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His parents say they will never accept me

A salaam Alaykum, I am a convert with two children and I feel, through prayer and guidance from Allah, that I have met the man that will complete my deen..  He is a little younger than me but quite mature and wise.

The problem is that his parents refuse to accept me. .  He has gone to them and expressed his intentions and has asked for their permission to move forward but they refuse..  They are telling him that he needs to end the relationship as they will NEVER accept me and that he is deserving of better in his life than me.

We each have prayed about this issue and discussed it over and over again and we want to be together but he desperately wants his parents approval at the same time..  How do we proceed as they even refuse to even meet me?

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  1. Salaam Sister, I dont know your ages, but I can share that I went through the same thing with my now-husband (my family was none to pleased either) but you know what? We have been married for a year now and his family are so so good and kind to me, and my family are the same to him and so I would book the date and time of your wedding and make it clear to the families that you are serious about marriage and then they will come around.
    Its not the ideal way of going about things, but unfortunately it is the case in our world today that parents are making marriage difficult for their children by idealising too much. .
    You will not win them over whilst they believe they can change his mind - I dont know why this is the case, but in many cultures and families parents have a very idealistic view of who their child will end up with - they've had over 20 years to dream of it after all!
    So, if your husband to be and you are serious, make it clear and they will come around.

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