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Please help me find my gold jewelry

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On May 25 2014 my wife and I went to my cousin's place to keep our gold jewelry safe, as our house is not that safe. At the time of chand raat we remembered the gold items, and we searched for it here and there, but we were unable to find it.

After reciting duas we remembered that we had given it to our cousin, and when we called him to say we wanted the gold he and his wife said  "you have not kept it with us and we don't remember you coming to keep it at our home".

We are unable to get it, but we remember that we had given it to them and we remember everything that happened on that day when we went to  my cousin's place to keep gold at their home.

Please help me get it back and please make duas for same.

- salimrazak

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  1. OP: At the time of chand raat we remembered the gold items, and we searched for it here and there, but we were unable to find it......After reciting duas we remembered that we had given it to our cousin

    Why you searched here and there....... It looks like you are not sure. Keep looking.

  2. How can someone forget where they put their gold? Strange!! Are you searching for your gold after 20/30 years???

  3. umm i am really sorry about this, but i sent a post and i was just wondering when it will be available on the website, the date was august 21.

  4. Assalaamualaikam

    Are you absolutely sure that you left the gold with your cousin? If you are uncertain, it's worth searching elsewhere. You could ask your family if they remember where it could be.

    If you are sure that it was left with your cousin, do you have any witnesses or anyone else that knew about it?

    Depending on how formal the arrangement was, do you have a contract or written agreement?

    It may be worth asking your cousin to look for it even if he doesn't remember - gently remind him how important this is to you and your family, and how you would appreciate him looking - at this point, try to reassure him that you aren't accusing him of anything and are simply asking him to look in a place you think it might be.

    If he refuses, or says he has looked and not found it, then you might have to consider whether you want to take the matter further (other family, the authorities) - but it's important to be realistic about the chances of getting your gold back this way, and the possible effects on your family relationships.

    Midnightmoon editor

  5. my gold chain is with my sasuma,1mon
    th back she took to wear n go for marriage. she's wearing n using but not returning me back. help me I want my chain back

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