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Dua for removing someone’s badness?


Assalamu Alaikum, brothers and sisters. I am a new member here. I saw this website and  this  website is great, Ma Sha Allah! So, I thought, maybe I can ask help here.

My friends at the school were friendly and there was no teasing and bullying. All of a sudden, some of my classmate started bullying my friend. They tease and bully her much that she nearly suicided. But Allah saved her. I told her there must be way to do something.

So, is there anything I can do to save her and remove the badness of some of my classmates? Any dua? I don't want revenge, I just want them to be good.

Thank You.


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  1. First of all you a good person..our deen teaches us to be kind caring compassionate concerned about each and every person..This is the actual concern of our prophet Muhammad PBUH! Tell the teacher and go and speak with the principal and tell it how it is....or else it can get worst....The other thing always stand up to those punks...just say real man are separated from boys.....

  2. Yeah, as raul said go to teacher or the principal and tell them the exact situation if it has lead to the suicide.
    you dont need any duas to change someone, you cannot change a shameless person by duas , if they dont have shame then they deserve strictness.
    or maybe some people just need recognition of what they are doing. Go to them and talk politely and tell them how your friend has been suffering due to these silly bullies. They might get some shame.

    why bullies are taken such seriously ? I dont understand, they doesnt mean anything, it should be ignored.

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