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Employment worries

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Few years back we moved into a new house... Since then, every time my husband gets a job, it lasts only for few months. Now my husband has been looking for the new job from almost 1 year.. Every time he applies for the job... He goes through all the initial interviews and everyone likes him.. But after the final interview, he gets rejected... Every time we have lots of hopes and get disappointed... We are very much worried now due to our bad financial condition.. Please advise me what to do? And let me know some dua to get a permanent good job for my husband and also please pray for us...

Allah hafiz


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  1. Assalaamualaikam

    Many countries are having problems with recession and lack of jobs at the moment - people who would otherwise be given jobs are ending up unemployed or in positions that don't use their talents, or in jobs far away from home. It's a difficult position for many of us.

    The two of you might need to think about where you would be prepared to compromise, with regards work. Options might include:-

    - Applying for less senior positions - in the UK, coffee shops and supermarkets are receiving a lot of applications from university graduates (sometimes with Masters or PhDs) for entry-level positions - these applicants probably don't want to work there long-term, but the bills have to be paid, so they need to find some way to bring in money...

    - Applying for jobs further away from home - it may involve either having an arrangement where your husband works away from home, or moving to a different place - and think about jobs in less "popular" parts of the country, which might have fewer applicants for them (not that I'm saying to move to dodgy places, but you could think about places away from the major cities and commuter belts).

    - Reducing outgoings - if the financial situation is bad, it may be necessary to cut back on expenses, maybe even moving to a smaller place - take a look at where savings can be made, as it may be that even small changes can help ease the pressure.

    - Taking on temporary jobs - depending on what field your husband works in, he may be able to find work through a locum/temp agency - it's not got the security of a permanent job, but it's better than nothing.

    Remember that this life is a test - compromise on the things that don't matter so much, but never compromise on your faith. Trust in Allah that He has a plan that will be best for you and your husband in this life and the next.

    It might help to read the articles on Du'a available on this site.

    Midnightmoon editor

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