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Husband throwing past in my face

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My husband is sunni muslim i believe in Allah also swa but am still learning the religion.

Me and my husband separated in Feb of this year over money and I messed with another man in which my husband has forgiven me and came back home but now he is telling me if I don''t have sex with another man than hes going to divorce me.

I told him i will not do no evil because its wrong and i love my husband.

What should i do? Is my husband suppose to forgive me once he came back? And is he still allowed to throw the past in my face?

-Repenting sister

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  1. If he divorced you by saying talaq 3x then you have to leave . he cant say go and sleep with him this is a serious sin....My sister im a revert to and my wife is a sunni scholor. You need to build your foundation and find someone who is practicing fears Allah.I just wandering why you did that to him.The relation in most cases wont be the same .Actually he will use this on you all the time.I say leave repent and learn from the scholors

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