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Engaged to a hindu girl who won’t change her name

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I am a Muslim man, and I intend to marry a girl who is currently Hindu. She is ready to accept ISLAM, but, she doesn't want to change her Hindu name. Will it be acceptable to do nikka without changing her name to a Muslim name?

- Massat

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  1. Salaams,

    Taking a Muslim name is not obligatory for those who convert to Islam, however many do so because they want a name that will represent their new faith and new life. If the two of you want to marry, her desire not to take a Muslim name shouldn't stop you. She may decide later to take one, and at that point she can think about one that speaks to her personally. You may even offer some suggestions that you feel fit her personality as a new Muslimah, if she's open to that.

    If I were you I would make sure that she has actually converted to Islam before having the nikkah, though. I am saying this because while Allah has allowed for Muslim men to marry women who have a faith other than Islam, it is limited to those who practice monotheism. Hinduism is not a monotheistic religion, and if you marry her while she is still Hindu your marriage may not be valid. Also, if her Hindu name speaks to something polytheistic you may want to educate her about what it means and ask her if she wants to be known by such a name, even after becoming Muslim.

    -Amy Editor

    • If her name has some element of Kufr in it, then it is no longer an option for her to change it, as is the case for any revert coming from any other religion. She has to then change it.
      If for example she is called Saraswati, Durga or something like that, then she has to change it. However, if she is called something that is quite secular, like Rani or Khushbu (cant think of better examples!), then she doesn't have to change it, though having a Muslim identity (by having a muslim name first and foremost) is recommended.

      Was salaam

  2. Hey!! are you sure she does not have to change her name?? My Muslim husband says i have to change to a muslim name or else he will not be able to do Hajj because of my name

    • Azzy,

      Yes we are sure. What has hajj got to do with your name? But do remember what I said in my previous posts - it does depend on your name. If your name does not have anything to do with Shrik/Kufr, then it is perfectly fine for you to keep that name anddd go on hajj too! 🙂 But if you have a name that is "non islamic" so to say, then you would be required to change it anyway, regardless of hajj or not.

      Was salaam.

  3. Are you even serious to have raised this question?

    That girl, has left her religion to embrace yours! Isn't that proof enough for you to now respect her feelings! She's just asking to retain her name, she's not asking you to leave your religion for her!!

    Do you even love her, that you're expecting one thing after the other out of her, and not even allowing her onething she's asked her?

    I am really disappointed. People sometimes, just fail to understand what god expects out of them!

    Pray God blesses you and all of us with the wisdom and strength to do what is right!

  4. you met her an hindu and now you want her to change her name. You don't seem like you love her or even have respect for her. I hope she is converting for her not you otherwise you need to find yourself before accepting such marriage has it is not for 1 day its for the rest of your lives.

  5. I am going to marry with Hindu girl after she converts into islam in the month
    of June.And we are planning move to USA in the month of July.

    When i talk to our muslim friends they are saying she has to change her name as well. But its not possible in her case. The reason would be , she has a little time and its not possible to change in entire her documents (certificates ,passport etc..).

    Some of are saying without changing name nobody will ready to give the nikkha naama.

    I am bit confuse can anyone help me in this , With these comments i am afraid...

    • Ariff, changing the name is not extremely important. If she converts to Islam, there is nothing to stop you marrying her. She can change her name in practice now, then change it legally later.

      Wael Editor

  6. A.aleikum w w, brother be happy,ALLAH give her hidayat to acept islam,dats wonderful,make shukr for dat!Name its just name,the most important its the heart,if the heart its complty muslim,ntg more matter!ALLAH give your barakat

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