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How to Make Dua’

Muslim boy and father saying dua

Muslim boy and father saying dua

Once, a ten-year-old boy was praying feverishly in prostration, “O Allah, the Most Merciful, the Magnificent, Make Faisalabad (a small city of Pakistan) the capital of Pakistan…”

His mother overheard him and asked, “Why would you pray so, my son?” The boy answered, “Well, Mama, we had a question on our final exam which asked, 'What is the capital of Pakistan?' and I mistakenly put 'Faisalabad' as my answer!"

Although we can laugh at the innocence of a child, his trust in his supplication to Allah (swt) and his belief that his prayer will be heard is admirable; as a matter of fact, it is ideal. We also should have that kind of trust, that Allah can do anything, and that if only turn to Him our pain will be soothed and our problems given solutions.

Allah (swt) states in the Quran (Umm Muhammad translation):

And when My servants ask you concerning Me, then surely I am very near; I answer the prayer of the suppliant when he calls on Me, so they should answer My call and believe in Me that they may walk in the right way. (Surat al-Baqara, 2:186)

The method and art of making dua:

Making dua in the court of Allah the Exalted is an art and has an etiquette which if considered, can result in the opening of many doors of Allah’s bliss and bounties. Some of the factors that help are listed below:

Praise Allah (swt) and call Him by His beautiful names and attributes before setting out to ask Him for favors. Indeed Allah is praiseworthy and never tires of hearing and fulfilling duas of all of His creatures. Allah (swt) states in the Quran:

Say: Call upon Allah or call upon, the Beneficent Allah; whichever you call upon, He has the best names; and do not utter your prayer with a very raised voice nor be silent with regard to it, and seek a way between these. (Surat al-Isra, 17:110)

Be Humble:

When you are praying, do not act as if you are enjoined the right to deserve whatever you are asking for. Make sure that you know that your Lord is the Most Gracious and you the Most Humble. Acknowledge your status before the Magnificent and do not be proud.
“Call your Lord humbly and secretly. He does not love those who transgress the boundaries.” (Sura al-Araf: 55)

Let Allah the Most High decide:

If you are asking for something which you really like, always remember that whatever you are asking for may not be always in the best interest. Allah (swt) states in the Quran:

“It may be that you hate something when it is good for you and it may be that you love something when it is bad for you. Allah (swt) knows and you know not.” (Sura al-Baqara, 2:216) Always let Allah (swt) decide what is right for you and what is wrong for you instead of implying or imposing that you know better.

Be articulate:

Make sure to spell out in clear words what you want exactly. It is true that Allah (swt) knows the secrets of the heart but He still wants you to pray and pray in an articulate manner. For example, all the sisters who want good husbands should not just suffice praying as such, “O Allah (swt), give us a good husband.” Though it may sound out-of-the-world, but it is true that there are brothers who are good looking, rich and possess an excellent character. A sister may ask for all three with all her heart, and she will inshallah get her wish, but it will be better if she knows the order of the features that she wants in her husband, i.e., a good character must come first and foremost.


Young Muslim woman making dua

Dua and Qadr (predestination) are both a part of Allah's plan

Believe in your dua:

The most critical factor in a dua being accepted or not, is the belief of the seeker in his or her supplication’s being accepted. Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported, “The Messenger of Allah (PBUH), ‘The supplication of every one of His slaves will be granted as long as he does not get impatient and say, “I supplicated to my Rubb again and again but I do not think my prayer will be answered." [Al-Bukhari, Muslim].

Also, Allah (swt) Himself states, “Do not despair of solace from Allah (swt). No one despairs of solace from Allah except for people who disbelieve.” [Sura Yusuf, 87] Therefore, it is imperative that we do not grow hopeless of Allah (swt)’s Mercy but keep on praying consistently and with patience.

Pray when happy and sad:

Allah (swt) states at numerous places that a human being only remembers Him in the times of distress but forgets Him when he has tears of joy in his eyes. We all know that we do not feel good when our friends remember us in the times of distress but abandon us in the time of need. Though Allah (swt)’s Rahma is infinite and His forgiveness is boundless, yet He expects us to keep on praying even when He has given us good times. Therefore, we should never forget our Lord when our heart’s joys know no bounds or when we are shouting in exhileration.

Remember others during prayers:

Allah (swt) says: “And ask forgiveness for your sins and also for the sin of believing men and women.” (Sura Muhammad, 19)

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “The dua of a Muslim for his brothers in his absence is readily accepted, an angel is appointed to his side, whenever he makes a beneficial dua for his brother, the angel says, ‘Ameen’, and May you be blessed with the same”. (Sahih Muslim).

So a great way of having a dua being accepted in your favor is to wish the same for your brother with all your heart and importune the Creater on his behalf. This way, not only will your dua be accepted, but you will become the cause of happiness of your brother as well.

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  1. I need to find a dua, that I can say...for person who has left my home, wish for her to return back to us, more like want her to come back to our home, please help me and to send the dua to me email address. JazakAllah khair

    • Dear Abdul,

      As sister Imman stated below, Dua is a conversation with Allah, you don't need a script. Make sure you are pure, and speak with Allah from your heart. It helps to pray two-rakat prior to your dua'. Also, remember tasbeeh (subhan Allah, Alhamdulillah, la illah ila Allah, Allahu Akbar).


  2. sallam what dua can i read to ask god to make my partner see the light of islam and the love of islam for him to revert

    • Salaam alaikum

      You can make dua with your own words from your own heart. You ask Allah whatever you feel.Dua is a converstion with Allah so there is not need to learn a particular dua for this.

    • if you want your friend to convert then make sure he finds out all about islam and the good traits
      the hidaya(guidance is in allahs hands becasue even our beloved prophet couldnt get his uncle abu talib to become a muslim we must learn from this that even the best man that set foot on the earth MUHAMMAD (s.a.w) could get his uncle to revert however turn to allah in prayer take him to the mosque to show him muslims behave especially the ones which have many revets tell them to tell him their stories about how converting to islam has helped them
      i hope that allah guides him to the straight path and that he shall see the true light of islam.

  3. can anyone tell me a dua for a woman to love me again and become my wife?

    • salaam brother
      You just ask precisely that and if its good for you ...your dunya and ahira then may Allah give it to you ameen

  4. also...can i ask the admin of the website...why does he hav a advertisement for website dat promotes affairs

    • Adheel, I do not select the advertisers personally. They are selected automatically by Google's software according to their "contextual advertising" system. If there is a particular advertiser that is offensive or un-Islamic, let me know which one it is, i.e. the exact name of the website, and I can block it Insha'Allah.

      Wael Editor

  5. Asslam o alaikum,please please can anyone pray for me or tell me any dua so i can pray to make my wish come dua is that i want to go to pakistan within three weeks but my parents dont have much money for that so please pray to Allah that ''please Allah send her to pakistan within three weeks'' Inshallah .Ameen !

  6. please can you help

    i love my boyfriend and he loves me however i want to get married to him and have strong islamic and love reltionship with him

    whcih is the best dua for this.

    • salaam alaikum sister
      i feel that firstly I would like to advise you to make tawbah since is haram to be with a girlfriend/boyfriend in Islam.
      2. I think you should limit contact with him and keep it islamic. You may read online an explanation of how men and women deal with marriage in an Islamic way
      3. you will need to go and meet his family (he needs to tell them that you wish to get married) and inform your family also.
      if he doesn't do this...then Allah knows best but does he ever want to marry you? if not delay and inform both your families.
      4. you may also wish to discuss your situation with a trusted Imam who will advise you on the best course of action inshalaah
      5 . regarding dua.
      i would ask Allah for forgivness first and foremost, try to not be with him in haram and then ask Allah to guide you towards goodness and to give you a pious husband so you both can help each other towards our final destination which is Jannah. I say this because we do not know if the man who we love is actually good for us but Allah knows. so you ask Allah to guide you towards a right husband and if this man is him...then he will repent and marry you inshalaah
      but please you need to go and talk to an Imam inshalah who can best advise you on your particular situation ...since I do not know you or your life
      may Allah forgive me if I said anything wrong ameen

      i just want to add sister. try to watch "the deen show" there are episodes which refer to relationships and what is allowed and what isn't. also some episodes on marraige

  7. assalaamvalikum to all,my friend named suhasini nis in job search she has wrote the written in two companies plz suggest a dua for her in getting the job quickly as she is in very much need of the job.and also mplz pray for her.allah hafiz

  8. As sallam wallaikum....My Dear brother and Sister pls make a dua for me. Iam in worried and depress from mind. I have no work or any business from2 year having huge loan on my head. No any other source of income. I have 4 little child. I am thinking to suicide my self.

    • Nisar, Asalaamualykum,

      I am sorry for the difficulties you are experiencing. We are all tested in different ways, some through health, family, children, jobs, in your case: wealth. Suicide is not a way out, it is a major sin in Islam. If now you are having difficulty feeding your four year old child; you are still there for him/her. You are able to comfort your child and give him/her hope that life will be better one day inshaAllah. If you took your life, you would be damaging your child's life aswell as your own life in the Hereafter - in the bigger picture, taking such action is not worth it. InshaAllah you will have some family or some government authorities who can give you some financial assistance. InshaAllah someone will help you come out of this trial; Allah tells us that whoever shows mercy to others, Allah will show Mercy to him. I know you must be struggling and I pray that Allah makes things better for you very soon. I trust the following duas will be of great comfort and help to you inshaAllah:

      1) Narrated by Abu Sa'id Al-Khudri (ra):

      One day the Messenger of Allah (saw) entered the mosque. He saw there a man from the Ansar (a resident of Madinah) called Abu Umamah and said to him: “What is the matter that I am seeing you sitting in the mosque when there is no time of prayer?” Abu Umamah said: “I am entangled in sorrow and debts.” The Prophet Muhammad (ra ) replied: “Shall I not teach you words by which, when you say them, Allah will remove your sorrow, and settle your debts?” Abu Umamah said: “Yes, Messenger of Allah.” The Prophet Muhammad (ra ) said: “Say in the morning and evening: Allahumma inni 'auzu bika min alhamma wal 'huzn, wal 'ajzi wal kasali wal bukhli wal jubn, wa dhala'iddini wa 'galabatir rajaal." (For the arabic text, please click on the link at the end of this post).

