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Have you ever been discriminated against at the airport?


I am a US citizen and was flying back from my country of birth pakistan. After waiting in long line upon arrival, when i finally arrived at custom desk for clearance and screening. I was told by CBP officer to stand by the wall, after he noticed that i am muslim. This was embarrassing for me, because everyone started staring at me at the airport. But still i had no issues going through extra screening, and i was prepared for racial profiling for being muslim.

Anyway while i was standing there by the wall, i pulled out my cellphone and called my family, that i have landed safely. While i was there talking on the phone, an custom officer came from behind and yelled at me to put my phone down, so i complied. And afterwards, he aggressively told me to walk in a straight line and not look back and go inside a room. At this point i felt disrespected by him, because firstly there were no sign up informing me i could not use my cellphone. And he could tell me in a respectful manner the same things.

Afterwards, when i went inside the room, i was made to miss my connecting flight and ended waited there for 3 hours.

These type of insults and racial profiling has happened to me every time i try flying in the US.


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  1. hello my friend and thanks for writing this post.YES, america is racist towards muslims and people of s. Asia decent because we are seen as outsiders and not american even if we have the passport or even if we are born there.

    I know a man of pakistani background who is a UK born and works for the Virgin airline and whenever he goes to USA for work they treat him like a terrorist. Pakistani people and muslim people are treated like terrorists in europe and Usa.
    A passport does not mean anything in this world if you are living or were born in a foreign country because people still look at you as outsider.

    Why do people who are from ethnic think that if they were born in UK, USA, Canada, Germany, France etc that they are from that country regardless even if they are the 4 generation.
    Lets get real! we are not and never will be .

  2. Security people can mistakes. The main problem is many people of Pakistani origin in UK, US and Europe are involved in terrorism. No Arab will let their daughter marry a Pakistani. No Arab country will let any Pakistani become a citizen.

    • "The main problem is many people of Pakistani origin in UK, US and Europe are involved in terrorism."

      Wonder if some other commenters or the admins have something to say about this

      The main problem here seems to be racial discrimination

  3. Brother I know the feeling, and I am sorry this happened to you.

    It happened to my husband and I on the way to Florida and back. We missed our flights both ways.

    It's safe to say we hate the us and will only enter it if neccesary. And just avoid these very very racist people as much as possible. We had issues because of my husbands very muslim name, and he was on the no fly list...and after much inspection and making us wait for no reason, we missed our flight and caused sooooo much headache.

    Since you are a citizen, I suggest you write a complaint letter to the officials and complain to human rights groups and see what happens. You may get nothing, but complain, don't be silent since this is your country.

  4. How did he know you were Muslim? Were there other people from the same ethnicity as you who were given the same treatment as you?

    This must be reported to customer services

  5. Correct brother-Jimbo_Jabroni

    Racism is everywhere---BUT the worst place for to stay is in muslim community them selves---LIKE HERE.

    My self i have witnessed several comment which are directly -RACISM.

    We should change ourselves first before pointing fingers to others/non-muslims

  6. Asalamu Alaikum...

    • Wa alaykum as-salam. I removed your comment because it has nothing to do with the post. If you would like to submit your question as a separate post, you can do so. I suggest you search our archives, as we have answered many, many questions about masturbation. To be brief, there is nothing wrong with pleasuring yourself in order to avert the risk of zinaa. As long as it does not interfere with your 'ibadah and your daily activities, it's not a problem. And Allah knows best.

      Wael Editor

  7. ASA to all my brothers and sisters, i felt great sadness upoun reading this post, i was born in uk but am of pakistani origin, i feel that muslims are being targeted all over the world not just the states, we are being put under a microscope and being scrutunised for everything we stand for, despite being the second largest religion in the whole world we are the weakest because we are having to suffer these discriminations and prejudices every day and we are silent.
    We are divided within ourselves because of our own prejudices. Basically the british idea of divide and rule is working and we just need to look towards our religion to understand why everything is happening to us
    I take a great offence to comments made from people like svs, how can you be so stereotypical and brush an entire race with the same label? I am sure that all races have the good and bad in them, who are we to judge? We need to address problems within ourselves first and leave the rest to Allah swt

  8. Its not just the US , even some so called muslim countrys are anti-muslim, like turkey, it happened to me in Istanbul airport,. The women on the counter was so rude and disrespectful, she literally tried everything to stop me from flying back to germany, but allhamdullilah she couldnt keep me there. I didnt visit istanbul since...(.would like to visit istanbul tho, its a beautiful city mash'ALLAH........)i was in in germany, uk, netherlands, france,portugal airport, they were quite respectful allhamdullilah didnt experience anything like that yet!

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