses the reward of fasting and in this sense he has broken his fast...


  69. Salam to all. Plz cud u pray for me as its my lasr stage im due on da 28 but love to keep all my fasts and pray i have a easy labour and allah grants me aboy. Also any news on sister nina

    • Dear Sister,

      May Allah, Al-Muhiyy (The Giver of Life) grant your heart's desire and make it a source of great blessings for you, aameen!!

      And take it easy with the fasting sister, I am sure you're allowed to make them up later as you need to eat for the little one inside you. Get some medical advice on that.

      Keep safe and healthy and may Allah, Al-Mujeeb(One Who Answers all), answer all our duas, aameen!

      SisterZ Editor

  70. hi guys,
    just reading everyones comments made me want to share my feeling's as well.letting my feelings out here is better than keeping them inside me and not being able to share them with anyone.... anywayz i come from a family of six girls where my parents wanted a baby boy but could not have one.... i got married ion march and concieved right away alhamdolillah... NOW EVERRRRYYYONE expects a baby boy from me ..... and so do i wish to have one ... but i went for my ultrasound last week and found out it was a baby girl .....i told my husband and he was quit supportive about it and said he actually WANTED a baby girl but i dont know if he is actually trying to make me feel better or if he sincerly wants one.... on the other hand i have my family his family aunts uncles cousins brothers sisters you name it who want me to have a baby so pressured so stressed it just makes me sooo depressed that i do not know what to do or how to handle this stress ... or face on what ppl will say after i deliver my baby kind of going through the same thing of hoping my ultrasound is wrong .. but i do not want to be unjust with my daughter esp when she is my first child..... i know allah swt does wht he thinks is best for us but..... i just can cope with my depression and stress............i want to be able to love my baby with its haqq ..but i cant seem upset

  71. Assalamu alykum to all muslims there.
    this is the first time m visiting this site,i really liked reading comments,m really impressed by sisterz you are such a wonderfull person totally focussed on deen totally against innovation that is biddat,i look forward to keep in touch with you specially n other sisters too....

    i have a baby girl his dad calls her Zainab,nd me Anam which means gift of Allah,she really is..i love her,need to share a lot but itz 1;30 am in india really late,sehr time is near...may Allah fullfill everyones wishes which is for our good,as only Allah swt knows the gaib.

    Allah hafiz.

  72. Allah hafiz

  73. Ya Allah. sister iam in my 9th month of pregnancy and today i had a bit of a scare and had to go to hospital to see if the baby was ok Allahamdulilah all was well but i met a young muslim husband and wife their first baby and they were both crying in the waiting room they had just been told the babies heart had stopped beating and was dead, sister please say Allahamdulilah for the blessing ALLAH (SWT) has given, insha'Allah you will love your baby and when she smiles at you what people say wont mean a thing.

    • Zenna, thats so very sad about the couple in the hospital. May Allah replace their loss with something better including sweetness of emaan and grant them sabr.

      InshaAllah you will have your baby just fine, all is in Allah's Hands.

      Take it easy since you're in your ninth month MaashaAllah.

      SisterZ Editor

  74. Alhumdulillah,may Allah give our babies healthy long life,and make them a good muslim..Ameen

  75. Dont worry sister,juz pray for your baby this is the month of barkat and rehmath everything will be fine inshaAllah.

  76. Ameen ya rabi, jazakAllah khayr sisters

  77. salam
    I am married and has a baby girl,now we are planning to have a baby again and this time we both wishes for a boy,someone told me that reciting some verses of Quran i remember of sura yousuf,and blowing on a pomegranate then to have it,each pomegranate every day from 3rd month to the 9th.i want to ask is this ok or it will be an innovation in islam.i think it should be right and it is the fruit of jannat so has shifa in it,can anyone answer this.and i heard of reciting this verse of quran for boy...Sura:Nuhh verse 12,as it means he swt will bestow you male children and that heaven which has rivers flowing below it...should i recite it kindly answer.

    • Laibah, Asalaamualaykum,

      Thank you for your wise question: 'i want to ask is this ok or it will be an innovation in islam.' I have not read anywhere in the Quran or Sunnah of this practice you have described.

