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I have a 2 yr old son, I started working/studying when he was 6 mnths of age. He was left at home with a maid, and my mother in law. I wasn't able to give him the proper attentionI think, that he hasnt started speaking as yet. He says a few words, but never repeats them. I also think that he doesnt have the wisdom of a two yr old, he is too innocent, but very hyper.

I wish you could tell me some dua that will help him start speaking/ or that will aid in his brain development.

Thank you.



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  1. Aslam o alaikum my son is 3 years 2 months his very hyper active his the only son at home alone his fine but with his cousions his very active plz i want qurani dua to control him

  2. Recite Surah Luqman and blow on water and make him drink that water.
    Recite Surah Rahman and specially the 4th Ayah and blow on water and Make him drink that water
    Surah Rahman ENGLISH -
    1-((Allah)) Most Gracious!
    2-It is He Who has taught the Qur'an.
    3-He has created man:
    4-He has taught him speech (and intelligence).
    Offer Tahajjud Salah and make lots if dua
    Recite 99 names of Allah SWT as many times as you can and make dua and also blow on water and make him drink.

  3. Aselamo e Alikom

    My son Shayan Ahmed is also have same problem he is turning 4 year in May. He speaking of few words and keep repeating them and talks his own words too. We took him for ADHD assessment and he have such signs. We are giving him medication and do treatment for ADHD. I ask all of you to please make dua for my son too. May Allah pak give strength to all children and resolve all issues. Ameen

  4. Salam I am looking for a wazifa for my two years old son which he can't speak he's only bubbling and I want to have the wazifa so he can understand and start speaking with the help of à allah ... Jazaka la khair

    • We don't really have such a thing as a wazifa in Islam. I think what you want is a dhikr. I suggest, "Laa ilaha il-Allah", as it is fundamental and is also easy on the tongue. Or even just, "Allah."

      Also, be patient and remember that not all children develop at the same rate. Make dua' to Allah, and also take your child to a pediatrician who can assess his condition.

      Wael Editor

  5. son is 2.4 years old.but he dnt speak.plsss tell me dua for him

  6. Try bach flower remedy
    (Google search)
    Bath in epsome salt
    Talk talk to him
    Socialise with other children

  7. My son is 2 years old.. The more I kip him with me.. I play with him look after him kip him happy... But he is not interested in me... It really hurts a mother's feeling... He gets more used to my in laws here... I feel lonely here... Plz give some ideas.... And what duas to read to bring my son closer to me??

  8. Assalamualaikum

    I hope angelfirez son has started to speak.
    about my son he has been diagnosed with mild autism ......beacause of no eye contact and his receptive language is delayed too.but Alhumdulillah with dua and my hard working with him ,has improved his receptive but his expressive language is just too low.
    please keep my son yahya in your prayers that he recovers soon.

  9. Salam
    My son had 3years old.his speech was delayed.
    He speaks some words,but not combine together.
    So I was worried about him.pls tell me dua for speech

  10. Asalamoalaikum sir!

    My daughter iz 6years old now N she has diagnose a part of she start talking few word not full meaning n start little bit of understanding but not so much.i m so worried about her.plz tell me surah or dua for her.sometime i m very depressed. Plz help me in this regard if u kan.

  11. Salaam,
    I think some comments on here are more dangerous rather than helpful- mentioning autism and jinn and even the accusation of work being more important than the child!!!! One should not judge and if you cannot offer help then one should refrain from posting!
    Autism is a very complex disorder and not just because your child cannot speak, there are many things it can be but jumping to such a major conclusion without any medical intervention is pointless.
    My son is also 2 years old, he also says nothing, no mama dada or anything. I did not work i stayed at home and took care of him everyday but this does not makes me any better or worse than you.
    I was at first very concerned but it is actually very common, and based on many things. We also speak 2 languages Urdu and English, but my other children had no problems and picked up talking from 12 months. Each child is different, he has been referred to speech therapist and inshallah we will see how that turns out. But honestly have faith in ALLAH and all will be well. Don't jump to any crazy ideas of your child having autism until there is any medical evidence to back this.
    May ALLAH give your child and mine the ability to start talking and become a great scholar of Islam Ameen.

    • Salaams,

      As a mental health professional, I personally believe that any child who is not speaking at all by age 2 be taken to a specialist to be evaluated for autism or other delayed development disorders. Latent speech development is one of the primary diagnostic criteria for Autism, so it definitely should not be ignored. Any parent who refuses to at least have their child evaluated is acting irresponsibly, in my opinion.

