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Help needed in understanding istikhara

First a little about myself, I'm married but separated as was victim of domestic violence and an extreme financial control and now living separately with my children. My Husband wants us to get back together and my family really insisting me for divorce. So for this matter I did an istikhara for 2-3 days until I saw this dream but can't figure out properly. so please help me as then it will help me to make a decision. I did Istikhara in-case I proceed with the divorce will it be good .

In my dream I saw giving a gift to a lady which was very cheap and inexpensive and in my real life I would not give out someone such cheap gift and that was not wrapped up and just in a shopping bag and after giving out I asked that lady if she likes it and she said sort of yes but I could feel her disapproval from her face. Then I was cursing myself for asking her stupid question and not wrapping it up.

Then next I saw myself in my parents home in Pakistan and heard my mother shouting and rebuking me and again I was cursing myself and saw that there was some sort of disappointment in that part.

Then next saw myself with my brother who is in states and saw as if I was on a lunch break and went to cafeteria was more like a bar I was with my brother and me n my brother had a Pepsi but then he was busy with other people and in that big gathering I was all alone and no one to talk to then  after finishing my Pepsi I started to go back to my office on my way back I saw so many drunk people lying on the floor who just passed out and was hating that situation and the smell.I covered my nose as I could not bear all that filthy smell and got into the lift then I saw so many men coming into the lift they all looked horrible have the spilled drinks on their clothes and out of them one man came to me who wasn't drunk and asked me" Marketing"?? I said no "HR "then he asked me" why HR"?? and I didn't like his question and was thinking I have my specialization in HR what a silly question he is asking I was bit annoyed on his question , then I just woke and offer my fajr prayer .

P.s I have done MBA HR and never drunk .

Please help me in analyzing this as its very crucial for me. for any question please feel free to ask.


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  1. Dear Sister

    It is a misconception that Istikhara has to do something with Dreams. Please don't follow those religious books / websites which narrates that you would see diverse sort of colors (all bearing certain meanings) in the dream.

    Istikhara is to seek help from ALLAH SWT. So, just keep on doing Istikhara and ALLAH SWT will pave the right path for you InshAllah.


  2. This simple.A man /women doesnt change except if he changed for the good.Meaning if Islam totally comes into there life prays 5 times a day reads quran etc.... all good stuff. talk to each other respectively softly because they fear Allah tala.......And the day of judgement.Other then this he just misses sex and oviously his kids.A person who is abusive is always abusive because of his past or stress in life or just say full of shaitan.Like i said above .you will know by his appearance....Anyways tell him if he wants to come back .He must spend 4 months in tabligh jamaat to get the sweetness of Iman.Other then this there is no solution .....because it takes enviroment of deen to have impact on a individual. Believe me you wont regret it.....I am a sunni muslim married to a sholor .I come with alot of experience prior to my former life as a atheis.

  3. Your dreams mean nothing they are just random dreams.

    Read this article it will help you:

  4. Dear sister, a lot of people say that dreams do give an indication of how a certain decision will affect your life. I'm not an interpreter but I think your dreams are a clear indication that:
    1. If you get back with your husband, you will still feel like a single person. Reference: your brother whose a mehram ( and could be a reference to your husband) is paying attention to everyone but you.
    2. You will continue to find this marriage unpleasant
    Reference: you have seen drunks and alcohol which you find unpleasant.
    3. You will feel restless and dissatisfied. Reference: you are a hr personnel yet you're being irritated with stupid questions.

    A Word of advice though: Among ALL the halaal things, Talaaq is the worst. Nothing is set in stone. If you want to remain married to this person, then first of all CONViNCE yourself that it's NOT going to be a bed of roses. However circumstances will improve vastly InshaAllah will duaa. Make duaa to Allah in tahajjud and. At respective prayer times. Recite Quran and pray after it. Recite Ya Rahman Ya Raheem as much as you can. Because Our Allah is Raheem and All powerful. He can do ANYTHING, he can turn all the bad in your life to good. If He wants. He is your only hope.

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