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Fasting and conception worries

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Can I skip fasting to improve my chances of conceiving?

Is it permissible for a woman to skip fasting to get pregnant during Ramadan? Because I try to get pregnant for past 5 years. I have a confusion and guilty feeling to skip fasting. Jazakallah.


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  1. Dear Sister,

    If you would like to know about Fiqh questions or questions regarding some ruling in Islam then please ask some Islamic Scholar. Don't put your deen in danger by taking rulings from people who are not scholars of Islam.

    May Allah guide you to a good Islamic scholar.

  2. I am not a Islamic scholar but it is a simple question and answer is NO .
    Ramadan fasting in mandatory if you don't have any valid reasons like health issues or jihad etc etc .But trying to get pregnant is not the valid reason to skip fasting .Anyway ,even if some body is fasting they can have sex in the night after iftaar so this is not a valid reason to skip fasting ..

  3. Assalamu alaikum wrwb,
    as Ramadan has finished before your question was published you would In sha Allah be out of this predicament by now.
    But I just wanted to remind you, becoming pregnant and having children are only from Allah, so instead of seeing Ramadan as taking time away from you to try for a baby, see it as a huge opportunity to become closer to Allah and make lots of dua to Allah, The Creator to grant you pious children. Nothing happens without the will of Allah, put your trust and faith Him, and when the time is right for you, He will bless you In sha Allah.

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