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Can being a second wife affect our Christian-Muslim marriage?

Muslim wedding in Philippines.

A Filipino Muslim wedding.

I am a Filipina Christian woman and I am having Jordanian (Muslim) boyfriend. I would like to ask what are the requirements needed for having marriage in Philippines? And how is the ceremony being done?

I would also like to ask regarding Muslim traditions.

Also, my boyfriend already had his first marriage with his Muslim Jordanian wife in their country. They moved in Dubai for work and didn't worked out their relationship together. They got divorced in Dubai court and their 2 kids were given in favor of my boyfriend's responsibility. The wife was sent back in her family's house in Jordan and my boyfriend stayed in UAE for work.

Now, we are planning to get married this December 2015. Is there any complications for his second marriage? Does he still need his first wife's consent even if they were already divorced? In addition, is their divorced in Dubai legal and also applicable in Jordan or does he still needs to repeat the divorced process in Jordan? Badly needed your advices please. Thanks.

- Kira

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  1. Dear Sister,

    For the requirement needed for marriage and the marriage ceremony details of Philippine please ask people from Philippine.

    You don't need to take permission from the divorced wife.

    May Allah guide you.

  2. Good day sister Kira.
    You can contact some Islamic Centers in the Philippines regarding the requirements on Muslim Marriage in the Philippines.
    If your fiance and his erstwhile wife were already divorce, there is no need for her consent to be required and there would be no complications if ever you get married with him.
    As to the legality of their divorce in Dubai, only the concern court in Jordan where there marriage was done has the say.
    For your concern on the Muslim marriage in the Philippines, you can coordinate with AL-HUDA MOSQUE AND MA-HAD INC., located at 2409 Alabastro St., San Andres Bukid, Manila with Contact Nos. +639089116211/ +639166830077 or email them at .
    Thank you

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