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Facebook – passwords and privacy

Social media - use with caution...

Social media - use with caution...

My husband wants my facebook password but doesn't share his own. He tells me that we will have big problems if I don't give him. I told him I can give only if he gives his, but he refuses. Is this ok?


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  1. Not being rude but to me that would arise suspicion him having your password and you not having his! Also not trying to be rude you shouldn't really have Facebook it's the most in appropriate social media site young single people go on Facebook because they have to much time Messing around (hope no one gets offended) but it's true when your married you should be making time for each other not bloody social media sites and when my ex husband did the same he was messing around on Facebook himself he was insecure about me doing the same too but I only had Facebook to publish my brand of work no pixtures no friends only advertise

  2. simple answer,
    his request sound odd and provocative
    Shaytaan is playing with him .. this sounds like a weakness of his
    ..but what do you have to loose if you give him the password ??
    its not an issue right?

    Do you love him ... is he in other matters acceptable for you ...? if yes
    my advice is to be wise and .... by all means win him .. not fight with him.

    good luck sister

  3. Salam Sister,

    Although I personally don't do social media, I do have passwords on my laptop, desktop and my cell phone. They are my passwords and frankly, no ones business...including my husbands. I have a right to my privacy just as much as my husband has a right to his. I don't ask him for his passwords and he doesn't ask me for mine. I respect his right to his privacy and in return, I am afforded the same respect. It's not that I have anything to hide mind's about having respect. Respect for ones personal space. I would not give my husband my passwords and if he said, "there will be big problems", I'd say..."oh well".


  4. How does this have anything to do with islamic advice, the editors should have just answered and closed it.

  5. You can be friends with him and he can monitor if you're friends with a guy or you can show him your friends list and any communication you have between guys. This isn't because you don't trust each other it's because he will not need to trust you, he will have proof that you're not talking with a guy. Similarly, he must show you his friends list and any conversation he has with a girl that he is not mahram to.

    Other than that, you cannot share your password with him without first removing every woman as a friend on your facebook. Your friends are trusting you with their friendship and their photos, they are showing you pictures of themselves without their hijab on and are not friends with your husband. If your husband has the password he can, at any time, log in as you and look at all their pictures and their conversations with you where they discuss private matters that they wouldn't have discussed with him.

    Similarly, you can't have his facebook password without all his guy friends knowing first or him removing all his guy friends.

    I'm not a scholar or any kind of person that gives a ruling but this is my advice because it makes sense to me. When you give your password you're giving up all your friends photos and their private conversation with you and that makes it unacceptable.

  6. Personally, I wont have an issue sharing my PW with my husband inshallah, but this would ONLY be if he shares his with me. It's not fair what he is requesting. Ask him exactly what the problem will be - probably all bark and no bite and as another comment said "Oh Well". Also, I think he is being very petty.

  7. Salam

    And... Why does he want your Password ?
    I mean sorry to ask , but is there anything in it which has got him a suspicion to ask you for the same ?

    If you are true in your deeds and from heart i dont think there should be any problem in sharing it with him which in turn would make him feel embarassed. 😀

    And by the way just because he is asking your password you are asking his. Sounds so childish.

    Wa Salam

    • MashaaAllah a very wise answer sister. May Allah increase you in wisdom and understanding.

      In Marriage understanding, wisdom, kindness and love is more important than being right or wrong... win each-others heart ,, the rest will follow.

      Also pay attention to allocating more time and attention to marital relationship and intimacy, arguments will start to vanish by themselves.

  8. salam
    if i were you i will give my password and stop using facebook which create more fithna-issues. take that time to read quran which open more blessing

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