      Allah has made it very simple for you already. He has told you that He(swt) is in control of what sex your unborn child will be, it is not in your hands, so why do you stress?

      Just make dua asking Allah(swt) to grant you a baby boy and then leave the rest to Him(swt) and be satisfied whether you are granted a girl or a boy. Here are some duas:

      1) Du'a of Zakariyya (Zakariah) (as), which he made in his old age while his wife was barren. Allah(swt) answered his call and gave him Yahyah (John)(as), in Al Qur'an, Surah Al-'Imran 3:38:

      "O my Lord! Grant me from You, a good offspring. You are indeed the All-Hearer of invocation."

      2)Du’a of Ibrahim (as). Allah accepted his dua and granted Prophet Ibraheem two sons: Ismael and Ishaq (as), in Al Quran Surah Saaffaat:

      "My Lord, grant me from the righteous ones."

      3) Du’a of Zakariyya(as). in Al Quran Suratul Anbiyaa: 89:

      "Oh Allah, please don't leave me alone (childless), for you are the best of those who give inheritors."

      4) Du’a in Al Qur'an 25:74:

      "Our Lord! give us spouse and children who will be the joy( and the comfort ) of our eyes, and guide us to be models of righteous (Leader of God-concious people). "

      5) Du’a in Al Quran - 46:15 Surah Al-Ahqaf:

      "...Oh Rabb, inspire me to give You thanks for the bounties you have granted to me and my parents, and to act righteously to please You. Lord, make my offspring virtuous. Lord I turn to you in repentance; I am a Muslim".

      Just make dua - simple.

      SisterZ Editor

  78. Sister if you blew on a pomegranate tree and finished the whole quran while blowing it would not change the sex of your baby pray for a healthy blessed child who will help the ummah and be better than us in understanding their deen.

  79. you are right sister but Allah knows the intentions and our needs of performing that,so will it make a difference...and i am saying to have a baby boy not to change the gender, i am not pregnant yet.will it be ok before that

    • Sister,

      Purify your intentions and make your deeds Quran and Sunnah compliant - its simple.

      Leave the made up stuff. I know you may be desperate but your want will not be fulfilled by doing strange things which have no basis in Islam. Allah has told you how to ask of Him(swt) - just stick to that way. Allah has 99 Names (that we know of), call upon Him(swt) using the Names that are relevant to your need:

      "Ya Allah, Al-Khaliq (The Creator), Al-Bari (The Maker), Al-Musawwir (The Shaper) - You are The One who Creates, Makes and Shapes us and then You(swt) blow into us life. Please grant me with a son who will be a blessing for me in this life and the next, for You(swt) are Al-Wahhab (The All-Giving), aameen."

      Learn the Sunnah of Rasool(sws) and stick to it like glue.

      SisterZ Editor

    • Sister i cant fully understand the pressure to have a boy, Allah has blessed me with 2 boys Allahamdulilaah, well i was the only girl in my family, i lost my mum a long time ago so now that iam pregnant for the 3rd time from the start people have been saying to me "ooh inshaAllah you will have a girl you dont have a mum so a daughter will fill that part of your heart thats missing" iam think well nothing will fill that part what are these people talking about but the more i hear this the more iam starting to believe it, but i remind myself that in my mothers womb my life was written so i pray to Allah (swt) that i will be happy and content boy or girl inshaAllah.

  80. Insha Allah.
    Girl is as necesarry as a boy,i want two baby girls and two boys,i heard the hadih that uplifting two daughters well in islam and then finding a good husband for them,they will be very near to prophet s.a.w.. in heaven,the feelings a daughter has for parents that boys cant understand,a daughter well understands her mom than a boy....May Allah grant you for what is good for you,coz you dont have choices,you'r happy with both,but theres nothing wrong if u really want a girl and pray for a nek baby girl.

  81. Sister Salaam.
    THANK YOU so much for replyng ,the way you express is so simple that it clears out all the doubts,Jazakallah,may Allah grant you a good possition in this world and hereafter for helping the muslims.

