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How do I handle my wife’s mood swings?

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I got married 4 months back alhamdulillah. My wife is a very good lady alhamdulillah.We both stay in different cities. She is doing her pHD and live in hostel and I'm working. So we meet on Sundays only.

For two months, everything was alhamdulillah going fine.But recently, whenever she is in bad mood, she has started showing signs of disliking me and said that many a times. She finds mistakes in many actions of mine with regards to her. My in laws supports me so she has stopped sharing her concerns with them also. But when in good mood, she does acknowledge her mistakes and keeps on telling me to pray to Allah to make her patient and good to me.

I love her alot and tried to soothe her feelings by telling her that adjustment has to be done by both of us. We may have to leave our stated positions and move towards compromised positions.

I don't know how to soothe her feelings. I don't understand her mood swings and how to handle it.


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  1. Adeelm,

    Mood swings can be caused by a lot of things. A complete exam by her doctor would be a good place to start. Also, if she is in her say...late forties or so, she could be in peri menopause. This is when a woman is going into menopause but isn't there yet. A woman can be in peri menopause for a period of up to ten years or more. Mood swings are random and it's hard because you really can't control them when you act out. It's like one minute your fine and a while later, you just lose it over the littlest thing. Definitely begin at the doctors office.


    PS...vitamin "D" stores can also be low thus contributing to this sort of behavior.

  2. Asalamualaikum

    Dear brother first thing I will strongly recommend and suggest you to move with your wife asap. You are only 4months married couple you both need time to become close to eachother. By this you will find and realize easier about her attitudenlike what she wants, like or what is bothering her. Only meeting in Sunday it's not good nor it's strong towards your relation specially when you are newly married. She is doing phD alhumdullilah if possible shift her if not then you shift your job. I know it's easy to say but you need to think like that to work out with your wife maybe this may be onenof the reason making her mood like that well I said didn't mean it is but might be you both need to spend time together more.

    May Allah bless your married life.


  3. Oh btw to EDITORS this picture is kind ya scary :s

  4. SHe doesnt have good relationship with her parents..and this is all result of that... Check out Borderline Personality Disorder...

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