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He is married and moved on but I still love him

Disappearing love, vanishing love

Asslamoalaikum to all how are you all

I m here after 2 year because I m still unmarried.  And before 6 year I talked one boy and I love him. now he is married but I m not forgetting, always he is in my mind. I m feeling pain in my heart, I always remember past. I think if I will be marrying someone then I will forgot him, I do dua to allah but my dua is no acceptable, I m so much frustrated and depressed, what can I do, I don't understand?


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  1. I was in situation before and I ended up getting married and I still had feeling for the other guy which is bad .. I ended up getting a divorce I think I pushed myself bcuz I thought like you "if I get married I will forget him". Trust me you won't it will take time .!! I think it's better that your are single until you can truly move on:)

  2. hi
    see, if ur husband loving other girl and he will get married then now what is ur feeling ......?

    ur single yr, so dua to allah and i hope he will managed a batter man for u ,so much loved or so much care .....

  3. time heals every wound

  4. Sis Alhamdulillah i have a solution for you n you will get a good guy for you who will love you more than you inshaALLAH swt. Just visit n pick a wazifa for you then see its effect but yes forget that guy coz he is already married now so if u still want him in ur life means u r going to destroy life of three person yours , his n his wife so better forget n do wazifa to get a good husband for you. Jo hota hai achhe ke liye hota hai, is love ka kya fayda jo ap toh krte ho but samne wale ko iski qadr nhi. So move on be strong. ALLAH swt will help you.Ameen

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