      ‘O Allah, I take refuge in You from anxiety and sorrow, weakness and laziness, miserliness and cowardice, the burden of debts and from being over powered by men.’

      Abu Umamah said: “When I did that Allah removed my distress and settled my debt.” [Abu Dawood]

      2) Ali radi Allahu `anhu said that a slave, who had made a contract with his master to pay for his freedom, came to him and said, “I am unable to fulfil my contract, so help me.” He said, “Shall I not teach you some words which Allah’s Messenger (ra) taught me, and which even if you had a debt as large as a mountain Allah would pay it for you?”:

      اللَّهُمَّ اكْفِنِي بِحَلَالِكَ عَنْ حَرَامِكَ وَأَغْنِنِي بِفَضْلِكَ عَمَّنْ سِوَاكَ

      Allahumma akfini bihala lika an haramika wa aghnini bi fadhlika am-man siwak.

      “O Allah, grant me enough of what You make lawful that I may dispense of with what You make unlawful, and make me independent, by Your bounty, of other than You.” [At-Tirmidhi]

      3) The Prophet (saw) said to Muadh radi Allahu `anhu, “Should I not teach you a supplication which, when used to implore Allah, Allah shall pay your debt, even it be as huge as Mount Uhud? He then mentioned:

      اللَّهُمَّ مَالِكَ الْمُلْكِ تُؤْتِي الْمُلْكَ مَن تَشَاءُ وَتَنزِعُ الْمُلْكَ مِمَّن تَشَاءُ، وَتُعِزُّ مَن تَشَاءُ وَتُذِلُّ مَن تَشَاءُ ۖ بِيَدِكَ الْخَيْرُ ۖ إِنَّكَ عَلَىٰ كُلِّ شَيْءٍ قَدِيرٌ، رحمن الدنيا والآخرة ورحيمهما ۖ تعطيهما من تشاء ۖ وتمنع منهما من تشاء ۖ ارحمني رحمة تغنيني بها عن رحمة من سواك

      Allahumma Maalik al-mulki tu’til-mulka man tasha’ u wa tanzi’ul mulka mimman tasha’, wa tu’izzu man tasha' u wa tudhilu man tasha’, bi yadika al-khayr, innaka ‘ala kulli shay’in qadeer, Rahmaan-id-dunya wa’l-aakhirah wa raheemahuma, tu’teeyahuma man tasha’ wa tamna’ minhuma man tasha’, irhamni rahmatan taghnini biha ‘an rahmati man siwaak.

      “O Allah, Sovereign of all, You give dominion to whomsoever You will and You take dominion away from whomsoever You will, You exalt whomsoever You will and You bring low whomsoever You will. In Your hand is all goodness and You are able to do all things. Most Merciful and Most compassionate in this world and in the Hereafter, You give them to whomsoever You will and withhold them from whomsoever You will. Bestow mercy upon Me in such a manner that I have no need of the mercy of anyone but You.” [Tabarani]

      Best Wishes

      SisterZ Editor

    • salaaam alaikum sister,
      Please take on the advice from the other sisters as its very beneficial, I do however have one small tip for you regarding your debt.
      can you please go and speak with your local mosque, a lot of mosque give sadaqa for sisters who are in situations such as yours. You will probably need to provide a bank statement with how much you owe and inshalah they can help you towards it.
      Rizq is from Allah but it doesn't mean we just sit and wait for it to drop through our window, please sister go and ask around ...and inshalah may Allah give you ease.
      secondly,do not forget that seeking forgivness from Allah removes hardships.
      I do not have the daleel at hand at this present moment (maybe someone else could provide it)
      thirdly sister, seek help, support from family and friends.

      may Allah make it easy and give you ease. ameen

    • Dear Nisar, I will make duaa for you and pray that your depression goes away. I'll pray that your job works and that you can take care of your children. God willing, you will find life more easier. Remember that there is no life without troubles. I hope that you find the strength to keep on living. A suicide is not going to make your problems disappear, your children will still need you. Make sure that you are there for them and God will be there for all of you, inshallah.

    • Oh Nisar Wake up and shake up and be a leader
      The same God who give your kids teeths he will also provide food for them to chew
      It is the same God who provided them when they were in the womb of thir mother .
      It the same God that you should let take care of the rest,close ur eyes and throw yourself in the hands of God onley then you will find out how Cool Allah is

  9. As salam wallaikum dear sister Z. thanks for making dua for me. its my heartly request to sister pls make dua for me after praying Namaz.


    allah hafiz

    • Nisar, don't ever think of suicide. I know your situation is very stressful, but that little child of yours needs you. He/she does not only need financial support, he needs love, attention, guidance, someone to teach him how to pray, how to speak, how to worship Allah. These are important obligations and they do not cost money.

      As for your debt, say the duas that SisterZ mentioned. And remember, debt is temporary. Five years from now, all this will be behind you Insha'Allah. Be patient and persevere. Use your talents and skills to find any kind of work that you can right now, and be patient.

      Wael Editor

    • Brother,

      I shall make dua for you, but you must make dua yourself too: in the last part of the night, after compulsory salaah, on the 9th of Dhul Hijjah (Yawm Al Arafah).

      Please remember my soul in your prayers too.

      SisterZ Editor

  10. Asalamualaikum brothers and sisters please pray for me that my loved one comes back to me and marries me. please. May Allah accept your duas.

    • Instead of praying for one specific person to love you, I would suggest instead that you pray to Allah to bring you a good, righteous husband who will treat you kindly and live together in harmony.

      Wael Editor

  11. Dua:

    "O 'Allah, I seek your forgiveness for every sin for which I presented my repentance before you; and regarding which I stood before you swearing an oath in Your name and called Your friends from among your Your servants to be my witnesses, that I would never return to disobeying You.

    But when satan with his cunning tempted me to return to it, I still defied You by disobediently doing what You had prohibited me, but (despite my iniquity) You did not remove Your covering from me, but treated me equal to Your pious servants, as though I had always been an obediant servant and swift to fulfill Your every command.

    For You then, O My Lord, belongs all praise. I ask from You, O Allah, just as You have covered my evil deeds in this world, that You not humiliate me on the Day of Judgement.

    (Forgive my sins,) O Most Merciful of the merciful!"

  12. assalamwaliakum plz can anybody tell that if it is correct or incorrect to make a dua saying ya allah listen my dua in mohammad saw s tufail mein.

    • salam

      no this is not fact somewhat near to avoid place you should recite any Darood...just before and after your prayer so that it safely reach to Allah SWT...

      May Allah quides alll...ameen

    • What does that even mean?

  13. Brothers and sisters, I am in a very difficult situation. I been accused of something false this is effecting me and my family and kids
    Please pray Dua for me, Allah make it easier for me

  14. It was reported from ‘Abd-Allaah ibn Mas’ood that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “No person suffers any anxiety or grief, and says:

    ‘Allaahumma innee ‘abduka wa ibn ‘abdika wa ibn amatika, naasiyati bi yadika, maadin fiyya hukmuka, ‘adlun fiyya qadaa’uka, as’aluka bi kulli ismin huwa laka sammayta bihi nafsaka aw anzaltahu fi kitaabika aw ‘allamtahu ahadan min khalqika aw ista’tharta bihi fi ‘ilm il-ghaybi ‘andak an taj’ala al-Qur’aana rabee’ qalbi wa noor sadri wa jalaa’a huzni wa dhahaaba hammi (O Allaah, I am Your slave, son of Your slave, son of Your female slave, my forelock is in Your hand, Your command over me is forever executed and Your decree over me is just. I ask You by every Name belonging to You which You named Yourself with, or revealed in Your Book, or You taught to any of Your creation, or You have preserved in the knowledge of the unseen with You, that You make the Qur’aan the life of my heart and the light of my breast, and a departure for my sorrow and a release for my anxiety)’

    - but Allaah will take away his sorrow and grief, and give him in their stead joy.”

  15. Asalamualikum! can some one tell me what dua should I read and how do I repent as i have commited jinah. we did mistake and now I want to marry her but her parents are against it and not letting us marry. What should i do as i love her a lot making dua to give both of us hidayat. How do i ask forgiveness from Almighty and marry her and make things right? as i have changed my life towards Allah now, praying to Him day and night asking for forgiveness and praying to bring love for me in her parents heart. whom should i contact or discuss with this matter on how should i do it. please advice as I am in lot of tension. Salam

  16. Assalamu Alaikkum...

    Dear brother and sister . please pray for me .. i am stressed out in my life...i am frustrated ..dont know what to do...feels like life just ended..please pray for me...


  17. May Allah (SWT) bless you all and listen to your jaiz prayers and forgive us all and grant us peace in this world and also in the hereafter..May Allah fulfill your prayers and grants you whatever jaiz hajat you are asking for. Ameen ya Rab ul Alameen.

