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Forced to marry a girl I don’t like…

Forced marriage

Forced Marriage

I was forced to marry girl I don't like..
Every day I have issues with this girl because I am not interested in sex with her and she cries..

This is one way love..

My parents threatened me that if I don't marry this girl they will take me to a mental asylum... also many other threats..

When I refuse to show interest to girl.. my parents took me to psychiatrist and I was forced to eat pills...


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  1. Whatever u dnt like her u were forced to marry her. But plz dnt let her cry now.
    Girls r so sensitive.
    Every girl deserves a man who will make her to feel precious, loving ,caring man ...
    If her fate is written with u then try to accept it.
    First make her ur friend. Talk her in friendly way.
    InshaaAllahh one day u will feel attraction for her and love for her.
    Dnt give her pain. Please! 🙁

  2. Dear brother,

    Its your falult that you are letting your parents take control over your life. Only ALLAH has the power over you.
    The girl you married has no fault. Show mercy and love towards her.
    Brother be a lion not a cow . . . . Have trust in Allah that nothing can harm you. And do not let any human being control you. As you must be mature enough to take your own decisions.

  3. Assalaaamu Alaykum,

    I would love to know where in the world people can be forced by psychiatrists to eat pills, and be put in a
    mental institute without evidence of mental illness.

    Brother, if you don't want to remain married, and you are making her suffer by denying her rights (that is totally sinful in Allah's eyes), then give her a divorce fairly.

    -Amy Editor

  4. OP: When I refuse to show interest to girl.. my parents took me to psychiatrist and I was forced to eat pills...

    I wonder why your parents took you to a psychiatrist. What pills psychiatrist gave you?

  5. Assalam wa alikum

    I agree with Amy, your unhappy but you are causing your wife to be unhappy as you are denying her, her rights (which is a sin).

    Pray to Allah for strength to end this forced marriage because that is what it is and they should never have put you in that position. Forced marriages are haram, does not matter if it was a brother who was forced, not all brothers have the capacity to get out of it. I don't know what country you are at but seek support to get you out of this forced marriage if that is what you really want.

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