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Dua for marrying a girl whom I love

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As-salaamualaikum wa-rahmatullahi wa-barakatuhu

Brothers, I am 21 yrs old, I love a girl from the past 1 year, she also loves me in the same way. I have informed my mother about her, she agreed to this. But the problem is her parents are forcing her for marrying her cousin, she is not happy neither am I

I want you to give me a dua, that she be mine forever and that her parents would agree for our marriage.

I request you to please provide me with a dua for this.

Jazakallah'u khair



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  1. Brother,

    I know you have spoken to your mother about this girl, however have you approached this young woman's parents with your proposal for marriage?


  2. "I request you to please provide me with a dua for this."

    No one can, duas don't work like love spells

  3. Assalamualaikum

    My mother already spoke to the parents of the girl I want to marry. They are still not accepting and they want their daughter to get marry to her cousin..

  4. we haveall desame problem ! just keep on praying tahajjud . in Shaa Allah. our duaas will be granted soon

  5. I want a dua to get a girl whom i love...

    • Ilyas, rather than fixate on this one woman, I recommend instead that you make dua to Allah to give you a righteous, believing wife who will live with you in mutual, love, happiness and prosperity, and that it will be good for both of you in the dunes and akhirah. Whoever she might be.

      Because the one you seek might not be the best one for you. And might not be the one Allah has chosen for you.

      Wael Editor

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