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Eastern European Muslim women for Marriage?

Map of Eastern Europe

Map of Eastern Europe.

Assalam Alaykom brothers and sisters,

It is always said that some men got married to Muslim women from Bosnia and other east European countries, but when time came to apply this on myself I found it hard to accomplish.

I tried those dating sites and it seemed that most of them are scams.

Also I tried to find some type of organization or agency that introduce you to Muslim girls in those countries and found nothing! any body knows what is the best approach?

Jazakom Allah Khairan,

- batman

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  1. Batman, As-salamu alaykum,

    Many of the women on the Muslim matchmaking sites are real and genuine, so don't dismiss them out of hand.

    If you have the time and finances, the best thing might simply be to go to the country of your choice and spend some time there. Get to know the people and try to meet someone.

    There are some points to be aware of, however. Language and culture differences can be a problem. See my comments on this post from a few months ago:

    Marrying an Eastern European Muslim Girl

    Wael Editor

  2. Dear Brother,

    Is there a reason you are specifically wanting to meet eastern European Muslim women?

    If you are a European muslim yourself and are looking for a similar culture partner- do use your family as a resource. Also, there are bosnian mosques in Canada, i dont know about the US or where you live. But look for European mosques in your area.

    On the other hand, dont be too specific when meeting a life partner. You will seriously limit yourself, and never meet a wonderful partner due to the limited vision you have of an ideal partner.

    In Islam, there is no limit on marrying a person of the same culture as you, the only things that matters is that they have the same values as you in Islam.

    Also, i can tell you that i found my husband online, - if you approach the online world with good intentions and are very serious- you can find a sister who is too. A tip that helped me was to Just keep the search to people in your country and town, non smoking, non drinking, and at initial contact- ask very serious questions to weed out the jokers. Also, meet them very quickly- in a safe place with a mahram to confirm that they are who they say they are. Jokers wont agree to that.

    I know its very hard to find a life partner, but be patient my brother and inshallah you will find the one you are supposed to meet. Dont forget to make istikhara- and always ask Allah for help to bring that person in your life.

    ps. Also, ask your friends and family to be on the look out for you for a good woman, you will be surprised at the network of people they have.



    • LOL I have to laugh, only because the poster is "batman" and Samira you were talking about avoiding the "jokers"!!!

      -Amy Editor

    • Dear Samira,

      Your opinion is very shallow and it is clear that you must be from an orthodox environment such as perhaps Pakistan. One common misunderstanding with people from such an environment is that they assume that anyone whom is of Indian decent and is a Muslim must be a Pakistani! Nothing could be further from the truth. Study the World history and you will find 4th or even 5th generation Muslims of Indian decent on all corners of the Earth.
      I am a 5th generation born and raised Muslim of Indian decent from East Africa. Our people were in the Eastern and Southern part of Africa since the 1870's. We are quit Anglo (westernized) in our ways BUT maintain our culturally identity by not forgetting or mother tongue, religion and traditions. In other words even though we speak English as a natural language we did not forget our mother tongue.
      As such from us to get married to a person of Western culture is really quite normal since we have been born and raised in a Western environment.
      So to that brother I say go ahead East European women are very attractive and respect us and our traditions and above all and not always looking for Doctors to get married.
      Good luck.

  3. Assalamu alaikum
    I'm an Indian citizen. I'm looking for a life partner. I give most preference to one who is disabled in her health(With no hands or leg,Or not able to speak/hear),OR She should be reverted means one who live alone from her family. Such girls need a lovely partner. She should be very serious on following the Sunnah.

    • Mohammed, we don't allow matrimonial advertisements on this forum. You should try one of the matrimonial services like or

      Wael Editor

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