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When family has different views; how do I get them to understand?

Rejected by Family

Parents not accepting my marriage to Muslim man

I am from America, married to an Egyptian Muslim man. I am Christian. My family has a hard time with this and do not accept him. I get emails all the time from my family about Muslims being bad, little clips from the media about Muslims. The last one i got said that all Muslims are told to kill all infidels. Which is anyone not Muslim.

I do not believe this to be right. But how do i get my family to understand?? They do not even give him a chance. It hurts me so much. They do not even know any Muslims. I know Islam is a peaceful religion, but the media in the USA makes it seem violent. Any suggestions on how to get through to my family??



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  1. Hi Sis

    Your dilemma is vast and very common, as the media can make the innocent look guilty and the guilty look innocent.

    Tell them first anything bad being done in Islams name is purely political and has nothing to do with Islam. Secondly respond with the teachings of Prophet Muhammad PBUH who is our There are many vids like this that explain the truth of how a muslim is and is suppose to be like. and oif course u have the Quran which condemns innocent killings whether be Muslim jew christian or atheist.

    Stay happy, good luck

  2. Gain more knowledge about islam, listen lectures in youtube. It will help you to defend islam. Make them understand the true fact. Make ur husband as an example. Tell them how good he is.. Thats all u care.

    Zazak allah

  3. salam sis,
    why dont you try this? organise a little party over your place and invite all your muslim friends and his close family and also some of your family. i cant tell how much this should work but for starters this get together may change the way they look at muslims. Hopefully

    Their Interraction with muslims on a personal level is required to break their prejudice.
    Wish you all the best!

  4. Salaams,

    Personally, I think this is a boundary issue. I think you need to tell your family that what they are doing is disrespectful to you and your marriage, and will not be tolerated. Tell them you will not respond to any emails that include such attachments, and they will be immediately deleted. If they bring it up while talking to you on a call, tell them you will end the call if they don't agree to change the subject. If they are visiting in person, tell them that they will be asked to leave (or you will leave them, if you are at their place) if they can't talk about something else.

    I'm not suggesting you don't talk to your family at all. It's important to keep the family relationships as strong as they can be. But that doesn't mean all topics are open for discussion. If they can't respect your boundaries about leaving this subject off, then you don't have to interact with them at that time. Eventually they will learn that to keep a relationship with you means respecting your marriage and your husband's beliefs, and if they value you they will adjust to that.

    -Amy Editor

  5. hi, after reading your post i can clearly notice your parents hate Islam.. if your parents have a closed mind and heart, no matter what you say they wont listen unless they are willing to listen and learn.

    so many Islam haters always pick and choose, one of the common one "kill the infidels" this is absolutely not true.

    remind your parents Islam is the religion and Muslims are the people. not every Muslim act accordance to true Islam. does that mean you label Islam as a bad religion just because of few individuals? no..

    in the U.S, in the hood, theres soo many gangs, areas are dominated by them, innocent people living in fear, getting killed for no reason etc, vast majority of them are Christians, but do we look at them and say this is how all Christian live, barbaric? no because we know not every Christian are following the true teaching of Jesus(pbuh) and its not wise to label them as a whole.

    also everyone knows the Media is full of lies i.e CNN, Fox News suprised your parents havnt noticed yet.

    so many vids of Muslim being bad etc, are they all verified? its easy to change vid title. sadly alot of people are so caught up what other people do to the extent they decide what Islam is or isn't without knowing a lick of Islam.

    ask your parents, what has a Muslim done to them? have any Muslim had a direct confrontation with them?not what they saw on youtube, and throwing a tantrum.

    a true Christian will not hate other people's belief nor any person. and most definately they wont send you vids and spreading hate.


  6. You see this is again the work of shaytaan. Those videos are deceive and like you said they do not know any Muslim so that means they do not know anything about Islam. Speak to them, teach them about Islam let them understand this religion of Allah. the perfect and complete religion but don't be screaming and shouting them. Guide them

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