    Sister on a scientific side of view i want to ask there are medicines available for boys,if Allah allows,so is that Haraam or prohibited in islam? and after intercourse if a women sleeps on the left side it can be a son,if Allah permits,so is there any possibilty on a scientific way.

    • Laibah,

      I don't know if there are any medical treatments for gender selection and I have never heard of the ones you have mentioned.

      You can do all you want, but Allah will grant you what He(swt) wants. Imran's wife asked Allah for a son whom she could dedicate to His(swt) Service. But Allah gave them a daughter - Maryam(as) mother of Isa(as). They accepted their Qadar and were given even better than what they had asked for. So stressing about something that is quite beyond your control (and rightly so because Allah Knows Best), is a waste of time. It'll get you no where but will give you lots of anxiety.

      SisterZ Editor

    • Yes sister Laiba....according to Islam qa, there is nothing wrong with altering your diet and timing intercourse in hopes of conceiving a boy. You need to eat a lot of salty foods, tomatoes, potatoes, and meats (approx 6 months before trying). A study also shows that mothers who eat cereal in the morning mostly conceive boys. Having intercourse right on Ovulation also gives you a better chance of conceiving a son. But like sister Z pointed out, Allah is the one first and last who decides what we're having. Allah grants his servant what is best for him in this world and the one after. If getting a boy will take you away from Allah and increase your love for dunya, then Allah will give you that which will increase your love for Allah and the hereafter. And if getting a boy will only increase you in Iman, shukr and ibadah, then Allah by all means will grant your son. We all know in our heart where we stand, and Allah knows even more than what we know about ourselves.
      Make sure you take use of all the times of gauranteed acceptance of duas like tahajjud time, right before opening a fast, the time between takbeer and iqamah to make dua for a RIGHEOUS, HEALTHY, MOMIN male offspring. May Allah grant you your hearts desire sis....I will inshAlllah pray for you 🙂
      WAssalaam kullukum 🙂

  82. Zenna,Insha Allah i'll pray for you Allah grant you a healthy nek,sweet girl with a long life and make her away from all,diseases,problems and shaitan.
    hope you have a painless delivery Ameen.

  83. No sister not anxiety but a support and a good view on life,Thank you for your care,it matters a lot.Does reciting sura yousuf gives beautiful baby,is there any hadith or reference.

  84. Sister i have not heard that reciting sura yusef will change anything, but remember beauty is not always a blessing nabi yusef suffered because of it their are always to side to a gift like beauty better to not catch peoples eye and keep out of trouble, a friend and i were talking about that not long ago:)

  85. exactly sis you'r right...this site helps me a lot to keep me awaken in islam,there are thousands of examples here,i want to do something for ISLAM...but dont know how to.when i see on you tube some stupid fellow abuses criticize our ISLAM i really feel pain that what am i doing,just being quit....i have heard if you want to see the possition of yours infront of ALLAH,then judge yourself in which work Allah has engaged you will realize where you stand in front of him...i feel nowhere.

    • Laibah,

      It is nice that you want to do something for Islam, this is praiseworthy and I pray Allah rewards you for your good intentions.

      The best thing we can all do is stick to the Quran and Sunnah and stay far far away from innovation. InshaAllah this is good dawah.

      SisterZ Editor

  86. Sameera
    thanx a lot for your appreciating words,sister its not my real name so if you pray for me dont take this name,God knows our inner things so i hope without name it will work..May Allah bless you with immense happiness and success in life keep you on Siratal mustaqim,and save you from hellfire...AMEEN
    Thanx once again.

  87. Allah (swt) says in Surah Shura:

    Ayah 49: "To Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. He creates what He wills (and plans). He bestows (children) male or female according to His Will (and Plan),"

    Ayah 50: "Or He bestows both males and females, and He leaves barren whom He will: for He is full of Knowledge and Power."

    So there are four catergories: Those whom Allah(swt):
    ~ bestows only daughters, (as with Lut [as])
    ~ bestows only sons, (Ibrahim [as])
    ~ bestows both sons and daughters, (like Muhammed [sws])
    ~ leaves barren (like Yahya [as] and Isa [as])

    And Allah(swt) Knows best which catergory is best for whom. May Allah make us pleased with His(swt) Will, aameen.