      -Amy Editor

  12. Dear sister sonia and all others on this website

    I would only say,as we have learned ,Surah Al Fatihah is the medicine for all the diseses please read this dua and blow it on your son and duaghters,Insha Allah it will cure them

    Secondly,it is said with whatever Intention you read Surah Yasin ,your prayer is definetly answered,inshAllah

    Thirdly,the best treatment for autism is homeopathy.searh google and you will find successful cases.

    fourthly read the dua of Musa AS .rabbish shrahli wa yasirli.......and blow it on your son.

    You being mother can feel what your son is going through and what stage he has delayed dnt worry BE PATIENT.

    My son is 3 years old and he too has speech delay ,infact he has a habit of laughing out loud when alone or when we dnt pay him attention.he does many stuff like this to gain our attention.And my mom in law says he is possessed which dnt belive.Allhumdullilah we all educated in both streams-worldly and we should think straight.

    whatever you do,do it with yaqeen and it will help.Analyse your son yourself and think is he possessed.
    I hope all this will help.

    Take care

  13. Can anyone pls help me my son is 6yrs old n he doesnt speak very much recently he has been diagnosed with autism I took him backhome for a holiday I spoke to maulana and the said he's possesed by theCan anyone pls help me my son is 6yrs old n he doesnt speak very much recently he has been diagnosed with I took him backhome for a holiday I spoke to maulana and the said he's possesed by the jins. Can anyone know any duas to reciete which will help

    • amina, it sounds like this claim of possession is the statement of someone who is ignorant about mental health and doesn't understand that conditions such as autism do occur, and have nothing to do with the jinn.

      I suggest that you look up some websites about autism. Read about it, and learn the best ways to help your son. And of course keep on making dua' to Allah to help him.

      Wael Editor

    • Omg plz. Possessed children have more issues than not speaking!!!!

  14. all u have to do is spend more time talking to him.. and play educational games... show things and tell him/ her what that is...insha allah soon he wil start talking

  15. pls tell me sum quran surat fr my son......

  16. M'y son is 7n half yrs old...he didnt speak at a age of 3.i went to d doc n went fr sum of d hearing tests on Dr adivce ,he had hisear opération.and as a result he starterld hearing n talking. But now at a age of 7 n half he speak well but hhaving issuses wid k ,g lettres.pls tell me sum surat frm Quran n help me out

    • sonia, your son needs to see a qualified speech therapist to help him learn how to pronounce his words properly.

      Wael Editor

  17. recite dua e musa over him everyday

  18. Hi. My daughter had same problem until she was three and turned out she had poor hearing. after having her grommets in, she caught up on speech.
    worth having his ears and hearing checked out. sometimes internal tubes are flat and dont drain very well thus causing build up of pressure in ears and in turn disable hearing function.
    when children cant hear very clear they dont start talking as there is no language for them to learn if you know what i mean! they will only talk if they hear same words again and again but if hearing is cloudy they will understand words in different ways e3ach time such as 'table' can be heard as 'fable' or 'able' or 'lable' or any other sound which means that childs mind is confused. trhere is not enough clear repetition for them to 'learn' vocabulary. hope it makes sense.


  19. May Allah SWT give you patience to help your son. Insha Allah i i will always keep him in prayer.

  20. My son is 8 years old and he doesn't understand. His cognitive ability is like 3 years. He has short term memmory. He seems normal but he is not he's super hyperactive and he's taking ADHD medicine with medicine he's cool and calm but when meds times over i can't handle him. Please duaa for him too his name is Daniyal Sarwar. He's very loving and handsome boy but as a mom when ever i am seeing his condition my heart cries. Pray for him too.

    • May Allah help your son to improve and develop; and let him grow up as a good Muslim, strong in his faith. And may Allah help you also to have patience and strength.

      Wael Editor

    • May Allah make it easy for him and give him shifa. Ameen. Bear with patience sister for "verily Allah is with those who are patient".

  21. Dear All

    I am also a mother of a 2 year old and he hasnt started to speak either,he sometimes call me mumma but makes me do everything of his by pointing to it or else takes me to that place .Mashallah my kid is very intelligent but his speaking delays worries me especially when people around me points out.I came across this site ion search of a dua but many parents experiences here gave me a bit of relief.

