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Assalam o alaikum

I like a guy name M [name removed by editors to protect confidentiality]. I want dua to realize him that I am interested in and want to marry him.. my intentions  are good towards him.. how to realize him... please help me


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  1. Sure, I might be able to help. So you can try saying:

    "Allah, make M [name removed by editors to protect confidentiality] aware that I like him" 10 times. The key to this is that you do this while within earshot of the guy you like. If he hears you then perhaps he will realize that you are praying that he becomes aware that you like him and then he will become aware that you like him.

    Or maybe just skip that and start the process off by having your parents meet his parents and pursue marriage that way? Then if they like you, he'll have to talk with you anyway and you can tell him how for this marriage you are. Good luck.

    • Is this a serious answer?

      • Salam Wael,

        Following either of these suggestions will lead to the outcome she wants, which is that the guy becomes aware that she likes him. I think she should either tell the guy herself or use a third party to tell the guy. The right way would be to get the parents involved and send an offer of marriage.

        I think dua is good but the person should at least put their effort forth for what they can do. Otherwise, people pray and unless it comes on a platter they start losing faith and say, how come the dua didn't work. I was given a dua by knowledgeable people and then Allah did not accept it. Why didn't Allah accept my prayer when so many others had their prayer accepted. And my thought on this is why not do what is within your power to do. If you tell the guy you like him at the minimum he will like the fact that you like him. If you cannot tell him yourself, have a third party tell him or have your parents tell him.

      • No it's not.The dua he suggested is completely innovation.

        His advice of talking to parents however is okay.

  2. Walaykumassalaam Misbah,

    Here's an article that will help you, Inshallah:

    "The Greatest Dua in the World" by Abu Ibrahim



  3. Assalamualaikum sister

    Do not take the advice of the guy telling you to do something 10 times and being close to the guy or something....

    These are from the methods of the innovators and magicians. Please avoid such people.

    What yo can do is first talk to your parents and suggest there is a guy whom you like then they can talk to him and his parents. You can make a dua called isthikhaara after your parents think it's a good idea and like the guy. If it's meant for you Allah will make it easy for you otherwise you will find great difficulty in it.


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