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Hindu boy converting to marry me; what are his parents’ rights?

I want to marry a Hindu boy.  I know it is not allowed in Islam.  But if he is going to become Muslim? What are his parents' rights? Can they eat in our home? Can I go to his Hindu parents' home and eat? 

~irum naz

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  1. Salaams,

    I have to be honest, I have a hard time being supportive of marriages when I read that one of the pair is only converting so they can marry. Conversions to Islam should NEVER just be for the sake of marriage. Personally, If I were you, I would not be talking with this boy until he converts on his own initiative. Even then, I wouldn't consider marrying him until some time went by with him practicing Islam for his own sake first. I would want to be assured and reassured that my married life with him is going to be of us both practicing Islam sincerely and consistently; and the truth is that rarely happens when someone is only converting to please the prospective spouse.

    To answer your questions, maintaining good relationship with family members are a primary focus in Islam:

    "Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, let him maintain the bonds of kinship" [Bukhari]

    It doesn't matter whether your family believes in Islam or not. It is their right as family members to you to be treated with kindness and respect- no less than you would treat your neighbor. If you marry someone who's family is of a different belief, you should treat them with generosity and graciousness as if they were believing the same as you. As such, of course these relatives should be invited to eat with you in your home, and you should accept invitations to eat with them in theirs. However, if they serve something haraam (which is highly unlikely with hindu's as they usually are vegetarian), you are not obligated to eat the haraam.

    Again, marriage is not a light matter. Please consider the more important aspects of my reply before you make lasting decisions.

    -Amy Editor

    • What if the in laws are nice to u & ur nice to them but then they want u to raise ur child as half hindu half muslim & they demand thier grandkids rights to teach him thier religion as well when he gets older, then what do u do? Ur already living in a house with idols & alcohol since ur husband converted but his parents didn't so how can u agree to raising ur kids in those circumstances? How do u handle that situation when the in laws refuse for u to live with them unless u meet thier conditions?

  2. Look in marriage s I never ever support interfaith marriages

    Like u said he want to convert

    Firstly , islam is not a passport so that ppl can use it to marry ppl of other faith

    Regarding , food hindus don't eat meat while muslim do

    And muslim eat every thing apart from pork

    So food is not the issue

    Regarding his parent s right they have full right that every parents has

  3. Allah says in the Quran kul yaibad alazi asrafuu ala an fusihim laa thaqnathu mirahmathillah ( say to my servents who trangressed Against ourselves do not lose hope from the mercy of Allah

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