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Force Marriage – Is it Valid?

Forced marriage hadith

Forced marriage is prohibited in Islam

Asalamu alikum,

Its been a year ... my dad forced me for nikkah, he hit me really badly and made me sign the nikkah paprs in front of everyone with out speaking a word. And its been an year nikkah was done but rukhsati still has time.

The guy doesnt know that this was a force marriage. No one knows except my parents.

I tried to make it work, but as time passed i got to know that the person has a totaly different mentality and there is understanding between us. Infact! I hav started hate him more, cuz of these reasons:-

1st i was never ready for this nikkah and my parents forced me... what i think is that this is just a haram relationship between him n me right now, because it was all forefully done.

Force Marriage is haram in Islam

2nd my dad knows how much i hate smokers, plus i have bad allergy from smoking.. still they lied to me n said he doesnt smoke. And what i come to know after nikkah is that he is a chain smoker and he finishes 4 packes of ciggirate a day!

This marriage was a lie to me.

3rd he is beinging Facebook anf watsapp in his marriage ...starts to say I Am Done With You!  And i cant make my respect down near the world because of u!

For somthing  that even his sister is doing... he cant stop his sister from doin that and therefore all he sees is me.

4th He is trying to be dominating more rather than Trying To Be Understanding and Cooprative.

5th i never liked him.. i dont like him and as time is passing by my hate for him is increasing.. and same is the case with him.. but he will not give me divorce so easily.

The question is My Nikkah VALID?

As per for me it was only signing on a paper... nothing more than this.. i felt like i was being killed by my parents!

And force Marriages are HARAM in Islam...


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  1. Asalaamualaikum Sister Zara,

    First of all I'd like to apologise and say how sorry I am to hear of your situation.

    Secondly Forced Marriages are not just only Haraam, they have been signed, sealed and stamped as Kufr in Islam by our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),

    Those parents who force thier children into marriage their Emaan is taken away from them and they are destined for Hell fire with no questions asked.

    That is the teachings of the beautiful Deen of Islam.

    If you live in England, you have a few choices.

    Option 1:
    You can either suffer the way you are doing,


    Option 2:
    You could report the offence carried out against you and your will to Law enforcement, the Police, Solicitor, Forced Marriage Unit and Local MP.

    I have to warn you though with Option 2 law enforcement will arrest your parents and the boys parents and all those who were responsible for the offence carried out against you and your will.

    The punishment for anyone involved in Forced Marriage can start at around 7 years imprisonment and can last up to 20 years.

    Within Islamic Law and English Law you are allowed to speak and fight for your rights, without any fear.

    I have given yourself my advice to you as a brother, I hope Allah Talah assists you to take the right decision.

    Like I said it's up to yourself now to take the decision whether it's Option 1 or 2, you decide.

    Asalaamualaikum and May Allah Talah help and Bless you Sister.

  2. Assalamualikum,

    Even being a brother, it gives me heart ache when i hear such cruelty done to girls. I don't get it why the hell parents do like this. If it's a boy, he can marry anyone he want! But if it is a girl then she can only marry what his parents decide for him. In Islam, your marriage is not a marriage at all. I hope you haven't done any intimacy with him cause it's also not right.

    A women came to HOLY PROPHET (PBUH) and said that my parents forced me into marriage, what should i do? HE replied that If your'e happy, you may continue and if not then your marriage will be nullified. So the women chose to continue as she was happy.

    If You're not happy then Islam gives you full freedom and you're not bound to stay at home. Best thing is to do is take support from your any other family member who can help you in this and somehow make this case reach the court.

    Your answer lies here:

  3. Sister you can divorce him you just ask for khulla and it is done pack your bags and go to a safe place or else hes gonna loose it. And please practice and learn your religion properly because marriage is not a bowl of cherries.Nobody who you marry You will be tested .So understand yhis

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