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Forced marriage

Forced Marriage and Islam

Forced Marriage and Islam

I liked a boy. He proposed me. I told my parents. They didnt agreed as he was out of cast.

My parents selected another boy for me.They kept my enganement secret from me and distributed  wedding cards and told me to marry the same guy or leave home. I was about to leave home then again my parents cried to save their izat and dignity in village.

At the time of nikkah i was not willing at all but signed paper to save their izat. I was not willing at all but i said yes at the time of nikkah without reading kalma.

Is my nikkah valid?  I still hate that guy and havnt yet allowed him to touch me. He doesnt not know anything about what happened.If i want seperation from him do i need talaq or khula because i was not willing at the time of nikkah??


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  1. Her father forced her to get married; is this marriage valid and what is the ruling on intercourse in this case?:

  2. Not valid. IF you don't want him, leave him. Forget the ridiculous notion of caste and "dignity", who cares? This is primitive thinking on your parents part. If you don't like him, leave him right away. Don't waste your time, or his.

  3. There are very few cases that could be categorized as forced marriage. In most cases, the girl (sometimes a boy) is convinced by force. Once convinced, the marriage is as good as an usual marriage. It is difficult, but this situation could be overcome. Any girl or boy can do many things which actually will discourage the proposed person to marry him and her. The guardians will be tired of it and slowly will be convinced .

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