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Dua’s to ease stress for a university student?

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Du'as To Ease Stress

Salam everyone,

I have a question to do with duas to ease stress. I recently got a job that I am very happy with. It is my first time having a job and studying in university.

Now I take uni VERY seriously and tend to get too stressed when it is time for exams.

My year at uni has just started and I'm concerned about work getting in the way of revision when it is time for my exams.

It's come to the point I'm considering quitting and it's only been one month into my job.

I was wondering If anyone could share with me any duas that I can read to ease stress during exams and increase my knowledge if possible. And please say when the best time to read them is.

Thank you everyone,


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  1. Saira,

    If you can afford things without a job, I say quit. You will be able to focus better without the pressure of the job getting in the way. Make Istikhara and go from there. Remember to trust in yourself and your gut instinct.


  2. And the best time to say them is anywhere, as you can ask Allah for help anywhere and anytime.

    Here is a link also which i found was nice.

  3. As Salamualaikum,

    Sister, doing two things at a time can be difficult, though not impossible.

    If I were you, I would've analyzed the necessity of doing the job. If I could afford to study while having no job, I would have left the job and concentrated on studies.

    For the studies, I have some tips.

    Whether you study once in a week, twice, or everyday, you need to plan it well in order to avoid confusion and waste of time due to the lack of planning.

    Plan when to study what subject and what part of that subject. This way, you'll have no pressure, in sha Allah.

    At the time of examination, follow simple rules of revision.

    3 to 4 hours before you sleep, take the books for which you have the test, the next day. Revise everything in this time, marking the important points, definitions, etc. Take breaks of 5 mins in between, whenever you think you require them.

    Then when you complete the revision, close the books, get ready to sleep. Before you sleep, have a good glance at the marked points, definitions, etc. and go to sleep. You need at least 6 hours of sleep every night, for a healthy and fresh living.
    When you sleep, your sub-conscious will work without your notice. So, revision will happen in your mind.

    When you wake up in the morning, have a glance at the marked points again.

    Pray Salatul Layl or Salatul Qiyaam in the middle of the night. This is the best time to ask from Allah and you will be very close to Him Subhaanah during this time. And He Comes to the first heaven every night to ask if anyone wants to ask something from Him, if anyone wants to ask for Forgiveness, and so on. So, make best use of it.

    Pray all the prayers during their times and don't miss them with excuse of having to study or work.

    Eat a lot of fruits and dry fruits, as they help in keeping the memory fresh, as I have heard from the scholars. Drink Zam Zam while you study or before you go for the tests, with the niyyah of ease.

    Say the following Dua:

    Allahumma La Sahla illa ma Ja'altahu Sahla. Wa anta taj'alul Hizna Iza Shi'ta Sahla.

    (O Allah! There is nothing easy except what You make easy, and You make the difficult easy if it be Your Will)

    This Dua is great Alhamdulillah. Additionally, recite Aayah ak Kursi. When you feel nervous, recite Aayah ak Kursi with tarteel (beautiful recitation) and you will feel confident in sha Allah.

    If you have anymore doubt or any other help, please mention.

    If you want to continue work, you'll have to see if you can manage it well and do well in the university also, which is quite difficult.

    All the best!

    Muhammad Waseem Editor

  4. Wasalam sister,
    In addition to what is said above, here are couple of links which might help you.

    Hope this helps iA


  5. Thank you everyone, all the duas have made me feel at ease and more confident. iA the duas are beneficial for me.

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