  18. i want to know dua to make my husband speak truth to me and in general and not lie to me or be deceptive ,misleading or hide things from or tell half truth mix with half false lies

    • Mariaa, you can ask Allah to guide your husband and make him firm on the path of Islam. The other thing you should do is not accept any lies or deceptive behavior from him. Let him know that such behavior is unacceptable, and back it up with your actions. In the end we cannot control other people. We can only control ourselves. Someone said that life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it, and I believe that to be true.

      Wael Editor

  19. can anyone help me please. ive been doing dua for my body to be healthy and for one disfunction that i have to go away because it causes too much stress in my life. is there any way i could say the dua better? my dars deen teacher said that on friday, one hour before magrib, Allah comes down to the first heaven and therefore lets us wish whatever we want and that wish would surely come true. but you have to believe that Allah would grant you that wish and not think that the wish wont come true. is this right or wrong because i dont want to believe it unless someone tells me its right?
    and also, i miss fajr sometimes and im very very mad at myself for doing that, is that why my wishes dont come true?
    is there something i can do in order to wake up for fajr everyday and pray?

    • Dear Writer, Asalaamualaykum,

      Make your effort. Do your 5 a day Salaah, make dua at the best times, like after Fard Salaah, between adhaan and iqaamah, in sujood, at tahujjad etc. Follow Sunnah of Rasool(saw), do what is permitted and stay away from what is forbidden. Then combine all that with sincerity and a pure heart and relax. Know that whatever the outcome, it will be with Allah's blessings.

      SisterZ Editor

  20. I just came across this article. I had to chuckle because that little boy could be me! (although I am a girl). In hindsight, after much heartache and after praying ardently for something for 15 years, I wonder if that innocent reliance on dua really benefitted me. The negative aspect is that by viewing dua as something akin to magic, we forget that things happen (a) in accordance with the laws of nature around us and (b) partly as a result of our own free will AND the free will of others. Making dua brings us closer to Allah, and perhaps gives us hope for a peaceful Hereafter. There are some good articles on Imam Suhaib Webb's website about this. I often wonder, why didn't Allah SWT answer my prayers all these years for the family that I yearned for? More recently, after experiencing heartbreak, I also ask myself, after 8 months why hasn't Allah SWT soothed my soul, why does the pain persist? Surely, there can be no benefit in all this, although there probably was a benefit in the heartbreak itself.

    Some things are meant to be as they are. 15 years is a long time to pray for something - since I was 25! And my mom has prayed too. And, I tried and I tried and I tried to get what I yearned for. I'm not trying to extinguish hope, but, once upon a time that little boy's naivete was very much my own. In relying on the "magic" of dua, I perhaps lost sight of the real world, and got hurt badly in the process -- not by God, because I believe He hears me and I believe He has heard me all these years. He may still, after all this time, answer my dua, but I think He has given me His answers, I just don't want to see them.

    Dua is a powerful tool to make us feel closer to God, stronger spiritually, and ultimately more inclined to accept that things are not in our hands, so many many factors are at play in determining the final outcome!

  21. Dua is powerful tool and a weapon for muslims as stated by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). We must believe that Allah is listening to us and will answer our prayers inshAllah. Some people may get their wishes and prayers fulfilled fast whilst other have ot both cases, there is a benefit and postive side ehich Allah knows best...Never stop praying...and pray with your heart always.. inshAllah may Allah(swt) listen and fulfill all the jaiz desires of my brothers and sisters and forgive us in both the lifes and make them easier for us.

    Please, please remember me in you dua that i find the thing that I am waiting for.


    always praise Allah and send darood on the beloved Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

  22. i love a boy deeply and want to be with him all my life but i dont know what will happen i m a hindu girl and he is a muslim boy please pray for me that allah shows me the way and give me sabar because now i having started leaving hopes.

    • Dear Jitka,

      I can see that you are feeling very upset and although you have not asked for advice, there are some important things I want to mention to you.

      1. In Islam, it is forbidden to have girlfriend/boyfriend type relationships. If you are in such a relationship, then your boyfriend is not very strong in his faith.

      2. A Muslim man can only marry a Muslim woman or a woman of The Book (i.e. a Christian or Jewish - but with this there are conditions aswell and it is not recommended). It is recommended for a Muslim man to marry a good practising Muslim woman so that she can help him build a strong Islamic household and ultimately help each other towards Jannah/Paradise.

      I pray that Allah guides you to the truth of Islam through this situation.

      SisterZ Editor

  23. This site has been very helpful to me,I now know things I didn't know and I've also made a vow to serve Allah fervently and with all my heart,body and soul.... I haven't been as religious as I ought to be and I pray the Almighty forgives me of my sins and bestow upon me and my family his blessings and guidance(Ameen). SHUK'RAT frm NIGERIA

  24. Asalaamualaikum brothers and sisters!
    Allah is great and I pray for us all.
    We are tested daily. I love a woman and I pray she is the one!
    Allah knows best! Help me in this prayer as she is a good woman!
    I pray and strive to be a good man. Blessings on the prophet Muhammad.
    I love for the pleasure of ALLAH most high and praise be to ALLAH. This life is merely a test. Just keep the faith brothers and sisters. May we meet in jannat INSHALLAH

  25. Assalamu alaikum. I am 23 yrs old.not yet father thinks I'm fat and ugly and thus will never get a husband. So he is not very keen on searchin for a husband. I don't know what to do. As I'm gettin older my mother is gettin tensed. I can't go get a husband on my own..besides there is a guy I like..he used to like me too..but then we had a fight and don't speak to each other anymore...somehow I feel he is perfect for me...the family and profession and everything...I want to know if we have any future..I want to know if I should try talkin to him n if we hav any future together...what do I do? Pls help

    • Shereefa, sorry to hear about how your father regards you. Please log in and write your question as a separate post, and we will try to advise you Insha'Allah.

      Wael Editor

  26. Salaam aleykum, my questions: i became a muslim two few days ago, and i dont have a muslim name. Imam did not ask me about a muslim name. should i keep using my first name?
    2) Is masturbation appropriate anymore?

  27. Salaam aleykum, I am 16 years and I am just finsihed with my exams, should I do duahs after my prayers is done that I will be happy with my results and get the results that I want, I know I haven;t worked as hard as I should have, and I am not proud of it, and did ask for forgiveness. But I really want good grades as I want to study medicine, and get a good job and then when I do have money give at least 1/3 or 1/4 of the money to the poor, and I really will. But is that what I should do. Allah does whats best for me. BTW I am not using my real name, sorry.

    • Nadia, don't overthink it. Just make dua' to Allah to give you success in this life and the next, success in your studies, etc.

      Wael Editor

  28. S/A I am 12
    >I would like to go to a school a boarding school in india with my brothers and sisters but my dad thinks that i have a good school here in america.. what should i say to allah to make my dad convinced and let me go?

    • S/A You should just keep praying duas from the top of your head ( it helps to cry
      ) and dont act like you deserve it, prove it to allah , and make your duas clear, even tho allah swt knows what you want, its better to tell him exactly, kepp prayin and inshallah, your desire will come true to go to boarding school and also to convince your dad, just keep askiin and tel him how much you would like to go because you are lonely or something

  29. assalamualaikum,
    I am really in love with this muslim man. He is really relegious and i am a muslim girl and im relegious too, and i really want to marry this man. He is 8 years older than me. is there any kind of special duaa i should make? And is there any good advice i can have? thank you

  30. Can anyone here share the proper method - or the administrators can possibly create a section on - salat ut tasbeeh? I have read differnt ways and never am sure and would love to do it in this blessed month of ramadhan specially in the last 10 nights and then make dua. Also please share its importance. Thanks

    • I have done so. There is now a page link at the top of the website called "Salat ut-Tasbeeh".

      Wael Editor

      • Thanks so much, Wael. 🙂

        • I know that some time ago you had explained that when we make dua by using Allah's names to invoke the quality of His we are beseeching him with, we should use the corect prefix (and is an 'o' needed at the end of the quality: is it Ya or Al ( Ya wadoodo, Ya Jabbaro, Ya Sameeo, Ya baseero)?

  31. Hi may nems Shakhlo.I loste my fader long taem go hiis missing,bat i kip pre for hem to si hem agen.I loke evre ver bat i didint fayen hem.Stil insayt of my hart i fill so pen,end no bade anderstand wot i fill.I love hem somach ehd i misshem somach.Ps.if you cane telmi how i can mek dua for hem aser doter to fader is veel bi gret becos i love pre my self for may fader end my mom isval.Sore for my mistek of raeting.

  32. My name is Nilufar , i life and work in UAE originally i am from Uzbekistan ....I am eldest child in my family i am responsible to take a care for my family ....i have two brother and two sister , my mother and father is old . I have a 3 children my two eldest with my parents in my country father of my children past away allah earhamu , i have baby from second husband his nationality Lebanese ....we got divorce in 2006 since that time he always try to heart me by my child ....i can handle any think for my baby , but this way his hurting child too....this summer my ex husband stole my baby to Lebanon ,I call police i went to mahkama but no one help me ... I please my ex husband to return hem back because my son not happy with his father , but he refuse ....I didnt see my eldest children for 6 years now, because before i scare to travel and lose Muhamed my small son his father take hem away from me..... i lost 6 years not seeing my children and my family i am alone with win two fire i dont know what to do where to go ....stay or leave .....I miss my country my mother, father ,sisters ,brothers, and my children . Allah bless you and protect your family ....Please advice me if there is Dua ....Thank you , With all my Respect , Nilufar

  33. hi my name is ramseena. i am 16 years old. i just done my exam so how should i make dua to get a good grade. i know i didnt do well.

