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Fallen out of love?

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Hi aslamalaykum I have been married for 3 years I got married at a difficult time my family was pushing me to get married I didn’t love him but my family loved him and they were so happy and also I was happy at first he was treating me nice and very romantic but after 6 months he stopped doing everything I mean being romantic or telling me he loved me I told him somany times to change all he do is work work work if I’m sick he never ask me until I told him I’m not feeling well he never text me or call me during work I’m the one who text constantly now I’m no longer want him I believe I’m gonna be like in my whole life I told him that I don’t want him or love him I’m 21 years old with 2 kids please help

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  1. Try fix your marriage by seeking counseling etc, and if that doesn't work out then divorce him.

  2. Selam Sister,

    If he is too busy working, then he's working to provide for you and and your family. He wants to give you a good and stable life- he is trying to fulfil his responsibilities for you and your family.
    Surely, this is important??

    He may not tell you he loves you every minute of the day, but he probably feels it.
    Perhaps, have a look within yourself first before you turn to him. Maybe he does tell you that he loves you, but not as often as you want.
    You are too focused on having romance To realise that there are duties in marriage also.

    It is your right to have a lovely relationship with your spouse, but there are other aspects that should be considered in marriage also.

    From an outsider's view, I do think that you still love him, but maybe you're frustrated with him or feel like he's not giving you enough attention- which as a wife you would want!

    Maybe you can sort out a weekly schedule when you spend time together and have someone babysit the kids whilst you go out and spend time together. That should also help with him home-and-work life balance, inshallah.

    All the best x

  3. Sis be happy that his at least working and providing for you. If u keep working on u he will work on telling u he loves u more often. When he comes from work maybe have a romantic dinner set up or set up a activity that u both like to do and go out and enjoy each other. I’m over here married living with my mother in law my Husband considers this him “proving For me” bcos he pays half of the rent at his moms house. Nor does he tell me he loves me or do romantic things for me. So just think it could b worse. Just work on him don’t give up yet. I’ve already given up on mine. But urs is at least proving for you.

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