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Evil eye (nazar) and financial issues

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I am an indian

My father bought a new house(a flat) 4 years back

Since then ppl had been gossiping  abt his good financial conditions and some close relatives even had issues with us buying a new place

Backbiting and jealousy had been going on at our back Since long and year after year since when  we have moved in our new place our financial conditions have just been worst and now it's high time that we are facing a lot of bad conditions.......allah is nt accepting our prayers my father is under a huge debt.......we were not even regular with our prayers and namaz but fr the last 2-3 months we are but still our prayers are nt being answered and we are in a very bad financial condition

And symptoms of evil eye is also there in our family such as

Destruction of business


Dark circles and yellow skin

Hatred towards friends and family

Sickness etc

We knew people were jealous with my father's good business and wealth but we never thought that we'd se such bad days

There are still some people in our family who still think that my father has a lot of money but we know the reality what we are actually facing

It's due to the nazar evil eyes on our money that our conditions have become so bad that father is nt able to pay his debts

Can you please help us




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  1. Assalmu aleikum!

    All I can say is to continue to pray and have hope and faith in Allah SWT! Allah has said that everytime you call upon him he will listen.

    I dont have much advice to come with but stay strong in your faith and put your trust in Allah and Inshaallah he will answer and make things easier for your family.

  2. I would say whatever good happens (finance, job, house, etc., kids getting good grades) in your life be very careful who you share your life story and experience to, wether you family, acquaintance, even your close friends. I am not saying everyone will be jealous but it's natural for someone to envy you or want better than you. Keep your life private. Stay away from social media and flashing your life story there too.

    Pray to Allah (SWT) to cure your family and guide you. Lastly, Filter the people in your life.

  3. There is a saying : -


    When we have all the lavishness of the world we tend to forget ALLAH. We become egoist, proudy knowingly or unknowingly we end up Insulting , degrading people who we consider below us. And then eventually we Fall.

    So brother, days are not the same. The way you had good days and now bad days so good days will be back again. Its just that dont forget to remember ALLAH when the good days are back the way you are remembering him now.

    About Nazar, evil eyes yes people do have that jealousy thats there work but that shouldnt stop us from doing our work. What goes around definately comes back around may be not immediately but surely. One shouldnt do a show off or boast off things to anyone who might probably like it on your face but deep within he might be cursing you or your happiness. Beware! Its better not to reveal anything to someone over and over again within the family. Because folks from the family are the ones who get more jealous than the outsiders.

    I wish you all the very best.

  4. when we get rich , we tend to rely on false dependencies and we forget we should only depend on god so sometime god by taking your false dependency is trying to guide you back in to right direction. patience + salat is very important. be patience and the rest will come

  5. AoA, the last two surahs are specifically for protection from supernatural evils including evil eye. Recite after every prayers.

    There is a prayer called manzil, you can search on the web. It is a collection of verses to ward off evil. Recite it, blow on water and sprinkle that in 4 corners of your house. It is a cure against all spells, taweez, and other natural and supernatural evils. Once a man was brought to the Holy Prophet (s.a.w) who was possessed by some evil spirit, He recited these verses to heal him.

    But be careful after reciting it. I would recommend reading it once again after sprinkling that water. You need some knowledge to understand the concept of رجعت.
    It is simply fighting back by evil spirits. If you have some evil spells/sorcery done on you, these spirits may fight back. So you may leave Manzil, if you get scared. Just recite Surah Al-Falaq and Surah Al-Naas.

    May Allah protect you. Ameen.

  6. Something like the "evil eye" does not exist. It`s just ridiculous superstition.

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