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Groom couldn’t afford walima

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Assalamu alaikum,

My elder brother's marriage is fixed recently. We have spent the money we have for the mahar and in buying things for marriage. We couldn't afford the walima. Considering our situation the bride's family themselves came forward and asked us not worry about the expenditure they will take care of the walima also asked us to invite all our family members.
Is this allowed in islam?
Is it in thowheed Assalamu alaikum,

What is the solution for this kindly help us.


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  1. I believe that Islam does not impose hardship on people. The groom is responsible for walima but it doesn't say it has to be grand. So the groom can have dinner at home for a few guests whrich he pays for like family only and call that walima. If the girl family wants something grand you can have reception but walima but has to be paid by the guy.

  2. @ nina.....
    is it necessary that bride have to pay for walima no matter what ever happens ?? or even the bridegroom side can also pay for it ?

  3. Assalam o Aalikum brother,

    Mahar is set depending on the income of the groom. So you should not set it very high that you run out of money. Mahar is preferred to be payed at the time of Nikkah.

    Walima - The only party that is recommended is the Walima. The idea is for groom to invite a couple of friends and relatives and offer them a meal. Brides family can also pay but it indicates that the two families are not socially compatible.

    Thowheed is the belief in the oneness of Allah (SWT). It has not nothing to do with Walima.

    Hope it helps 🙂

  4. Asalamoalaikum ,
    Expenses of Nikkah and walimah has to be provided by groom.
    It is cultural thing that Nikkah and reception is taken care by bride side and groom takes care of just walimah.
    Walimah is very strong sunnah. It is not obligatory but strongly advised by our beloved prophet Muhammad sAW.
    He said that walimah should be done even if it as simple as done by one sheep.
    Let your brother maintain his respect by politely declining bride family offer to pay for walimah. Cut back on expenses of things you are buying for marriage and use that money for simple ,modest walimah.

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