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Going to hajj with my mom but I’m in debt to many companies

Ok so here is the deal. I'm about to go to hajj with my mom as a meharam I'm excited and all BUT I'm in debt! During my younger days I took on a lot of debt from different companies such as phone companies, tv, traffic tickets and all sorts of other nonsense. 

I'm aware that one shouldn't go to hajj unless all debts are paid off but my mom needs me as her mehram so I could guide and to insha'allah protect her during he travel. In addition she's the one paying since I have no money if I did I would've paid off these debts. Plus She's already paid for the package. 

Inshaallah I want this hajj to he accepted it's my first time visiting the house of Allah and I would hate for it to be ruined.

I don't owe money to individuals but companies Such as T-mobile aka the devil (just to give you an idea) I intend to make payment arrangements once I come back. Is it permissible for me to goto hajj even though I owe money to these companies? 

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  1. Salaams,

    I am not a scholar of fiqh so bear in mind that my response is going to be based on my rational understanding and should be taken with a grain of salt as such.

    I believe the prohibition that you are speaking about, that those who are in debt shouldn't go on hajj, is there for people to get their affairs in order before going on such a tremendous endeavor. Hajj is such an important part of our deen, and people should not go on it lightly. We should have a mindset of serious focus and have assurance that we have made all wrongs right before we go, so that we can reap the greatest barakah. When people take hajj while still owing debts, we are only presenting incomplete affairs to Allah while there. We want to bring ourselves to Allah as completely and fully as possible.

    That being said, you are not going on hajj for your own sake. You are doing it for your mother's sake, because she has the need and right to have a mahram with her while she completes this act of faith. You are doing it for her, and you will be blessed for that aspect of it if not more. As you said, she is paying for this because it's her niyat to go for herself, so it's not exactly the same as you just blowing off your debts and spending money you actually have to go on hajj instead.

    Thank Allah for the opportunity He's provided to you through your mother and return with intentions to continue to esteem her as she deserves, and work on paying off those debts of yours. Insha'Allah once you are clear you can take hajj again with intentions of the blessing being for your own sake.

    -Amy Editor

  2. I don't think there anything to worry about this.Its your own wish whether to go to Hajj or not.God has provided to you this opportunity therefore you can pay off those debts of yours once after you return.

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