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am love a muslim girl and she also love me. we don't live with out both. so i want some advice

~ smrutiraj mohanty

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  1. Mohanty,

    Thanks for writing to us. The answer to your question is that a Muslim girl is not allowed to marry a non Muslim man. the only possibility is that you become a Muslim. But if you become one just for her love, without any sincerity, it is of no use.

    So please look into Islam and learn it, then decide whether you wish to become a Muslim, if you believe in Allah and His Messenger, Peace and Blessings be upon him. Otherwise, there is no possibility that you both be together.

    Muhammad Waseem Editor

  2. Hey,

    Either revert to Islam sincerely by believing in one God ( Allah ) and His final messenger Muhammad ( SAW ) and following the Islamic way of life and then marry her OR leave this muslim girl alone.
    She must not marry you while you're still hindu as it is forbidden in Islam for a muslim girl to marry non muslim. If she is unaware of this fact, then if you please, just inform her, make her aware.

    By marrying her without sincerely reverting to Islam, she is disobeying God ( Allah ) and transgressing His laws, thus it is certain that she be living in a forbidden illegal relationship constituting that of zina relationship, she will be facing hardships and punishments in this life and she will be thrown to hell and burn there in the hereafter. You wouldn't like that now would you ?

    Therefore, we invite you to look into Islam sincerely and hope for your reversion. If you think its impossible then for God's sake, leave that girl as it is not possible to be together.

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