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My father can’t get a job because of black magic

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Assalam - o - Alaikum,

I and my family are having financial problems due to black magic. We went to many Islamic people, they gave us something to read to help us get out of this. We did. But still my father is not getting any job. He is very talented Mash'Allah. He used to get many job offers without any problem.

When we asked any Islamic person, "Is black magic finished?" Sometimes they say that the Asrat are still on us. But the people who had done black magic on us are not stopping doing this. We have faith in Allah and we know Allah will punish those who do Black Magic and who ask for black magic to be done. But may I get something to read from which black magic will be finished and the Asrat too? I also want to know what Allah says about black magic and what happened to those who did it and ask for black magic to be done in the history of Islam.

I also want to highlight that my father was really an obedient son, but his mother never did justice among her sons. My grandfather died very early, therefore my father used to manage his mother's, brothers' and sisters' needs. My father himself didn't eat just to fulfill his family needs. He loved his brother and gave value to his younger brother more than he ever gave to himself. To educate his younger brother from a very high school, he even didn't eat only to pay his brother's fees. My father then got his brother a high level job.

We are really grateful to Allah that He opened my father's eyes. My father did a project of 3 or 5 crore. He struggled and did hard work but unfortunately, he used to trust his brother blindly, and he gave all of his money to his brother. Not just lack or crore, but handed over the whole cash!

My father handed over this money to open a business with his brothers. While he was giving his brother the cash, my father was not an elder brother to his younger brother but  the place of a father (which he actually was).  The next day, when my father gave the money, he asked his younger brother about the future business. At that time, my father's brother didn't even know my father. He cheated on my father, his trust and feelings.

Thus, my father asked his mother to do justice and to tell his younger brother for what he had done to a brother who cared him like his father. But my father's mother blamed my father, and told him that he was wrong. My father therefore suffered a lot.

After some time, when my father's mother was going for Hajj, she asked my father to get back as they were used to. Hence, we forgave all of them as we were expecting that they were sorry. But do you know what my father's mother said during the days of Hajj? Naozubillah, she said that my younger son (the one who cheated on my father) is my Prophet. She also swore on Quran.

We came to know that my father's family is doing black magic on us. Some people asked my father to say sorry to his mother, but for what? They said that when one's mother is not happy with her child, the child will never be happy. Is it true? But is it right for this kind of mother to act this way? One more thing:  if my father says sorry to his mother, will she be agreed with it until or unless he will give divorce to my mother? But my father doesn't want to, because he knows that his mother gets her child divorce then get married then divorce and it goes on like this.

This black magic has been done over one thing which we all know. Property. But my father's brothers also gave him a threat that they will kill us. Not one of my father's siblings are good enough to support him, to take a stand for him. All they need money. They all are supporting their cheat brother, who only thinks about his benefits. They forgot the brother who gave love and care like a father does. My opinion is, a father is not only the one who brings you in this world, but the person who raises you, loves you, does care for you, gives you the things you wish for is also called a father. Isn't it true? Then you get a wild stab inside the back of this brother like father! Its means you are cheating on your father! Naozubillah!

Now I need advice. What to do over here? What Allah says about this kind of mother and siblings? I have a request that you do not add any picture with any post because Islam doesn't allow pictures.

Fi Amanillah.


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  1. Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    Seems like Desis blame everything on black magic. SubhanAllah, I don't think any other group of Muslims does it like us.

    "I and my family are having financial problems due to black magic. We went to many Islamic people, they gave us something to read to help us get out of this. We did. But still my father is not getting any job. He is very talented Mash'Allah. He used to get many job offers without any problem."

    Do you know how many times the Quran mentions that Allah restricts rizq and also extends it for whoever he wills?

    Make dua to get out of this situation.

    Here are 15 ways to get rizq from Quran and Sunnah.

  2. Salaams,

    I don't think what your father is going through has anything to do with black magic. Not getting a job is a very common thing. Many people have to try again and again to find a good job, and even after finding it they can lose it for a variety of reasons. Magic has nothing to do with that.

    Further, your father seems to have made some bad business and financial decisions by trusting the wrong people and giving money to people who weren't worthy of it. Sadly, people who don't have sound business judgment may be doing other things to sabotage getting meaningful employment. It seems to me that everything your father is going through is very likely of his own doing, and until he recognizes the patterns and changes them, things won't change much.

    Your father needs to keep any money he has to himself. He doesn't need to give it to anyone who is going to cheat him or mismanage his loans. I also think he just needs to remain diligent in looking for work, and get advice from career coaches to help him get an edge on other applicants that he might be competing against.

    As for his mother, clearly she has some wrong ideas about things. I don't think her happiness depends on him. She makes her decisions how she feels about things or understands them, and as long as he is being respectful and dutiful the rest is up to her. If I understood you correctly that she expects him to get a divorce, that is wrong. No parent can rightfully ask a child to divorce their spouse, that's creating needless fitna and assuming a role that doesn't belong.