    SisterZ Editor

  88. Salam sis Z, may Allah grant u d best of rewards for ur comments nd advice, u are deeply appreciated.May Allah increase us all in iman nd sabr.AMIN

    • JazakhaAllahkhair dear Jameelah,

      In return, I am very grateful for your appreciation. Please make dua for me at Iftar (or try to squeeze me in somewhere inshaAllah :O). May Allah [swt] raise you in status amongst the righteous, aameen!

      SisterZ Editor

  89. Sisters even i'll pray for u InshaAllah...after all you are doing a great job in DEEN...MAy Allah will reward you for this.

  90. MAy Allah reward you

  91. Salam sister Z, i wil always put u in my prayers insha Allah.u deserve it! Tnx 4 d prayers.

  92. Zenna,i hope you are fine with your baby,insha allah i'll pray for you and for the baby,pregnancy is such a b'ful experience,i am memorising my time,but the time of delivery is really hard to describe.Thats why a mother holds such a great possition as said in Quran,the heaven is beneath mothers feet....eager for GOOD news to hear from you Insha Allah.
    Fi Amanllah

    • JakazakAllah Khayr sister, looks like my baby is taking its time no show this week insha'Allah any day now.

      • Salaams Zenaa,

        Go for a jog or give the bath tub a good scrub, lol, I'm sure that'll bring it on. Or maybe your buba is just waiting for Eid :O)
        (Ps, dont really go for a jog or scrub the bath tub, dont want you hurting yourself!)

        Whenever it comes, may it be a blessed day for you all inshaAllah! Whilst in labour, try to make a quick dua for us and everyone. I'm sure we'll be the last thing on your mind at that time, but childbirth is a valuable time for dua my sister - so I'm trying to get a dua squeezed in ;O). May Allah give you a smooth and safe deliverly and a healthy and pious child to raise in His(swt) Way, aameen!

        SisterZ Editor

        • JazakAllah Khayr sister z. jog lol i wish you could see me the babys head is so low i can hardly walk let alone run i look like a big penguin waddling from side to side and in my black hijab even more so:) sister insha'Allah i will make dua for you that Allah (swt) blesses you in every good way, and alot of other sisters and brothers on this site too. i think what you all do here is selfless and a service to your muslim brothers and sisters.

      • I have heard of reciting sura MARIYAM in the last month of pregnancy for less pain during delivery,MAY ALLAH keep you and your baby healthy..Ameen.
        Zenna pls do pray for me too during the labour pains starts,i am affected by jinn pls pray i get well soon,and for a nek healthy boy too...during my last days of pregnancy my mom gave me castor oil whole bottle of 25 ml and next day by Allahs will my Zainab was born,its good because its very sticky and hot for the body to deliver easily.
        I pray for you before iftaar,insha Allah he swt will listen.
        Fi amanillah

        • Insha'Allah sister i will make dua for you, sister hold on to your deen and keep your wudu at all times, read about the trails our nabi's had to face keep strong for you husband and little girl insha'Allah i pray for your health and happiness, Ameen

  93. Asslam,ualaikum,

    Can you please let us know the result for all the above discussions.
    We all wish him/her for best future.


  94. AoA. Brv's & Sis's

    Allah (swt) says, if u wnt anything dan keep praying/asking me, i 'll grant u one daY, there is nothing Haramm to asking Allah fr anything. He is most beneficient / merciful in da wrld.

    First thing i wnt 2 clear. Al-Quran says " its all up to Allah(swt) who He gives sons or daughters, & sum of them ain't get any thing. So plz b patience all tme and b thankfull 2 Allah wot u got.

    Just make dua asking Allah(swt) to grant you a baby boy and then leave the rest to Him(swt) and be satisfied whether you are granted a girl or a boy.

    Fee Amaan Allah

  95. Please dont sit around hoping that duas and prayers would grant you a boy-wake up nd take help of scientific procedures that are out there for our help,today millions of couples are going for that instead of just sitting around nd doing nothing.just google " gender selection techniques" and you will come across millions of websites explaining the have to work towards your dreams,just sitting around praying will not get you anywhere.

