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Hello, I am an 18 year old white muslim women. I have had a dream while back in my old house, it was a dream of which there were demons.

In the dream I had come down the stairs and there were 2 demons, one was a famous social media rapper, another was a man I had never seen before he was black and his eyes were empty, there was another form in the house, a shadow that I couldn't see they said the devil was here. I saw it pass by through the kitchen and then he ended up upstairs and I went over to go see up the stairs and he ran fast, I never saw him he didn't talk but I knew he was there, I was talking to the demons and they were talking about how great hell was and that "you could smoke weed and do whatever you wanted" the dream ended.

The first day I moved to that house I felt something there, I heard scratching on the carpet and foul smells like rotten fish, I heard knocks from the inside of my closet and I would hear my named being said, I saw something as well, a black human shaped form. I saw it multiple times. Even when I went to Texas. It was kneeling down from a distance watching me sleep, I saw a form of a man. I would only see it when I was alone I had seen it first when there was a thunder storm and everyone was outside and I saw it through the reflection of a mirror when I looked to see it again it wasn't there anymore, even my mother said she had seen it, she was sleeping alone in the living room all of the lights were off except a very dim night light plugged into the wall, she said that it was on the chair and it leaned slowly out and leaned slowly back to its original state in which it was sitting, she ignored it and fell asleep from shock.

I moved into my new house I heard growling from time to time only when I was alone, it was demonic and deep something I've never heard before, I would see black zipping things from time to time. I was about to fall asleep once and I was by the edge of my bed I felt a tingle in the middle between my eyes I felt like there was something right in my face.

It's been 3 years since I've seen this thing. Ever since I was a young child I've experienced unworldly things, so has my mother, I don't know if it's something that carried onto me, I feel vibes and good and bad energies in rooms, till this day I won't sleep alone or in the dark. I haven't had any recent experiences because if something happens I ignore it now light it's not there, I still feel strong presences but I leave the area immediately and ignore it, my question is, what is it that I saw and what am I experiencing and why is it coming to me, and will it come back ?


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  1. You will have to do two things

    number one
    get in contact with a religious figure

    who has experience in dealing with ghosts and jinns

    let him come into your house and put special prayers around the house

    but make sure the religious figure does not ask for any money

    any religious figure who gets rid of ghosts but ask for money is a fraud

    Number two

    Go seek help from a psychiatrist
    It is also possible you could be having hallucinations

    You will be handling the problem from the faith aspect
    and the medical/psychological aspect

    Good luck

    • Isn't better for you not to keep any picture like how the Prophet (SAW) advised. and Isn't better for you to advise these people with the advice of the prophet (SAW), the sahabas (RA), and the scholars. What have the Sunni Islamic scholars said about hallucinations. You think science has explanation for this, like it's only just disturbance in the senses. They never go away with so called modern drugs. they just drug you and make you forget it.

  2. Salaam sister
    I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I have also seen the same dark figure. Its a huge chunky black shadow bt theres no face. It was in our old house. ALHAMDULILLAH dont have the problem now in our new house.
    So what you are seeing is true and what you feel is real. Ive been through it and like you i do feel energies.
    Its only the shaitaan messing about trying to put fear in you but you need to show them you are not scared.
    Sister, there are such things as jinns and they do enter into homes and trouble us. The best thing to do is pray as much as you can. Its best to recite surah baqara and play the azaan in the home.
    If you feel scared recite ayatul kursi. There are many duas you can recite to stop the jinns from entering your homes or troubling you. InshaAllah they should leave you alone. Recite astagfar as much as you can. Recite the following if you are afraid:
    Allah humma ikfini him bima shi'tah

    also recite the following 7 times:
    Allah humma inna naj alooka fi nu hu rihim wa na autho bika min shu ru ri himm

    The above dua will protect you from harm inshaAllah
    I would advise to ger rukya done for yourself and the house. Could be effects of black magic. Allah knows best
    I pray Allah makes it easier for you ameen xx

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