    -Amy Editor

  3. some how ! i am agree with Ammy , in suratal mulk Allah subhana says i have given u life and death to examin you , so this also can be your examination , sa y Alhamdulilah , keep faith in ALLAH that nothing is bigger then Allah no magic no jin no shetan , ALLAH subhana inform MOUSA a/s in suratal taha that this magic will not hert you , if you keep yourself pure ( pak ) means be always in wadoo , then see , mohammed (pbuh ) when magic was happend to him what he has done , he ( PBUH ) use to recite , surat al falak and surat al naas , and never told people again that what would happend to him , now i will give u the sequence what you should do ,

    1 for give your grand maa and uncle
    2 say astakh fur Allah as many time as u can keeping your sin in mind
    3 when you start eating recite" Be es mei Allah e la lazi la yazaro ma esm e hi shayoun fil ardh wla fe samma "
    meaning " i start in your name nothing can hert ma either in ardh or in sky " after finish your meal say alhamdulilah and then daroodh on mohammed ( pbuh )
    4 keep your self in wadooh all the time
    5 before drink any liquid recite surat al falak and surat al nass one time each blow on liquid and drink . paray 5 time and do doua with this faith that Allah is keeping you in hifazah

    Insha'Allah you will feel the difference in 20 days be izney Allah ' wama alyna ilal blagh ul mobeen
    and don't say to any one that you are suffring from magic

  4. Sister "Muslimah20", family disputes is a very tough issue for Muslim societies including in my region where close relationship matters heavily. I don't want to comment on people who have no experience on this subject. But i write as what happened to my family in particular.

    Nowadays the world of materialism is pushing everyone to go after money even if its haraam.
    In this aspect, family ties too has no value when one moves to achieve their dreams.

    My father was in business partnership with his elder brother, wherein he cared everything for him so as to abide by the Principles like trust, mutual understanding, honesty etc that he kept away his own children(myself included) separate from trade. Whereas his brother took away bit by bit every part of business by indulging in deception, cheating, forgery etc thereby snatched the rizq of our family. Moreover, i too had serious career problem which was extraordinary to be resolved.

    In this sequence, i resorted back to Allah and prayed Him in Tahajjud prayers, to open the doors of bounty and blessings and asked for own forgiveness. Long story short, i saw several dreams which confirmed blackmagic being done on us, of course many would disagree. But we got it confirmed, when we saw his brother, his wife etc. landing at the doors of soothsayers, magicians AKA (fake) Aamils to destroy our lives, wealth and properties.

    It was the method i used practised and propagated by Shaykh Ben Halima Abderraouf of Tunisia. You can learn a lot from his ways and methods from his books, videos, websites etc. By grace of Allah, many of our problems were solved and some are on the process to be cured insha Allah. We still have hope in His mercy.

    You need to have firm imaan/belief in Allah, sincerely ask for His forgiveness and stay away from each and every sin. For sisters, purdah/Haya is very essential. Kindly practise the supplication, insha Allah will be obvious. Advice and Caution: don't go to any Aalim who claims to solve this problem. Most of them are involved in shirk. Very few are sincere but its very difficult to find them.

  5. I dont believe black THE GREAT TANTRA CHALLENGE &see what u get.ur problems r all psychological.

  6. As salaam-u-Alaikum
    I personally do believe that black magic exists. But it is a sin to blame black magic for something that goes wrong in your life even if you have proof. This implies that you are perfect and that you would not make any mistakes if it were not for the black magic. In many instances it is just a mistake that you are making and you should rather try and rectify it rather than look for reasons why things are not working.
    Lastly, people tend to forget that Allah knows best. Perhaps the jobs that your father is applying for are not the best for him at the time. Just keep praying, and remember Allah knows best.
    If at the end of all this you still think it's black magic, do not blame in any instance and do not blame individual people for it, rather pray surahs ikhlaas, kaafiroon, falaq, and naas (the 4 quls). They will help you tremendously in your life.
    May Allah make this time easy for you

  7. Asalaam O alaikum everyone. You know no one will understand the situation a person is going through unless they are experiencing it themselves. I myself, am in the same situation. I can not get a job, I lost my father and i need help financially, mentally, and i dont get that. Alhumdulillah i pray daily and alhumdulillah i know that you just have to keep praying and asking Allah for anything and everything you need. I am also under the black magic and it has affected my life alot. I dont know what to do. Its easy to say that Desi Muslims blame everything on Black Magic but trust me no one knows what one is going through unless they experience it themselves. Muslimah20 I hope InshaAllah the black leaves your family and mine. I am so depressed due to this and more stressing when you dont have a job....

  8. I agree with Muslim Sis..."Desi Muslims blame everything on Black Magic but trust me no one knows what one is going through unless they experience it themselves".

    I didn't used to believe in such before. I would think naively like a normal westerner would...didn't think that people would have hidden bad intentions. As I got older and mingled with the South Asian community, I found people are always out there to be better than you (livelihood, job, money, best house, etc). Few people will truly want you to do good in life. I am not generalizing here but i am basing on the experiences I went through.

    Can anyone enlighten me with what the prophets did when they faced black magic. JazakAllah Khair.

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