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Fate and sin

Fate and destiny

if our fate is written on shab-e-miraj than everything that we do is written by Allah then its mean everything is happening according to what he wants there is no sense of people being used if we are not doing anything by our own then how can we do any sin?????????????


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  1. i do not cite any islamic teachings at all, but being a muslim and a firm believer in "freedom of Choice" granted by ALLAH, i think that fate as you say is written on Isra Wal Mairaj is probably for every single choice that we may make, and the consequences to it.

    hence if you were for example to go rob a bank, the fate for that has been written should you "CHOOSE" to do so.
    if you for example "CHOOSE" to go to Hajj instead ,then fate for that has been written as well.

    its about the choice YOU make out of this gift of the Freedom to Choose and then what happens next.
    Anyway, this is what i speak from my limited common sense,

    ALLAH knows best, may HE guide us all.

    • I heard this "freedom of choose" before from a Muslim friend. I tend to agree with this concept of fate. Allah (swt) gave us the faculty to think, to choose what's right and to know what is wrong. If fate is already written, then that fate is the consequence of the choices that are before us.

      • Yeah, it's called free will.

        And don't forget that you can change your own qadr thru worship and actions. So, this most accurate.

  2. Im also canfused like u brother. It dosnt make sence to why allah punish all humans for doing sins. Which infact he is behind evrything whatever happens it happens to allah's will and what he decides. Its just soo canfusing and annoying thing!! I think even what we chose is allah's decision not us. Even he said it him self he will give it to someone whom he wants and wont give it to someone whom he doesnt want!!! Then why this punishment, hell and all the things???, This is soo not fair.

    • You have a lack of understanding of Qadar, or predestination. This lack of understanding is common among Muslims. The fact is that we have free will. Period. This is very clear in the Quran. Allah offered the burden of free will to the heavens and the mountains, but they declined it - yet man accepted it. So we have control over our own actions. There is nothing unfair in it. Yes, Allah knows what we will choose, because His knowledge is perfect - but it is still our choice.

      When Allah guides one person and does not guide another, it is according to that person's soul. If someone is sincere and seeking the truth, Allah guides him. If he is obstinate and denying the truth, Allah leaves him in darkness. It's all according to what choices the person makes.

      Wael Editor

    • Read my post....

  3. Salam,

    I can give you two examples of this.

    1) Say you're playing chess or checkers, if you can predict your opponents moves 5 moves in advance does that mean your opponent no longer has free will since you already know what they will do and are planning based on what they will do?

    2) Suppose you're taking an online exam, for every answer you get right the test gets harder, for every answer you get wrong the test gets easier. It automatically adjusts to your level based on questions you're getting right. If your teacher already knows your skill and is able to predict which questions you will go through, does that mean you've lost free will?

    I would say that knowledge of what one will do and designing a test based off of it does not prevent the person from having free will. So you have free will and are accountable for what you intended even if it is known what you will do.

  4. Look the ? Your asking is beyond our comprehension. ..1st read the quran the answer is there....


    THIS is VERY COMPLEX FOR US HUMANS TO UNDERSTAND this...but other then this what are you doing to build your Iman...are you praying 5 times a day which is not a choice are you obeying the commandments of Allah and teachings of prophet Muhammad PBUH on regards of halal n haram. ..
    .see when the muslim is weak SHAITAN will put such whispers until you leave Islam
    The job of SHAITAN is to take you to Hell. ....and this fact...Nowadays people ask well who created God?....You must learn Deen correctly from the sunni scholors and be connected to the musjid and read quran daily for it will protect you from SHAITAN and his army..

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