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I have found someone for marriage but my parents say I should finish my degree.

Asalam Alaykium Wa Rahmatiullah Wa Barakullah My siblings in Islam,

I am very confused, I like this revert brother masha’Allaah. I realised we have similar personality and same in common but problem is that he’s in different country. I asked him if he could move in my country? He said; he would because his job is very flexible, he can work anywhere.
Recently, I just thinking of him just out of blue, my intention is to marry him. My mum knows about him but she said I should wait until I finish university in two years’ time but I am worried what if he loses interest in me if he has to wait until two years to marry me. This is not very Islamic to delay marriage for education.
I don’t know what I should do, I am scared to speak to my family about it as they want to see me to be successful in university. What’s your advice? I know you will say, go speak to my parents about it but what should I do ?

Shy Muslimah88.

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  1. asalamu alaikum,

    if a brother who has good charecter and his religion is good then your parents should accept your intention for marriage.

    its possible to continue your studies and work if you like after marriage.

    ma salama

  2. Sister,

    I know you don't want to hear this but I agree with your parents. I am a mother too and in reading your post, red flags go up immediately. You say he is in another country...did you meet him online? Have you ever met him face to face? He says he can move to your country?

    I'm with your parents...finish University. They love you and truly want what is best for you.


    • I agree with this.


      Muhammad Waseem Editor

      • me too i agree with najah your parents are right to be worried and secondly people do have flaws and be careful in trusting someone. I believe we humans don't get what we always want unless it is something to gain for the other person you might not see this but in later in time you will see everything for better and a reason. Listen to your parents and continue with your degree and if this guy truly loves you he will prove to stick around then if not then that's his loss.

  3. Asalam alaykium
    JakaAllah khairu 4 everybody's respond, we met through online & we met via face to face with our friends. He knows I like him & want him as my husband but he hasn't respond to me , I don't know if he feel the same or not. That's what upset me & I should pray iskatrahi. It's too early to tell my parents, I just want to take my time.

    • Dear sister,

      I know the world has changed and with it all these new things like Facebook, twitter and a million other websites and such. The reality is that a lot of girls and guys on the web aren't sincere...they are out to have a good time and not necessarily seeking a life long partner. I know of a young girl who met a guy online and waited for him for two years. Two years of her life waiting for some guy who was playing her like a violin. He got bored and just stopped communicating. To say she was hurt is an understatement.

      Don't waste your life talking to guys on the web or in chat rooms, it really is a waste of your time. Many times the chat starts innocent and then it ends of flirtatious or dirty. If you want to get married, please let your parents know. Save yourself from heartache and games. If a guy is interested, he will come knocking on your door.


  4. Wasalam alaykium
    I just asked if he's interested in me or not. That's all I need know right now.

  5. *I asked him

  6. Dear sister,if he really loves you, he will wait until you finish your degree, 🙂 and be careful about guys you meet online; people often pretend in order to get what they want.may Allah protect you inshallah.

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