    Jazak AllahKhairun

    • Salamoualeykoum
      My son's speech is also delayed, he is 2 years old when we checked him at the hospital they refer us to the school county because he has autism. He was flapping his hand tip toeing using my finger to help him to play with his toys. I really believe that God will Inchalah listen to our prayers and heal him from this bizarre desease. Do you have special dua for this situation?

      • Assalaamualaikam

        May Allah grant you and your son strength and patience, and reward you for your efforts.

        Autism is often misunderstood - it's a term that can apply to many very different people. So, don't assume that a diagnosis of autism will mean a particular outcome for your son. Just like neurotypical (non-autistic) people, some autistic people are very intelligent, some have areas in which they struggle, some have disabilities... A lot of people think autism is a learning disability - it isn't. I'd advise getting in touch with a reputable support service such as the National Autistic Society ( (it's based in the UK, but even if you aren't in the UK, some of the information on their website may be helpful?) - inshaAllah they can help you and your son find out more about autism, and guide you towards resources that might help you.

        Celebrate your son for the amazing person he is, and don't doubt that he has the potential to achieve more, inshaAllah. Your doctor or schools may have access to specialist speech and language therapists, who can inshaAllah help him develop his communication skills. And remember, communication doesn't have to be verbal - he might find something like Makaton sign language helpful as well.

        You could also look to see if there are any local opportunities to meet families in similar situations. InshaAllah this might help you find people who can support you, and it may be a way for your son to meet other children he can relate to and with whom he may be able to make some friendships in time.

        Midnightmoon editor

  22. Thanks so much all of you! It has been your prayers all of u (who've left comments here), my son has improved quite a lot. He's speaking quite a few words now, but still hasn't given up on his own baby language. Actually now i think he was kind of mixed up becuz he used to watch baby tv all the time when I was away, and thats English, but normally we talk in urdu at home, so maybe two languages were kind of too much!!
    He speaks english words, and has now learnt a few urdu words as well. I do have to take him to a psychiatrist to get him ruled out for ADHD. Hope all will be ok, Inshallah.
    May Allah solve help alll of u and solve all your problems.
    I hope my son grows up to be a pious and brave Muslim, Inshallah!

    • Salam,

      I'm not psychiatric, but 2 years old, it is quite early. What I can see the kids around that age, they usually also can only say few words. I don't think you should worry. Usually the babies don't talk before 2years old, only mama, baba, or some more words but talking usually come later, between 2years and half to 3 years.

      Regarding the fact your baby has heard 2 languages, Urdu and English. Don't feel guilty about this, as i had same case, my parents always spoke with me in Arabic at home but cartoon and tv always been in French. My youngest sister was even more, at my pare ts spoke with her in Arabic and siblings we speak to her in English, then we register her in Dutch kindergarten. No harm at all, that's opposite, she is today 19 years old and excellent at languages. She is fluent in English also today :).

      Seriously, don't worry, I read about this and babies have abilities to differe between languages. This is even advise to teach them languages when they are very small.

      Don't stress too much, he is still small, and he would feel your concern which will make him feel down and not seeing his mom proud of him. Of course you are proud of him but this is what Freud called "psychic reality", this is how he would feel even you are proud and love your baby.

      Good luck dear

  23. Salam o alaikum,

    I have 3 sons, 8, 4 and 1 year old. The 8 year old did not speak anything that made sense till he was around 4, the 4 year old still speaks his own language but at the age 2 of none of them said anything legible except mama and baba and certain items of food that they liked. At the same time my sister has 2 girls and they both started talking (a bit too much to be honest!) around that age. I consulted with my mother who told me that I myself did not say much until i was 4-5 years old.
    Having said that I do believe that since you are the mother and closest to your child, you would be able to understand the situation better hence there is no harm in seeking medical opinions. If nothing, it will give you peace of mind as your peace of mind is very important for the good upbringing of your son.

    May Allah swt make him a solid, brave and kind muslim. Ameen


    • Asalaam Alaikum,
      Sister my daughter is 31/2years old with speech delay, she speaks words and repeat rhymes , understand everything which I say here but does speaks proper communication she is also not potty trained yet, it really makes me very worried please share your experience thank you

      • Not every child learns or develops on the same schedule. Since she speaks words and repeats rhymes as you say, I would not worry. She will develop in time Insha'Allah. Talk to her a lot, and read to her.

        Wael Editor

  24. As-Salaamu Alykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

    Dear Sister I pray that ALLAH(swt) protects your son from all harm. However from what you have written about your son, I am afraid he should be evaluated by a doctor at the earliest possible. Please google search for 'Autism' and check for yourself if he shows any of its signs.

