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Dua to get my friends back?

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I'm struggling to make friends at university.

I'm a university student. I'm in a trouble. I had two great friends. They mean a lot to me. But nowadays they do not behave well with me. they don't talk to me. These things hurt me. I can't take this anymore.

Please help me to get my good friendship back. I want that they will support me as before and they will take me as their sister. Their ignorance just killing me.

Can you please suggest me any Dua to solve my problem?

Your regards

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  1. Where is your self respect ? Why would you want to be friend with people who treat you awful. They can't be good friends if this is the way they have treated you. Stop begging for a non existing relationship and find new friends. In the meantime make dua to god to make your life journey easier for you instead of making dua for friends which is competently pointless in my opinion as friends come and go.

    • You don’t know how it feels. I’ve fallen out with my best friend and I’m literally dying to get her back. It’s awful being with out that friend you’ve known for years and has been there for u in every thing and who has supported you.
      Seriously you may think it’s easy to just forget and move on. But it’s let me tell u it’s not easy at all. And only that person knows who is going through. I pray to Allah he brings me my friend back ameen.

  2. They were never been your friend, might be your too much emotional or physical dependency on them made them so frustrated and they thought they must be stay a distance from you. You are the best judge in this situation. However ,if I am at your situation I never ever compromise my selfrespe t as well as ego for those who do not care me. This is the one thing secondly you must think in this way too, might be the Allah SWT has chosen for you a better thing than those you are persuading. For get it and move on. Nothing is important than yourself and your happiness.

  3. You can't force people to be in your life if they don't want to be in it. If your friends have chosen to distance themselves from you, you have to respect their choice and try to make some new friends.

    You have not mentioned anything about why your friends have distanced themselves from you. You only mention that they are 'misbehaving' with you, and you talk about yourself as if you are a victim. I have a feeling you are not as innocent in all of this as you make it out to be. For instance, you say that you want your friends back so THEY can support YOU. That leads me to think that maybe you take a lot from your friends, but don't really give anything back to them? And they got fed up with you always expecting them to support you? What have you done for your friends? And be honest when you ask yourself this question. Maybe the answer will make you understand why your friends have had enough...or maybe you will realize you just have really bad friends. Either way, I stand by my initial advice: Leave these people alone and try to establish some new friendships :).

  4. Aselam u alykum,

    Dear Sis Hasna,

    I'm sorry to hear about the problems you're having with your friends.

    The first option would be what the other brothers
    /sisters have said above. To move on and try making new friends, and it's true. You can not force someone to like you or become your friend, and you shouldn't have to do that in all honesty.
    You don't want to make your friendship based on persuasion, force and wasting all your time impressing them. That's not what friendship really is. It willl become boring and tire you out.

    The second option - ask them what's up!
    Yes, it may be hard, slightly awkward too, BUT you will never know if you do not ask!

    And you never know, perhaps there is nothing wrong. And perhaps the problem is smaller than you thought.
    If you want to save your friendship, I would advise asking them. You've got nothing to lose.

    If they are your genuine and sincere friends, then their comments will help you become a better person...if that is the problem here. They will advise you and improve you. If they are friends, they will understand you.

    However, if they are not good friends, then it's still beneficial for you. Because it'll help you move on. You don't need people like that.
    Playing the 'what if' game isn't really helping you. For your own peace of mind and hope to better yourself, it would be easier and better to ask them in my honest opinion.

    All the best. Do keep us informed.

    Your Sis in Islam

  5. i totally agree with ur point sis. as i am also facing the exactly same problem. the only way out while is to just pray to Allah Almighty to get things better soon. Till that, you need to relax and help urself out of it. In Sha Allah you will get them back soon. and remeber there is always a perfect and chosen time for everything.

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