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i have been part of an agenda against my sister in law who was very cunning and used to lie to my brother and relatives about us and create hatred among family. her close relatives also told us that her mother had been involved in magic to harm our family, Allah knows the truth better but co-incidentally we also had a few clues/hints supporting this blame so we were scared of her and we wanted to get her out of our home so our family stays in peace. we accused her of 'running away' from our house on her own without informing, though we knew she left with our brother to her parents home after we fought. the intention was neither to blame her nor to break her marriage but only to keep her away from our house to protect remaining family.

I want to know what should be done now by us all since we blamed her for something she didn't do (i am referring only to complaining her family that she 'ran-away' from our home so her family will be angry and wont send her back to our home since we knew that her family knew she didnt run away)? We realize our mistake and ask Allah for forgiveness. should we be asking her to forgive us though she is again living with us after her parent died and she never asked us for forgiveness or anything though she did a lot of things to make us hate her to such an extent.


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  1. To be honest your whole family are the evil in the family not her!! How could you guys make up such a big lie about her?

  2. Assalaamualaikam

    Regardless of the wrongs another person may or may not have done, we should always strive to maintain our own integrity and follow Islamic principles. What you did was wrong and if you can, you should apologise to her and try to make amends somehow. You should also offer repentance to Allah for your part in these false accusations.

    Midnightmoon editor

  3. Aoa I am Muslim women. I need to ask something. I need Islamic views on this as very limited information is available online and this topic cant be discussed freely at home. I was committed to a man with full consent of my parents n mine. For about 6 months. I knew him before. We started talking more after commitment. He shared with me his certain worries from the past. He told me that he is has been confused about himself in past. Regarding his gender. In childhood he cross dressed sometimes. He says its something he has been fighting with for long. And has made peace with. And now he wants to move on with his life and he wants to take me as his wife. And have children. I dont know what to do. My view point about him has changed I still like him. But after using I have come across this term gender dysphoria(someone uncomfortable with his gender feels like opposite sex)which fits perfectly to the description. He also agrees to that he might be having that. But he says thats nt all he doesn't want to live his life like that. He also once said he doesn't fantasize having sex and thinks he ll only develop attraction after marriage.. (is that normal??)

    Now I am confused. I really don't like some of the things he likes dressing wise? I feel they are feminine. (they are actually for men but a bit feminine) I don't know how I will deal with all this after marriage. Should I tell my parents? They ll probably break off the commitment. Which I don't want. Coz now many people know.. And they talk about our marriage. And also Because he is a really nice person apart from this. He prays 5 times. I want to feel like i am helping him fight shaytaan?? Is this the right approach.

    My basic question is it allowed in Islam to marry a gender dysphoric? Will I be completing his Deen or doing a good deed helping him fight shaytaan? Should I involve parents? Should I end this based on the fact that I am not comfortable with his habits and likings now that I know him more? What are Islamic views on this matter couldnt find any useful article.

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