    • Even better, be happy with what Allah gives you. As the Messenger of Allah (sws) said (paraphrasing) that the man who raises daughters well will earn Jannah for that.

      Wael Editor

    • I dont agree with gender selection techniques, unless it be for medical purposes. And somehow I dont think the Islamic view is in favour of it either. Gender selection or no gender selection, you will get what Allah has Planned for you and there will be His(swt) Divine Wisdom behind it.

      All children are a blessing.

      SisterZ Editor

    • I also don't think that gender selection is halal in Islam. Don't you guys think that it's kind of saying that "Oh, I am not going to be happy with what Allah (swt) going to bless me with so I will choose for myself"? (Astaghfirullah). Making dua doesn't mean that we will get whatever we wanted; may be by not giving us what we wanted is Allah's way of saving us from a future major problem (Isn't he the ALL KNOWER). Daughter or son they are both Allah's blessings; we shouldn't be following such practices because it really shows how much faith we have in Allah (swt). Apart from this everyone's rizq is from Allah the Almighty and he chooses their gender and path in this dunya; whether they are boy or girl; just because they are born in a family doesn't mean that their parents have right to control their life.
      We shouldn't be blindly following these haram techniques unless we are OK to go against Allah (swt), Prophet (PBUH), Quran and Sunnah. It's like those dark ages before Islam when daughters were killed on the day they were born; only difference is that now it's made legal (in some countries) by abortion and other such practices. We should always use the common sense rather than looking for fatwa for everything that happens around us.
      May Allah (swt) help us see/understand truth and help us strengthen our imaan by holding his rope tight and staying away from fitnah around us.



  96. even i agree because it is the Almighty Allah who orders the Y chromosome to enter first to conceive a boy,medications are not always correct for what we want,but what Allah orders immediatly happens with no doubt.If it wasnt HAraam i would have tried but with reciting duas too,for any health problem dua and dawa both are required.

  97. Assalamalykum wr wb,
    Ask for everything to Allah only...if some thing is in our fate it will be ours,and if not ,,thn always thankful to Allah because we will be rewarded best in qayamah if we r failed in getting our wish come true,so keep faith On Allah,keep praying to Him...i also have two daughters,i m also willing to get a baby boy husband told me once tht its in hadees Whoever raise 2 daughters with his/her best,will b rewarded with jannah,,dont u dear sisters love to go in jannah???i repest sisters keep praying to Allah only...but not desperately...happily......

  98. I have found this entire thread extremely disturbing. Isn't a healthy baby the ultimate goal, regardless of gender? Furthermore, Allah SWT did not favour one gender over another, so why are we doing that?

    I guess its because i come from a very, very conservative, south asian, religous family, and while you would think they would have traditional notions of gender preference, in fact they love little girls! My parents have never once lamented the fact that they have many granddaughters but no grandsons.

  99. Assalamu alaikum all,

    Allah SWT gives what he chooses, he gives boy/girl to whom he one has any control.

    I dont know why some people wants a should be lucky that you are in the earth...

    Astagfirullah, you are unhappy with what your creator gives you?? and you call yourself a Muslim??

    Accept what Allah SWT gives you. You should thank him for what he given you.

    Wa Sallam

  100. why Zanir,muslims cant wish for baby boys,how arrogantly you say that we call ourself muslim,theres nothing wrong as i am asking only to Allmighty Allah and he never said to our nabis who wished for baby boys that it isnt right,Allah does what he wishes but we are the beggers we can ask for anything but should be thankfull to what he gives.

    • @Laibah.....sister in Islam, .i think you need to read the most of the comments here before resorting to such words..refer to my comments which is past tense

      `you are unhappy with what your creator gives you`

      You can ask whatever you want from Allah S.W.T but you cant be contempt with what was given to you, as most here shows..

      May Allah S.W.T guides us all.aameen

      • Yes we should be thankfull to what he gives but its the natural thing that we are unhappy sometimes coz Allah swt says in Quran that children of Aadam (a.s.) are ungreatfull by nature,he who has made us knows our nature and you cannot judge that we are muslims or not,thats the worst line u said...Astagfirullah, you are unhappy with what your creator gives you?? and you call yourself a Muslim??