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Sin to wear hijab in Ramadan only?

Hijabi woman with veil drawn over her face, half faceI don't wear a hijab yet I pray and fast and try to be a good Muslim.

It's Ramadan now and my friend said I should wear the hijab in the month of Ramadan and I can take it off after. But wouldn't that be an even bigger sin to wear it then take off?

A lot of people tell me to wear the hijab and say that I'm going to hell for not wearing it.  I dress pretty modest. The only part of me that shows is neck and hair. I'm fully covered my chest doesn't even show.

- QueenAnonymous

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  1. Well,that is the essence of hijab sister...
    If u can manage to cover every where that is expected of every muslim girl to...alhamdulilah...u dnt have to wear it but its more suitable to wear hijab...

  2. Bismillah,
    If you're able to do a good deed, thats going to count towards you good deeds and if you stop doin it wouldn't make it a bigger sin, you not doing it is a sin but if you do it and stop doing it would not make it a bigger sin at all!
    When it comes to dressing, dressing in tight clothes is not allowed where your figure would show

  3. Ramadan Mubarak!
    Hijab is mandatory for all adult Muslim women. Ramadan is a good starting time. Wear it and you will feel the difference Inshaa Allah. You might want to continue after Ramadan once you taste the experience. All the best.

  4. Salam QueenAnony!! Firstly I'd like to ask how's the thing with the crush(assuming you're the same person). And with the hijab I can only recommend you wear it for Ramadan, just for now and I will make dua to Allah that you will find love for the hijab, and notice the protection it gives you from men.

    When a woman dresses modestly but her hair is out, not gonna lie it's very tempting to look again and again.

    However, honestly when a beautiful woman wears the hijab In awe, I say Mashallah Tabarakallah and wallahi God is my witness I find it extremely difficult to take another glance. I hope you get what I mean.

    May Allah guide us all.
    Take care.

    • Yes I am the same person and the crush business was me being immature and desperate for guidance after all cannot speak to my parents about this I've done other regretful things after that post but I've learned from my mistakes and with the help of Allah I will focus on my seen rather than irrelevant boys and I will push aside my desires and lust. And I completely understand what u mean about how u can't look back when u see a woman with a hijab inshallah I'm going to start wearing it soon. One thing I hate tho is when ppl overreact and judge especially in high school there are a lot of drama and judgement and gossip it's going to be a little hard.

  5. Being modest is what Islam requires from a Muslim lady, clothing definitely plays an important role in becoming modest. With regard to modest clothing hijab and Abayas are the two main wearing, which are not only for Ramadan. As a true Muslim you should wear them every month.

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