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Help please

I was dating a girl but then get to know about her. They got upset from me. My mom was so hurt from me . So then my mom asked me took an oath i would never date anyone and if I did she would die .
I really love that girl. If i break that oath is there any Kafara for that??
Please help me


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  1. Brother there is no such thing as dating in Islam.There are reasons why.Learn your Deen correctly and sit with the scholars and ask questions because you are only hurting yourself and everyone including the environment! !!!

  2. Yes you do not date with anyone it is wrong and also haram in islam so plz make dua you like someome if he is best for you ALLAH will give you and plz i suggess do not break oath plz and keep busy in positive activity and try to close with ALMAH best of luck .Pray for me thanks

  3. How would she die? did she make that arrangement with Allah SWT?

    Stop dating the girl its haram

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