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Help needed to marry Filipina girl

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Assalam o allaikum
I love a Filipina girl and she loves me too. She agrees to come to Pakistan and to become Muslim. I want to ask what steps do I need to take in this regard and how can I do it for her permanent stay in Pakistan?
How much money do I need for her nationality?
I hope someone can guide me properly. Thanks.


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  1. Brother before even considering moving with her to Pakistan. I hope you have fully thought about:

    1) Whether she is converting for you or for Islam?

    2) Cross cultural aspects of this relationship.

    3) Settling in Pakistan with your family is going to be hard. It was easier if she stayed with you wherever you are but the fact that she would be going to Pakistan, makes it much much harder.

    I say all this because I had a friend in a similar situation. Thankfully he decided not to go ahead with the marriage because he saw how hard it will be for everyone.

    For your legality related questions, not sure if this is the correct place to ask. You would be better off contacting immigration departments of both countries.


  2. I am 100% agree with Aaza. You gonna be face many problrms in pakistan. As friend of mine was also in the same situation but unfortunately both ended up with divorce solution. May Allah bless you


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