    • Dear Ramseena, Asalaamualaykum,

      These duas are probably good for saying during exams:

      Allahumma infa'nii bimaa alamtani wa'allimni maa yanfaa'ooni
      Oh Allah benefit me with what you have taught me and teach me that which will benefit me.

      Allahumma la'sahla ilma ja'altahu sahla wa'anta taj alu al'hazna idha shi'ta sala
      Oh Allah, nothing is easy except what you have made easy and only you can make the difficult easy for me.

      Rabbi zidni ilman
      My Lord, increase me in knowledge.

      Allahumma inni asaluka ilmun nafia
      O Allah, I ask of you knowledge which is beneficial.

      Rabbishrahli sadri wayassirli amri wahlul ukdatun milisaani yafkahoo kowli
      My Lord expand my chest and make easy my affair and remove the impediment from my speech in order that they may understand what I say.

      Hasbi allahu la ilaaha illala huwwa. Alayhi tawakaltu wa huwwa rabbul arshil adheem
      Allah is sufficient for me, none has the right to be worshipped but He. In him I put my trust and he is the Lord of the Mighty Throne.

      There is no benefit in worrying about your exams results little Sis, since you have already taken the exams and just have to wait for the fruit of you efforts. The main thing is that you tried your best. And if for whatever reason you think you did not try your best, even then be patient, do tawbah and ask Allah to make the results a blessing for you in this life and the next (whatever they are).

      SisterZ Editor

  34. Asalamualaikum. I got my AS level results today. I failed, and I just want to give up. I've never failed (in exams) before and im not used to it. My parents are so disappointed. I tried so hard and i prayed etc. Is there any dua to relieve me of this burden and regain strength? Also increase knowledge to do better in exams? JazakAllak khair.

    • Dear Khairun,

      AS/A Levels are not easy, so dont be hard on yourself. I know the feeling of when you have tried hard at something, then you fail. But with hindesight, I can now say it doesnt matter. The main thing is you tried your best. Do sabr my dear. InshaAllah you still have the chance to try further.

      Ask Allah to give you sabr and to grant you with all that is good for you in this life and the next and to save you from what will be bad for you and to make you pleased with.

      SisterZ Editor

  35. salam alaykum my brothers and sisters in islam, 1st of all my Allah swt guides us in the straight like our beloved prophet (saw) and may peace be upon his faimly, companions and his fellowers.
    please please please brothers and sisters, please make dua that my sins will be forgiven and that Allah swt will replace what i've lost with something better and May Allah swt send me a pious husband, give all of us good health and help all those starving people around the world and our family
    May Allah swt accept our prayers, dua's, fast and zakat

    • May Allah forgive your sins and everyone's sins, and may He(swt) give us a sign that He(swt) has accepted our repentance. May we feel the peace of mind and heart that one should feel after our repentance has been accepted. And may Allah replace our losses with things that are better for us in this life and the next, aameen.

      SisterZ Editor

  36. Sometimes, while holding my Quran, I close my eyes and ask Allah to guide me, to make my path clear to me and to forgive me and then open the Quran randomly to any page. I believe that nothing happens without the Will of Allah(swt), including the trickling of a tiny rain drop down my bedroom window ~ so even the page I randomly turn to must have Divine Wisdom behind it. Just now, I did the same and from what I read on the page infront of me, this is what stood out to me:

    Surah Anbiyaa:

    83. And (remember) Job, when He cried to his Lord, "Truly distress has seized me, but Thou art the Most Merciful of those that are merciful."

    84. So We listened to him: We removed the distress that was on him, and We restored his people to him, and doubled their number,- as a Grace from Ourselves, and a thing for commemoration, for all who serve Us.

    85. And (remember) Isma'il, Idris, and Zul-kifl, all (men) of constancy and patience;

    86. We admitted them to Our mercy: for they were of the righteous ones.

    87. And remember Zun-nun, when he departed in wrath: He imagined that We had no power over him! But he cried through the depths of darkness, "There is no god but thou: glory to thee: I was indeed wrong!"

    88. So We listened to him: and delivered him from distress: and thus do We deliver those who have faith.

    89. And (remember) Zakariya, when he cried to his Lord: "O my Lord! leave me not without offspring, though thou art the best of inheritors."

    90. So We listened to him: and We granted him Yahya: We cured his wife's (Barrenness) for him. These (three) were ever quick in emulation in good works; they used to call on Us with love and reverence, and humble themselves before Us.


    94. Whoever works any act of righteousness and has faith,- His endeavour will not be rejected: We shall record it in his favour.


    So these are some duas we can use to call upon Allah(swt) with 'Love, Reverence and 'Humility', and while striving to exercise 'Constancy and Patience' and in hope that our good deeds will be recorded in our favour:

    ~ "Truly distress has seized me, but Thou art the Most Merciful of those that are merciful."

    ~ "There is no god but thou: glory to thee: I was indeed wrong!"

    ~ "O my Lord! leave me not without offspring, though thou art the best of inheritors."

    May Allah[swt] purify our deeds and intentions and deliver us all from distress, aameen.

    SisterZ Editor

  37. @ SisterZ - love your idea - I am going to start doing the same!

  38. Salaam,
    Can someone please respond me ASAP.
    As we are in the last few days of the blessing month of Ramadan. I wanted to know if one's dua is acceptable if she's on her monthly period? Can she still do dhikr and other form of worship without touching the Quran?

    • Dear Aisha,

      This is a very good question and alot of sisters have the same concern.

      Of course you can do dhikr, you can also speak to Allah(swt), make dua and ponder over the Quran. My tajweed teacher has told me that while menstruating, sisters can touch a Quran that has atleast 50% of another language in it too, so I always use an Arabic & English translation Quran. You cannot recite the Arabic with expectation of reward while menstruating, but you can read the English and that will give you so much to think about inshaAllah.

      I know its frustrating when we cannot do Salaah or Fast, especially in the last ten days, but this is beyond our control and from Allah. And of course we can expect our dua to be heard and accepted by Allah(swt) - He(swt)is 'Just' and would not make us suffer from not having duas accepted due to something that is beyond our control. Menstruation is not a 'sin', it is just a bodily condition in which we cannot make Salaah. So inshaAllah continue to do other forms of ibaadah and may Allah(swt) accept your duas and forgive you, aameen! And do remember me in your prayers too please! :O) xxx

      SisterZ Editor

      • Thank you so much for the quick reply Sis Z. May Allah reward you for all your effort.
        You and all other members of this website are always in my prayers. May he accept our Duas and Grant us what's good for us in this life and in the next..Ameen.

        • You're most welcome Aisha1,

          Just one thing I thought you may find useful:

          If you do not already have one, get yourself a book explaining the 99 Names of Allah(swt), or look on the internet for them. Each Name has a beautiful meaning and describes one of Allah(swt)'s amazing traits. Use these Names to call upon Allah(swt) and try to use the Name that applies to your need, for eg:

          'Oh Allah, Al-Wadood (The All Loving), put love in the hearts of my family members for each other, and between married couples for each other and in the entire Ummah, aameen.'

          'Ar-Rahman, Ar-Rahim, (The Most Compassionate, The Most Merciful), bestow your Mercy and Blessings upon the people of Palestine, of Libya, of Pakistan and on all those who suffering at the hands of oppressors. Please grant them freedom and eemaan. And you are Al-Gafoor (The All Forgiving), please forgive the oppressors and make them come to Islam through Your Mercy!' - Aameen!!


          • Masha Allah Sister Z 🙂 I know a few of his beautiful names and their meanings but not all of them. You're right we should use his beautiful names to call upon him, and use the ones that applies to our needs. I try to learn all of them and their meanings Insha Allah. I don't know where I can get the book, but I'll search on the internet.

            Thank your dear 😉

  39. Also see this article by Wael:

    SisterZ Editor

  40. salam everyone. i have a problem and i dont know what to do. i want a dua that will help me and my family.

    my problem: my brother who is 16 is out of control. he smokes and hangs out with the wrong crowd. he doesnt come home for days. he doesnt listen to anyone. my family is really falling apart. my dad says kick him out of the house and my dad always fights with my mum about him and i dont know what to do. its affecting all of us.

    please hep me

    • May, wa alaykum as-salam. Please log in and write your question as a separate post and we'll try to advise you, Insha'Allah.

      Wael Editor

  41. AOA,
    i need to know that when a girl who is orphan and kept by a guardian is not willing to get married to a person who is the son of that guardian but her mother and other family persons pushes her to do so because her family including her mother and brothers will be supported well, in such a case what does Islam says?. If the girl does not like that man and cant think of even having a personal life with him which is obligatory after tying the knot into a marriage, what does Islam says in this regard?

    Please guide with best from Islam.

    • Walaykumsalam Brother,

      Please log in and submit your question as a separate post. In short, no-one should be forced into marriage.

      SisterZ Editor

  42. Salam Alaiykum
    So when can we make dua? recently i learned it was a bidah to make dua after a fard salah. instead, my friend told me we are supposed to make dua during the salah (after the tashahhud and before the salam). the problem i had with this is that our prayers are supposed to be in arabic, but since i dont know arabic, how can i make dua during the salah? Please inform me.
    Jazakallah Khair

    • You can make dua' at any time, 24 hours a day. It's true that there are times when it is more highly recommended to make dua', and one of them is in salat. It doesn't have to be in Arabic. Just ask Allah in your own language.

      Also see the article I just published on this website, "Best Times for Dua'".