    May Allah protect all our kids. Aameen

  25. Asalaam alaikum,

    If you live in the Untied States, it's very important to get him evaluated now, as there are free State and Federal programs that he may be eligible for, but will not be after he turn 5 years old. Since these are some of his most important developmental years, this is all the more pertinent.

  26. Salam Rumaysa
    Just need to ask that how much time your child took to crawl or walk.. Thanks

  27. Salaams Sister

    Alhamdullilah,you were lucky enough to spend the first 6 months with your child. Unfortunately I had very little time to spend with my son after his birth. His speech was also delayed and took quite a while for him to start crawling and walking. Each child develops at his own pace. To encourage your child to speak, read to him daily.This would help to increase his vocalb. Ask him lots of questions. Give him time to answer. Show him picture books. Spend at least an hour a day and inshaALLAH you would see some change in him. You mentioned that he is hyper. He could be suffering from ADHD. It's a behavioral disorder where children have a problem paying attention. As the others have mentioned, you should have him assesed by a doctor to outline the problem.

  28. Salaams,

    In due respect of all the advice previously given, no one of us can tell you if there is something wrong with your son or not. Only a professional pediatrician or pediatric psychiatrist can give that opinion.

    While it's true there may be nothing wrong with your son, and he is developing at a rate which is normal for him and he will wind up ok in the end; there is also the fact that children who are not verbal by the time they are about two years old may have complications due to hearing disorders, autism, or other cognitive delays. The only way to know for sure, as I said, is to have your son professionally evaluated.

    If it does wind up that your son has special needs, then it's better this is detected sooner so that proper interventions can start. I know some parents like to wait longer and longer hoping the problem resolves on its own; but they are taking a risk that they are losing valuable time that can be used helping the child progress to where he needs to be. In addition, in many western countries, not seeking out treatment and interventions when you have a concern such as this one can be viewed as medical neglect and cause the state to intervene in various ways...some of which include removing the child from your home. I sincerely don't wish those types of things upon anyone, so I always recommend parents in these types of situations to err on the side of caution and seek out the help of licensed medical doctors.

    -Amy Editor

  29. AA;

    Inshallah there is nothing wrong wiht your son. May Allah bless him, shower him with mercy, make him smartest, and grow to be a great practicing Muslim.

    With that said. there is nothing wrong to also go to a doctor and explain your concerns and let them check him out.

    May ALLAH guide us, grant us patience, and shower us with his mercy.

    If I am correct, it is from ALLAH. If I err it is from me, and I pray ALLAH forgives me. Allah knows best.


  30. aslamualiqum sister .,ua son ddoesnt have any problem.,itz normal.,i have seen children 2 years of age who speak very little .,but i wana ask u is ua study /work more important dan ua son .,??2day children need more care of their parents .,dey need love of their parents .,leaving wid maid or ua mother in law is gud but not as best as wen u wil be wid ua kid.,give ua kid sm time if possible.,

  31. As salamu alaykum, sister,

    This is just my personal opinion, I think your son doesn´t have any kind of problems what I think it is that he doesn´t need to speak to be understood, some children develop a signal and sound language that everybody understands and they don´t have the need of working hard to speak.

    Be with him and teach him the right way to communicate, when he wants something ask him to tell you what he wants and little by little he will have to make the effort to say words and after that some little sentences.

    Girls go faster than boys in the learning process, almost all the girls I know they were speaking not clearly but fluently at two years old but almost all the boys took at least to the three years to do the same than the girls, specially if they don´t socialize with other children, in your case, seems to me that being with the maid and the grandmother hasn´t been enough stimulation for him to learn words and sentences but he may recognize all of them, that is a sign that he is going right.

    Have you taken him to the doctor and he is developing normally? Does he have any problem to hear? If he has been checked and he is developing normally and all his senses are right, don´t worry, give him the time he needs to develop naturally, don´t be in a hurry, do your homework with him, talking normally and asking him for attention when need it and be careful with his diet, a child with two years should have the minimun of the minimun intake of sugar and salt, this can cause hiperactivity if it is out of control. Ask his doctor about the healthiest diet for your son.

    Don´t feel guilty about not being able to be with him when being little, that it is already past, you cannot do anything about that, just let it be, and make the best of all the time that you can spend together from now on.

    María Editor

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