      Wael Editor

  43. asalamalaikum,

    all brothers and sisters please remember my sister inyour duas who desperately want to concieve but is not getting menses since 2 and 1/2 months... please pray for her...... inshallah, allah karam, shegives me the good news very soon.......... jazakallah khair

    • Perhaps a pregnancy test is required.

      May Allah grant your sister and all of us with pious, healthy offspring, aameen.

      SisterZ Editor

  44. jazakallah khaira

    ya she has done several pregnancy tests but unfortunately they are negetive....... since this will be the first pregnancy, inshallah, she is even more worried........ please do remember her in your prayers.......


  45. * i mean pregnancy tests @ home using the kit

  46. someone kindly suggest wat shud be done in such situation????????

  47. Assalam-O-Alaikum.

    Here it is Aftab Ahmed, I have some problems I want to get rid of these problems by an Islamic way. I am mentioning oneoblem here, after getting reply of this problem i will write other problems also:

    (Remainder of question has been deleted. Please log in and submit your question as a separate post, thank you. - Editor)

  48. DEAR,
    I cannot forget a girl whom I liked. recently she has married to another person. I am crying and crying for two week. please pray for me to Allah to solve my problem .

    • Esrail, the only solution is for you to accept what has happened, and find peace in your heart, and the strength to move on and forget about her. So make dua' to Allah for this. Ask Him to replace your loss with something better.

      Wael Editor

  49. Asalam o Alaikum,

    Can someone please help me solve an issue. I am a mother of two boys, one is 21 and the other is 18. My sons were always very close to each other, but a few years ago I took them to Pakistan for the first time and I don't know what happened. But since then they have not spoken to each other. Anything they want to say to each other, they communicate through myself and my husband. I am very distressed because of this. I have asked them both what the issue is and they say 'nothing is wrong'. Can you please tell me some easy dua to read so they will start speaking to each other again and behave like brothers. I am afraid that they make have been the victim of some magic or evil eye in Pakistan. Please help.

    Jazaka'Allah Khai

    • Iram, wa alaykum as-salam. Please log in and write your question as a separate post, thank you. My short answer to you would be, ask Allah to soften their hearts and restore the love they have for each other. Also, I suggest that you ask someone who they both respect to talk to them and resolve the issue.

      Wael Editor

  50. Please my brothers and sisters, I need great help!

    My mother, brother and myself are living in Canada, whilst my father is in Dubai, working a job, in which he sends us money. We have been in dept for years moving firm one place to another, now my father is away and we gravely miss him. Now our dept situation is much worse, and his job, though high of rank and salery cannot maintain it. My mother has skills in IT, and her profession usually pays wages of high, which can help our situation, the problem is that she has been out of work for a while and now is having a very difficult time finding a job. To make matters worse our landlord is demanding we move out soon so that he will sell the house.Now rather then look for work, my mother is distracted with looking for homes. my father is alone over there stressed with work as to support us all, he doesn't even eat well, my brother and I are still to young to work and must focus on school, and everything is falling apart! I keep praying extra and reciting Allah's names, and asking him to help us, for my mom tonget a job in her field soon, so that way we can bring my father back here and most importantly everything will get easier. We cannot go live in Dubai as the lifestyle there is too expensive. I beg of Allah, we need him now more then ever, to help us in this harsh time. What must I do more, I shall do anything, what must I do to make this work?

    • My dear Brother Amir,

      I really do feel your desperation and this is a testing time for you.
      - Is there anything you can sell with your mother's permission for a short term solution to secure rent for another place?
      - Assess your family expenses. Is there anything you can reduce on?
      - Have you spoken to your local welfare/benefit office? Are you eligible for any benefits due to low income? Or can they grant you Council/Government housing?
      - Do you have any relatives of friends with whom you can live or borrow from?

      See if any of these things work and make hearty dua to Allah - inshaAllah he will make a way out for you all.

      SisterZ Editor

  51. I need all the umah to make dua for my child whom has left home and won't come back she will not listen to anyone and is obviously hanging around with bad crowd, please help what can I do I'm very depressed.

  52. Please i did waec gce in september,i need ALLAH help , please pray for me and tell me what to do. I put my trust in ALLAH.

  53. You can make dua with your own words from your own heart. You ask Allah whatever you feel.Dua is a converstion with Allah so there is not need to learn a particular dua for this.

  54. The poet Muhammad Iqbal wrote a very famous couplet regarding conversing with Allah that I will write in Urdu and try to translate to the best of my ability in English (shows the reason why we say Quran cannot be translated but only "interpreted" as no language can fully convey the correct message):

    Dil sey jo baat nikalti hai, asr rakhti hai
    Gar naheen, taaqat e parwaaz magar rakhti hai

    What arises from the heart does have an effect
    If anything, it has the strength to soar high above

    And he also wrote:
    Khudi ko kar buland itnaa, Kay har taqdeer say pehlay
    Khuda banday say khud poochay, bata teri raza kiya hai

    Elevate yourself so high with deeds that before anything is decreed for you in your qadar/taqdeer
    Allah Himself will ask you, what you would like to have

  55. Asalamoalaikum,
    I am praying to Allah to pass a major exam in first attempt. Please pray for me that Allah fulfill my wishes. Aameen

  56. A very dear friend of mine is very distraught as her 5 year marriage is falling apart - she is a shia - and she has asked me to help make dua for her. She shared what she is doing as the Bihar ul Anwar ( a shia text I Googled and discovered online) suggested in addition to duas and felt this was some sort of weird Magic" or whatever! I will quote what it said online:

    "As directed in Biharul Anwar, take an egg (hen) clean it and write verse 128 of al Bara-at on it with the name of your spouse. Enclose the egg in a pot with a cover and bury it under the earth where fire burns everyday. Inshallah the spouse will come very close to you. If there has been a separate, an immediate reconciliation will take place."

    I am a sunni and feel that she should do whatever will bring her comfort, as long as it is not shirk, should be fine - I don't see anything wrong (or right!! \) in doing this

    • What rubbish is this?
      This is so in contradiction to the nature of Dua. Dua is worship and what you have mentioned above is shirk.
      It IS instead of doing anything that will bring comfort to your friend, you should inform her of how wrong this is and guide her if you want to be a true friend to her.

      Writing down verses on eggs is nonsense and not a part of deen. Our prophet (pbuh) never used eggs for any form of worship.


  57. Salam... Sinc last mnth, m gng thru a v tormenting phase..n totaly terrified.. Pls pray fr me..tht may everythn turn out to b ok fr me n my family..

  58. aslamualaicum i am 23 year old i am not stil marriege i need getting a good husband soon and i am deaf i am not money to go doctor please help me and pray allah i live somalia

    • My dear sister Nadiif,

      May Allah make your path easier and grant you with happiness and serenity and with a loving and pious husband. Don't ever think you are not good enough, because you are! You are perfect as one of Allah's creation and you are here with a purpose.

      Keep Strong and smile,

      SisterZ Editor

  59. aslacalaikum dear sister jazakalah khair franky your answer i am very happy my allah bless you all i am true muslim i live in somalia my really name maryamo i am sorry i am ear sick i need go to doctor if allah say but i am not enough money please help this money if you can my sister and all muslim brother the prophet csw said true iman cannot be attained until you love for your brother what you love for yourself (bukhari and muslim)

  60. Aslam waalikum....

    Dear All,

    I love a gal and i want to marry with her.I want that My RB's agreement in this I have a required dua for this so that i recite that dua,My RAB agree with my dua & he write that gal in HAK/Luck.

    Plz help me.................and make dua for me.I know that i do not know all of u & i have not right to say anything but as a friend i request all of you.......You make Fariyad(Request) at once time only You say..." Ya Mere RAB Isko iska pyar se nikah kabul kr le.......AAMIN " to my mighty Lord .Plz once time plz.zzzzzzz.

    Thanx n regrds,

  61. Aoa, m very tensd frm last 6 mnth my parents knws bout it already,actaly my cousin proposed me before 6yr for mariage i said k bt we dnt have much contact wid other just coz of me coz i felt that dis is rong in islam, after dat he went to sum other state for study, i m also busy wid my own studies bt when he came he said he loves another brokes me totaly as wel as my parents...;-( plz tel mei sum dua coz i want to marry wid him,i want him back...plz allah hafiz plz do dua 4 me

  62. Sis,

    I want a dua for marriage.i also love a gal and i want marriage to her.I want agreement of Allah in this relationship.

  63. (Written on a Nokia, so there's no paragraphs, etc.) Asalamu alaykum insha'Allah to my fellow brothers and sisters of Islam. Also may Allah (swt) guide any disbeliever to the path of Islam insha'Allah through His (swt) Wisdom, Mercy and Power. I am a Muslim revert (from Roman Catholicism to Islam, 'revert' because every person is born Muslim and subsequently strays from the Path) and I live in a family (aunty and uncle) that despises Muslims and Islam. I am 17 1/2 years old, living in Sydney, Australia. They are not aware of my reversion and are under the impression that I am Roman Catholic, though I have stated various times my interest in Islam. This has resulted in massive criticism of myself and the religion. My immediate family are FAR from the Path (Allah swt knows best): they drink alcohol constantly; my uncle hates religion and the concept of 'God'; my aunty believes in the 'world spirit/karma' ideology; their 30 year old son, my close and respected cousin, drinks and gambles and has sex with woman even though he's married (he's attempted to get me to have sex with some of these girls but alhumdu lilah it never happens alhumdu lilahu rabil alamin); they sell drugs; all-in-all, they constantly sin. They HATE Islam and Muslim's and CONSTANTLY criticise the religion. However, I love them dearly, and without them I possibly would have lived on the streets (ironically, living with them has spurred various events that allowed my reversion into Islam, but Allah swt knows best), and at heart they are such good people with such good intentions towards other people (Allah swt knows best). Can you please supply a Dua that I can say to call upon Allah (swt) to remove their arrogance and their ignorance. I would like one for my entire family insha'Allah. Also anyone who reads this can you please pray Dua for my family insha'Allah, and ask Allah swt to forgive my sins and the sins of my family insha'Allah. Thank you very much and may Allah (swt) bestow His (swt) Mercy and Forgiveness on all, Muslims and disbelievers alike. Furthermore, can the responder please visit this site insha'Allah .. .. and read the comment left by me (Abdul Azeem); no one replied and now for some reason only half the page loads on my phone so I cannot see if a reply has been made. I know that this blog is only under the subject of Dua's, and various comments on this blog have been rejected due to that fact, but PLEASE just respond to the queries raised, PLEASE insha'Allah. I repeat: PLEEEEEASE!! I do not have the time to rewrite the whole thing again and fresh replies on this blog makes me believe that I'll be answered this time. Also I do not have access to a computer (strict family) so my phone is my only means of accessing the internet. Added to my list on the other internet page (you'll know what I mean when you see it) is the fact that I've heavily cried various times upon pondering the Mercy of Allah (swt) upon me, and upon hearing Arabic Quran recitations. I'm not saying this to gain favour with you as a hypocrite would do! Allah (swt) knows if I have or haven't, the knowledge is with me and Him (swt), just assume I have. It is just so you can gain an understanding of me as a Muslim. It will make sense once you read the other blog insha'Allah. Asalamu alaykum insha'Allah, may Allah's (swt) Mercy be upon you insha'Allah. Thank you... p.s. again, pleeease do not reject my queries. Salam.

    • I don't see a comment by Abdul Azeem on the page you linked to. I admire your strength in converting to Islam on your own, without any support from your family, and in resisting the temptations thrown up by others. Just pray to Allah to guide your family. In the meantime, if you must keep your conversion secret in order to not be ostracized by your family, that's okay.

      Wael Editor

      • Salam. Thank you very much. I'm not having a go at you, because your reply was sincerely appreciated, however, I asked for a Dua that I could pray. I don't like saying 'Allah, please guide them' because it doesn't feel enough. Please supply a worthy Dua I could say (in English) insha'Allah. In relation to the other page, don't worry about it, I'm guessing that there must be a problem with it, only Allah (swt) knows best. Also, I'm not afraid of being ostracised, if that were the case, I would be affected by the attitute towards my reversion at school and by my Christian friends. It is that if they found out, I would be in a situation I would rather not discuss (my uncle once said that my conversion into a foreign religion, especially Islam, would result in me getting severely bashed and kicked out). I try to take example and inspiration from our Beloved Prophet sallalahu alayhi wa salam, but my weakness can only go so far. Salam and may Allah (swt) bestow His Mercy on all insha'Allah. Thank you 🙂

  64. I have exams tomorrow and I want to achieve very good grades to make my parents happy and to achieve my dreams. Please pray for me and may your prayers be answered as well inshallah.

  65. asalamu alaikum
    i have a friend of mine who i have known for 18 years. for long time we been contacting each other from long distance and only recently i realized that she used to make fitnah for everyone especially me since everyone like me and want people to hate me. and in the past 2 yrs she been spreading rumors about her husbands and her family members...friends...she is not even ashamed to talk about her own father. and she surely is talking about me too. is it permissable to make dua for her to loose her voice? ive emailed her islamic articles and so on and even talked to her that talkin abt others is wrong bt she wont listen and she hates the fact im into religion so i got no other way but to make duaa against her because she is really upsetting alot of people and keep spreading fitnah...JAK

    • ive heard it is okay to make duaa against the opressor i've forgiven her way too many times i even asked but she is crossing too many lines not only with me but with everyone including people in the street and even her own family and friends......i have lost patient with please suggest wut is the best dua to make...i feel that if i leave her she will continue distroying my life and others as well so she needs to be stopped.......

      • Why not pray that she refrains from gossiping and Allah opens her heart to the truth. To the best of my knowledge in some cases, it may be permissible to do this, but dont know situation and not a scholar. But imagine if the Rasool (SAW) made dua against all those who had wronged him? In many cases, he prayed for them to be guided. By making dua for/against someone, remember that the angels say Ameen, same to you so its advised never to make a dua against someone. Also you dont know, losing her voice may not stop her.

        It is possible that a person, in a state of severe anger, curses and makes du'a against himself, his family and friends, or his wealth, etc. This is definately an act that does not befit a Muslim, and the Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) warned against this:

        Jabir narrated a hadith about a man who cursed his animal.
        The Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) said, "Who is this who cursed his animal?" The man replied, "It is me O Messenger of Allah."The Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) said, "Get down from it, for a cursed one must not escort us. Do not make Du'a against yourselves, do not make Du'a against your children and do not make Du'a against your wealth. It might coincide with a time when Allah answers what you asked for."
        [Muslim, abu Dawud]

        18. Don’t pray for injurious or harmful things to happen to people (like praying someone has an unfortunate mishap, or falls down, or chokes or breaks his leg, etc.) Also remember, that the Angels say “Ameen” and the same for you,” after your dua.

        If you need any more advice then please log in and submit a post.

        Sara Editor

  66. salam.m gonna get ma exam results in few days ,plzzz do pray for me ...m very much tensd

  67. slaam gyes i would like some help i just wanted to no what dua to read for having peace in the house and to have love for each other and to forget what happend yesterday and to forgive the peson for what they done and also could you plese pray for use and everythink goes bak to normal.

  68. if someone say some dua (34 times laillahailallah, 33 alhamdulillah,33 subhanallah) after every salat, now he wants to say another dua.... is it o.k. for him ?

    • Dear Rose,

      It is recommended to recite SubhaanAllah 33 times, Alhumdulillah 33 times and AllahuAkbar 34 times after every obligatory Salaah. Also recommended are the last 3 Surahs and Ayatul Kursi. I will provide the hadiths for the above hadiths a little later in the day inshaAllah.

      There are also many beautiful supplications recommended for us to say every morning and evening. Also it is sunnah to make personal dua whilst in salaah, during sujood and before salaams; not after salaah.

      I shall also provide the evidences for the above later today inshaAllah.

      SisterZ Editor

      • Dear Sr. Z
        Please do give help clarify where in salah we can make our heartfelt duas.

        I was told that sujood is the best time, as that is when Allah did not allow any recitation of the Quran just so we could make dua as we are closest to him in humility with our face to the ground. However, a few friends have told me that if I do that, then it "imbalances" the salah, bec I may spend too much time in one sujood while I am conversing with Allah vs the time spent in the next sujood, so they told me to so sujood outside of salah if I wanted to make dua in sujood! As I understand the entire meaning of what we recite n salah IS all duas...all I want to do is talk to Allah and share what is in my heart, with Him!!


        • Dear Serendipity,

          I have not heard or read that we should not do talk to Allah in sujood of Salaah because it takes up too much time. But I have heard and read it is sunnah to make dua during sujood in Salaah.


          The Prophet(sws) used to forbid recitation of the Qur'aan in rukoo' and sujood, and commanded striving in, and a lot of, supplication in this posture, as explained previously under "Rukoo'". He also used to say, "The slave is closest to his Lord when he is prostrating, so increase supplication [in it]". [Muslim, Abu `Awaanah & Baihaqi]

          'We are in one of the most submissive physical positions when in Sajdah. It is one of the best occasions to ask God for forgiveness, guidance, and all that we want. The Prophet(sws) used to make dua and cry in Sajdah. Abduallah Ibn Abbas reported that the Prophet (sws) said "[While] prostrating yourselves be earnest in supplication, for it is fitting that your supplications should be answered.” [Muslim] (

          Abu Hurairah (ra) reported, the Prophet (sws) said, “The servant is nearest to his Lord when he is prostrating to Him, so make supplication in this state.” [Muslim] Source: Fiqh-us-Sunnah, 4: 111a (

          It was reported that Hudhayfah said: “I prayed with the Prophet (sws) one night. He started to recite al-Baqarah, and I thought that he would do rukoo’ after one hundred aayaat, but he carried on. I thought that he would finish it and then do rukoo’, but he carried on. Then he started to recite al-Nisaa’ and he recited it all, then he started to recite Aal ‘Imraan, and he recited it all, at a steady and moderate pace. If he recited an aayah which mentioned tasbeeh (glorifying Allaah), he would glorify Allaah; if he recited an aayah which mentioned asking, he would ask Allaah; if he recited an aayah which mentioned seeking refuge with Allaah, he would seek refuge with Him. Then he did rukoo’ and started saying ‘Subhaan Rabbi al-al’Azeem,’ and his rukoo’ was almost as long as his standing. Then he said, ‘Sami’a Allaahu li man hamidah’ and stood up, and his standing was almost as long as his rukoo’. Then he prostrated and said, ‘Subhaana Rabbi al-A’laa’, and his sujood was almost as long as his standing.” (Narrated by Muslim, 772)


          Rasool(sws) has made it simple for us. He has told us that we are closest to Allah whilst we are in sujood in Salaah, he(sws) has said that we should make as much personal dua as possible, even cry if we want to. This is our time to have a one to one with Allah(swt). Obviously common sense should tell us that during Fajr Salaah, not to take an hour during one sujood - because the time of Fajr may pass, or you may need to get to work, or school, or during another Salaah, because you may have children, husband, parents, guests or house chores to tend to. So balance your time because everything has its due time and place.

          The first hadith tells us that we must not recite Quran during Sujood, this makes sence. However, I have also been told that I can recite Quran in Sujood if what I am reciting is a dua or seeking forgiveness, because I am using that dua to communicate with Allah; I am not just merely reciting for reward.

          So go ahead and lighten your heart by sharing what is in it with Allah(swt) whilst in sujood. And Allah knows best.


          • Thanks Sr. Z - I think my friend is following the Wahabis, as I knew all the hadiths ect you mentioned above and I told her, but she said "it is not in the Quran" - well, then why pray the salah bec the method of salah is not in the Quran I told her! She still insisted that we cannot say anything DURING salah sujood, but in a sujood separate from the salah is fine to make dua in.

            I will continue doing what I was, and thanks for the vote of confidence supporting my actions! She can do what she feels is right - I feel you and I will be fine - Allah is not going to punish us for making dua in sajood during salah!!

            Thanks so much!

          • Dear Sister,

            The best thing for you to do is to learn how Rasool(sws) prayed Salaah. Find a good book.

            A good book to teach you how to make dua is: 'Dua - The Weapon of the Believer'.


      • thank you sister z. actually i want to pray for my health.... i have memorised some dua from this site , but could not fit in my schedule...... so , i was thinking to say those dua instead of tasbeeh fatima (33 subhanallah, 33 alhamdulillah , 34 allahuakbar) which i am saying for 2 years...

        • Rose1,

          I apologise for not having posted the supplications yet. I will post them soon inshaAllah.


          • dearest sisterZ
            May allah SWT reward you with peace in this world and jannah in the hereafter for doing such a great service. I adore you a lot and i really wish i had a sister like you.
            lots of love

          • Dear Sauda, Walaykumsalaam,

            Aameen to your beautiful dua, your words are very sweet and brought a teary lump to my throat. Reality is, you could find me to be quite annoying in person, lol. May Allah allow us all to not only aquire knowledge, but to also understand it, implement it and to gain reward from it.

            Your Sister,

  69. I have read it but was unimpressed - bec I already knew almost 99% of what was in it. But thanks for the suggestion. I know how to make dua but don't know how to remain patient waiting for a response from Allah! LOL...

  70. Asalam alykum ya aqwanul muslimin? am a young man who...

    **Commented deleted by Editor**
    Hassan, please do not post personal details on the site. This is not a matrimonal website. Please visit matrimonal sites such as May Allah swt help you find the best spouse. Ameen.

  71. Assalamualaikum
    i am praying to allah to pass my major exams in first attempt... please pray for me that allah fulfill my wishes...

    • Dear Shaziya,

      Make Allah make you successful in this life and the next, aameen. Remember, just try your best and then leave the rest to Allah. And may you be happy with whatever Allah gives you aameen! :0)

      Sister Editor

  72. Salaam
    Can you please tell me a dua or tasbee to read to bring back a loved one.
    Over small an meaningless misunderstanding they have left vowed never to come back.
    I have a daughter too who keeps asking me as to when they going to come back but I do not have
    answer for her.
    Someone told me to read ya wadud 1000x daily to help is the right.
    Please brother and sister guide me through this hard time.


    • Aisha, there is no evidence for saying ya wadud 1,000 times daily. I also believe that it is a mistake to ask Allah to make a certain person love you, or bring them back. If that person is a relative like brother, father, uncle, daughter, etc, then ask Allah to guide that person to the truth and soften their heart. If it is an ex-husband, then ask Allah to bring you someone good - whoever it may be - who will be a joy to your heart and a comfort to your soul.

      Wael Editor

    • Wasalam, sister Aisha,

      In your Heart ask for forgiveness for them, towards them and for yourself. Find Peace in your Heart through your daily duties as muslimah and send them love, respect and forgiveness from Heart when their image or memories come to your mind. Ask to Allah(swt)for the best for all of you, He (swt) is the only One that knows all and best, His ways are infinite, this situation that cause you so much sorrow is giving you the opportunity to get closer to Him(swt), Alhamdulillah.

      María Editor

  73. Salaam,

    The last five years have had their highs and lows for me. I lost my mother before my sister and I were ever married. My father ir re-married several times and busy with his life. It not so easy to get married with no parents. Also have moved and having trouble finding job. I feel lost without parents. I am afraid that I will never lead normal life. I want to be happy and live a full life. Not sure who would marry girl with no parents and not much to offer. Please, if there is any type of advice would appreciate.

  74. Does one get the same "benefits" of listening to the Quran as reciting it? Specially, someone like me whose mother tongue is not Arabic, but I try my best to read, but now prefer reading the interpretation/translation more so I can understand.
    Also, if one recites the list of duas suggested here etc, in English, as most times the Arabic is not posted, does that matter? I would rather do it in English/my mother tongue with which I can show emotion to Allah, rather than read a transliteration with mistakes, which may change the meainng of what I really wanted to say in my dua and it would be with less emotion, even if I knew what the meaning was.

  75. Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters.
    i am 28 years and this is the forth time a man is aleaving me after promising marriage. It has devastated to the extent that i cant say a single prayer without breaking into tears. I have not beenn able to eat any tthinghing solid for four days today.
    Am not growing any younger and i dont want to die unmarried.
    Things have become difficult for me and am so unhealthy. I keep wondering if things can ever change.
    Am not thinking suicide bcos is haram but am the saddest lady you can ever find.
    Non of these men have told me why they cant marry after they have promised to.
    This thing is beginning to affect my mentality and i know it. It is like you are going mad and you are aware.
    Yaa Salam all i want is to at least get married to a pious man who would love me and through who i would obtain my heaven. And i promise to Allah swt that i respect and do all thigs a woman is to do in her marriage. And any child or children he gives me thru the marriage i promise to bring them up islamiccally.
    Pls say dua to Allah for me to change my tears into happiness and i promise to build a school and a masjid in his honor insha Allah.

    • L.O.S., if you want to log in and write your question as a separate post, we'll try to advise you in turn Insha'Allah.

      Wael Editor

  76. Asalaamalaikum dear sisters and brothers,
    My sister had a son last week, But doctors told that he has heart problem with holes in his heart.
    They said they have to do the surgery and chances of surviving after the surgery are only 10%, and if he survive also he may get lots of other complication and problem, My whole family is in depression , we are making dua to allah and I request everybody please please make dua for my sister and son

    Allah Hafiz

    • O Allah, bless syed's sister's son and give him healing and health. O Allah, make him whole and sound. O Allah, give strength to syed and his family to endure this trial.

      "Say: Nothing will afflict us save what Allah has ordained for us; He is our Patron; and on Allah let the believers rely." (Quran 9:51)

      Wael Editor

    • Walaykum as salam,

      I´m very sorry all of you are going through so much suffering, insha´Allah, I will pray tonight for all of you.

      María Editor

  77. Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters.
    i"Am facing so many problems in my life,i involve in a relationship last 8 years i really love him but he always bother me,use abuse language against me,he left me & back in my life,he doing cotinuesly same thing now,he left me my parent"s don"t like him because he has no work his finencial condition is zero, but i love him i"am in a trouble he did very wrong thing last time he met me,he spit on my face please pray for me i "ll forget him,i"am frustrate, he will change & back in my life i always pray to allah he will change it"s to difficult 4 me to live him forgot him please help me how can i gat married another guy.plz help me ans me what i should do?

    • Iza, if you want a detailed answer then please log in and write your question as a separate post, Insha'Allah. My short answer to you is leave this guy, he is a very bad man and not someone worthy of your love. He will not change. Find someone good and get married in the halal way. Do not carry on relationships outside of marriage.

      Wael Editor

  78. but how i log in i tried so many times i"can"t please help me.

  79. u know my question i want ans,how i log-in& register my question please u know my question give me ans as soon as possible

  80. Iza, we have recieved your question. I will look at it today insha'Allah. But please do not keep posting it as a comment again and again, that just creates more work for us as we have to keep deleting it.

    SisterZ Editor

  81. Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters.
    thankyou so much sisterZ actually i"am worried it"s question of my life thatswhy i sended 3,4 times i"am not sure it"s sended or not but,u said" u give me ans as soon as possible,i know,i bothered you so sorry.

    yes he is also a muslim guy faraz (27) & i"am also a muslim girl (22) we both r not MARRIED we invove in a relationship i don"t like to say boy friend-girl friend, & i"am very beautiful girl tall,slim i"am very honest,loving,carrying girl,i never deceived him,& if'i get married him or other i"am honest with my hubby i never deceived that guy ' i love ALLAH so much BECAUSE i want JANNAT in my AAKHIRAT i dont want to loose jannat at any cost i can say iam good HUMENBEING & good GIRL also

    'i know he loves me so much but i never understand why he do very wrong thing with me, why he torcher me physically,mentally he is very short-tempered guy his whole l family like me so much,& accept me as a daughter in law his family is so good & loving. my parents dont like him because he has no work,it"S to tuff for me to do marrige another guy,is he change,is he realise he did something wrong to any one in his past,please pray for me remember me in you"r dua"s allah change my heart or his heart,i have got so many proposal for my marrige but i avoid because of only him but now i"ll see he never allow me to do job anywhere ,i got so many jobs but i never do because of him i lost so many things because of him,i did everything for him & he left me, i lost that time i did so many things in my life.. now, i lost that oppurtunities & he knows very well.

    y allah entered wrong guy in my life. first time" he proposed me, after 3 years i said yes because he cried infront of me

    & now i"am crying y because at that time he cried i gave my shoulder to him it"s my mistake ,is he humen-being? please pray for me i forgot him or he change his-self & be agood humen-being & pray 4 me i achieve everything what ever i want to do in my life.ALLAH give me loving & carrying hubby who reALLY LOVES ME,i also love him too.

  83. ya i"am a same person but you all r confused we r muslim or not so i want to telling you in that para & share my others problems also

  84. As-Salaamu-Alaykum
    I want a job and I have been unemployed for several months, I don't have a husband or community of Muslims to fall back on because once I asked for help and now they believe I didn't deserve help for some reason. I want to be successful and financially independent from people in general. Besides the duas for getting rid of debt, is there anything else I should be saying?? How many times a day should i say the debt/rizq duas? what am I doing wrong that I need to rectify, I say Astaghfirullah and the Sayyid ul Istighfar dua. I need more dua said on my behalf. things are very serious for me and I want information on how to solve my problems which are many. For three days I have been fasting and making much dua to Allah to help me. Is there something else I can do in addition?

  85. salam o alikum.i want to ask one cousin,she is 28years old now.and she is not getting marry and the problem is that her mother is finding for her since from 4year and every people run away with no reason..i always thnk Allah know who is better for her.but from 4yrs people came but afterward say no i thnk she is getting becoz of her? (but she is not a girl of making boyfriends or search for herself husband) please aunt is in stress

  86. assalamu alaikum dear brothers nd sisters…pls pray for me…i need more duahs…am in a critical situation…
    help me Allah, swt! I love you and I trust you fully that a miracle is also going to happen to me.
    am 8 weeks pregnant(this is my first baby)…bt when i consulted my doctor,she says that my child has no growth and heartbeat…she also says to me,to wait for 2 weeks…
    pls pray for my baby…
    may Allaah Reward you All thing Good in this life.
    May Allah reward you Paradise of al-Firdaws without any account..

  87. We will pray heartily and I have strong believe tht Allah will help u and ur dua will fulfilled pray is with u 🙂 Allah Kareem

  88. Asalamualikum dear Brothers and Sisters iam really need of your prayers for my brother he wants to go to Saudi for work but things are not going soomth so plz do remember him in your prayers that Allah make east for him........Ameen

  89. Dr brothers and sisters.please help me. I am in love with a any boy but he is of not my religion.our religion is different.his family and my family are not ready to agree for love and marriage.but tell a dua through which a miracle happens and our family agrees for the same.

    • Namrata, there is no such dua'. Wake up and face the reality of your situation. You are involved in a haram relationship. If you want the favor of Allah then obey Him and give up this relationship.

      Wael Editor

  90. Asalamualikum.
    What do i have to do when you want to look pretty?

  91. Its Simple,
    Keep Struggling, keep Striving,
    Always Smile (even if your heart is breaking),
    Sleep on time,
    Be Sincere,
    Speak the Truth,
    Spread the Word,
    Pray Salaah,
    Follow the Sunnah,
    Say Salaams,
    Practice Sabr,
    And InshaAllah, your face and your soul will shine with Nur.
    No need to spend on surgery and expensive makeup.

    SisterZ Editor

  92. Assalamualikum
    dear brothers and sisters..
    Plz make dua for my transfer near my home town and for the health of my parents..i really need it..plz
    may Allah accept ur duas too

    • May Allah give you what is best for you and your parents in this life and the next and make you content with it, aameen.

      SisterZ Editor

  93. Salam all brothers and sisters,
    i was feeling really down with life and googled this website, it has helped me to be strong reading all your mail.

    My problem is I am helping my brother with hes business, no matter what we do we are sinking fast, all our family cash has gone into this business. We are trying to sell but people are taking advantage and not offering anywhere near the amount we are asking (which is already at the lowest we can sell for).

    My brother has no other family who can help and has a lot of stress. Everyday is another struggle we pay our staff on time and everything else is fast becoming a big debt. All we seem to do is owe people pay them off and owe more. Business is very slow.

    Our house is tied up with the business, Im scared we will loose our house, my parents are old I cant see them go through this pain. Please brothers and sisters remember me in your duas. Im trying to be strong but its really hard.

    My only comfort is pray and I live in hope the business will sell and our home will be safe. I cant see my family in stress.

  94. Assalama alaikum to you brothers and sisters...
    I am seriously in need of du'a,my father said i will married when i'm half way at school,but i want to get married after my school,and the person i want to marry is just in his half way of school,how can i convince my father with du'a so that i wil finish school before i get married? Please help me......may Allah answer our du'a Ameeen! Allah hafiz

    • Khadija, your father cannot get you married without your consent. So just hold your ground and insist that you will finish school first.

      Wael Editor


  95. Asalamualaikum ,

    My father in law death anniversary is in June. I would like to organize dua at my home for him. I live in Australia. So it will be helpful for me if anyone tell me what kind of dua we need to make and do we need to contact imam who make it properly or is it okay if me my husband and other family member attent? And one more think if I appoint any imam from mosque do I or can I make food for the mosque people to make dua for him? I am not clear so it will be helpful for advice.


    • Nadia, As-salamu alaykum. What you are describing is not exactly a tradition we have in Islam, but I see nothing wrong with it. I think it would be nice to have something at your home. Make food, invite your family, and invite the Imam to come and say a dua' for your father. That sounds lovely.

      Wael Editor

  96. Asalamualaikum,

    @Wael thank you so much for your response.

  97. Dear brothers and sisters,
    If any one is looking for adding your name to a dua mahfil please send your name, very briefly write your problem (your most desired one), any name of any person related to your problem. This information will be needed just to make a imaginary situation of your and place us in your part and beg Allah to slove the problems we are facing.
    This week Friday after Asar we will be doing “khatam-e-khawajgan” In Sha Allah. As you know this khatam sarif is very long and very effective if we can do it in a proper way. Please send us e-mail at no latter than Friday 12:00 PM. In Sha Allah we will make dua from our whole heart as we are asking for ourselves. In Sha Allah I have full faith in Allah that all of our nek dua will be granted by the sake of our Prophet Muhammad and the holy day and holy time. Allah Akbar

    • Sister,

      What does this mean: 'In Sha Allah I have full faith in Allah that all of our nek dua will be granted by the sake of our Prophet Muhammad...'

      SisterZ Editor

      • She is talking about "tawassul" i.e using the Prophet (SAW) as an intercessor bec we and Allah love the Prophet. My understanding is that tawassul is thru your good deeds and asking Allah to bless you/grant your duas based on your actions

        • Salamu'alaikum,

          Shaikh Nasiruddin al Albany has listed 3 types of tawassul that are permissible:

          1. Through one's good deeds, as we see in the story of the three people who were trapped in a cave.
          2. Through a righteous person who is alive. And this is found in the life of the Sahaabah when they went to the uncle of the Prophet Sallallahu 'Alaihi wasallam - al Abbaas bin abd al Muttalib (Radiyallahu Anhu) and asked him to do du'a for rain (al Istisqaa'). One of the Sahaabah (mostly Umar Radiyallahu anhu) did a du'a saying (which means) 'O Allah, when the Messenger of Allah was alive, we used to make du'a through him. Now that he is not, we are doing it through his uncle'. This proves that doing du'a through the Waseelah of Rasoolallah while he isn't alive among us, is disapproved.
          3. Through the Beautiful names of Allah, The Exalted. And the evidence for this can be found in various Qur'aanic Aayaat and Ahadeeth of Rasoolullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi wasallam.

          Other than these, according to the Ulama of Ahlus Sunnah, any type of Tawassul is disproven and unacceptable.
          Allah knows Best
          Muhammad Waseem Saifullah

          • Assalam o alaikum!

            I am very confused with all the websites so first need to ensure "Is this a Sunni website? I am a Sunni Momin Ansaar."

            I am in a great trouble so please some one let me know and I will share my problem.

            Jazak allah

          • Walaykumsalaam Asif,

            We are Muslims who strive to follow the Quran and Sunnah. If you have a question, please log in and submit it as a separate post.


  98. hi
    Dear brother and sister . please pray for me .. i am stressed out in my life...i am frustrated ..dont know what to do...feels like life just ended..please pray for me...that my wife come back in my home

  99. ">Assalam-Alaikum, Firstly (Question deleted by Editor)

    • Coud some one please answer my question. I would really appericiate your help.jazakalah

      • Memona,

        I notice you have submitted your question as a separate post. So it will be published and answered very soon insha'Allah.

        SisterZ Editor

      • Memona,

        I thought you had submitted your question as a separate post, but you haven't. Please do so and it will be published and answered most likely on the same day insha'Allah.

        SisterZ Editor

  100. assalamualaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatahu

    im a muslim sister in distress in need of prayers, my mother had bought some land after i was born with great difficulty financial crises ,now our neighbour is illegally trying to grab the land they are attacking and breaking the wall at night and illegally trying to start construction on it .my mother filed a case against them in court.the case was clear and in our favour as we had original genuine documents but at the last moment our very own lawyer cheated us and backstabbed us opposition party bribed him and he purposely lost the case .we our only sisters no brother and now my mother is in great distress ..the only way out is if withen next 3days a stay order could be passed then we cud immediately change the lawyer , humare haq ki zameen pe zaberdasti qabza karna chahte hain ..PLEASE MAKE DUA for my mother name dilshad ,that this stay order could be immediately passed and my mother would get her genuine land back with full justice.may Allah help her in Ghaibi ways ,may she attain justice soon inshaAllah .now she has started falling sick because of the stress .May Allah be with the truth..
    Hasbiyallahu wa ni'mal wakeel ..ameen ya rabbul aalameen .Plz make special dua for my mother thank u JAZAK ALLAH KHAIR..

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